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06:54:44 PM] MichelleL: Everyone have a great New Year! Going to catch up on the forum now 🙂
chattels: good evening all
chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 9h9 hours ago #Musingsoniraq Iraq’s Divided Kurds Political Divisions Amongst The Peshmerga Interview With Wladimir van Wilgenburg

musingsoniraq.blogspot.co… …
chattels: another good and insightful interview from Joel Wing
TheCatInTheHat: Evening guys……..
chattels: Very little is as it appears in Iraq, Read wealthwatch.world/showthr…
TheCatInTheHat: Is there talk about Iranian Rial? Someone told me it would be a good investment. Any news about Rial? Thx
chattels: Which is one reason why the superficial ” analysis ” done my most ” dinarland ” pundits is worthless, IMO
chattels: no news today, but I think that Donnie watches it
chattels: ‹@TheCatInTheHat› re : the rial, that I have seen / read
TheCatInTheHat: Great! Will keep eyes open……..
TheCatInTheHat: Going to forum….thx Chattels and everyone for all u do!
chattels: ‹@TheCatInTheHat› my pleasure
chattels: ” ………… KDP’s closer ties to Turkey could hamper cooperation between Baghdad and the Kurds over Mosul, due to the fact Turkey wants to play a role in the ‘liberation’ of Mosul.”
chattels: You will learn from your reading that the Peshmarga forces are divided along political lines.
chattels: Barzani and Talabani families, KDP and PUK, respectively
chattels: The main campaign slogan of Gorran ( *a third political party ) was Change. They wanted to reform the political system and stop the parties from using the security forces as part of the clientelistic system.
Owing to its stellar performance in the Kurdish elections, the Change list was given the portfolio of Peshmerga affairs in 2014.
The Peshmerga Minister Mustafa Sayid Qadir’s goal was to attempt to unify more Peshmerga brigades under the Ministry of Peshmerga, and to decrease the influence of political parties by attempting to delink the parties from giving salaries to Peshmergas directly.
chattels: The recent interview with Zebari mentions that Abadi had not made payments to support the Peshmarga in an effort to forge some unity and less political control of the Peshmarga by the KDP / PUK, i.e., control of the purse strings
chattels: It is all very complicated.
chattels: ” ……….. the war against the Islamic state and the political crisis in the KRG over Barzani’s presidency made it more difficult for Gorran to make reforms. ”

chattels: In October, four of Gorran’s ministers were removed from the cabinet by the KDP after Gorran and KDP failed to reach a consensus last August if Barzani should stay as president or not. Now Gorran’s Peshmerga Minister, and his advisor Saeed Kakei, are no longer part of the Ministry of Peshmerga Ministry.
chattels: . Officially there is a Peshmerga Ministry and several unified Peshmerga Brigades that have both KDP and PUK fighters, but the majority of units are actually under political control. Not only that but the front with the Islamic State is divided up along partisan lines and under command of various political and family figures from the two ruling parties.
chattels: One reason why the Kurdish forces have never unified is the historical rivalry between the KDP and PUK.
chattels: Officially, the Ministry of Peshmerga controls 14 unified brigades of roughly 40,000 Peshmerga personnel. But around 120,000 Peshmergas remained outside the control of the Ministry of Peshmerga (MoP), and instead under the control of the political parties (the PUK’s 70th Brigade, and KDP’s 80th Brigade).
Furthermore, more importantly even the unified Peshmerga brigades are influenced by the parties that dominate certain sectors.
chattels: The Zebari interview is very worthwhile. I note that only ten have read it. wealthwatch.world/showthr… http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3595
chattels: Northern Kurdistan is under the principal influence of the Barzanis / KDP and closer to Turkey politically. Southern Kurdistan is Talabani ” country ” and closer to Iran politically.
chattels: During the Kurdish civil war ( 1994 – 1998 ) Saddam helped Barzani and Iran helped Talabani.
chattels: President of Iraq was reported approving and ratifying the budget on Sunday (yesterday). The 2016 Budget is not law or can it be appealed until the budget bill is posted in the official Law Gazette. And there is still the ” appeal ” filed by the Council of Ministers with questionable effect upon implementation of the budget.
chattels: A member of the parliamentary security: Start logistical move for the Liberation of Nineveh after Anbar
chattels: explained to the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Nayef al-Shammari, said that the move towards liberalization of Nineveh province would be after the liberation of al-Anbar province. Al-Shammari, told all of Iraq [where]: “After Anbar, will be the logistical move to the province of Nineveh.”
chattels: “there Asthoudarat new battles and the Joint Operations multiple options, there is Fallujah, Hit, based, as there Thacda forces toward Sharqat center, which is the only city remaining, unedited, in Salah al-Din, as there are reinforcements in Mount Makhoul and the hills of Hamrin.”
chattels: ” the city of Mosul [Daash stronghold in Iraq we consider to be the decisive battle, “pointing out that” each region require new tactics depending on the circumstances, geographical location and nature of the population “.
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Fallujah and Hit are both in Anbar Province and there remains the Anbar desert which lies on both sides of a long border with Syria.
chattels: Sharqat is on the road to Mosul and less than 50 miles south of it.
chattels: There is still Hawija in Kirkuk Province.
chattels: Peshmerga dig a trench along the 100 kilometers in Kirkuk Read more: www.sotaliraq.com/newsite…
chattels: ” ………. as it protects the fronts of the Peshmerga of bombs wheels ……….”
chattels: ” south of Kirkuk from even the west, to further secure the city, …………. ”
chattels: This is a defensive line between Kirkuk and Hawija.
chattels: These trenches do not do much other than to defend against the deadliest DAESH tactic which are the heavily fortified trucks / bombs on wheels.
chattels: www.google.com/search LINK
chattels: Hawija is northeast of Tikrit and east of Sharqat.
chattels: Parliamentary Finance: grades are available for some of the ministries in the 2016 budget only compensatory
chattels: ” ……….. the suspended appointments under the terms of the loan with the World Bank, said that “the World Bank did not sets conditions to stop the appointments in Iraq and increase in oil fuel prices. ”
It showed that “the World Bank on condition that the amount of the loan is not given salaries and grants to employees, and that distracted for electrical energy support and development of oil facilities.” he reported that “the International Monetary Fund required to Iraq to reconsider Palmhmolin subsidies of social protection network that likely exceeded the existence of “.
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Parliamentary Energy: oil and gas law will reach parliament this month 2016/01/03 www.iraqnewsagency.com/%D
The foregoing is noteworthy for two reasons. Firstly, the budget agreement(s) regarding oil and gas as set forth in both the 2015 and 2016 budgets are not the HCL we have been waiting for all these years. There is a permanent plenary agreement anticipated by the GOI.
The budget agreement(s) on oil and gas are only the coming year. And, there was identical optimism expressed this time last year. See Parliamentary Energy: Adoption of the oil and gas law will have a significant role to bypass the financial crisis Date: 01/01/2015 17:11 dinarvets.com/forums/inde… (chattels)
chattels: And see : www.iraqnewsagency.com/%D…    LINK
chattels: Frankly, I will be surprised if a true HCL is able to be passed without some constitutional issues being resolved.
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels›…………..your take on the Saudi, UAE, Sudan boycott on Iran?
rocknrollbus: oh, and Bahrain
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› A dangerous game, politically and economically, according to some commentators.
chattels: More polarization in the region.
rocknrollbus: Will this crush Iran economically?
chattels: Jobourri said as much also earlier today.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› I doubt it. If worldwide sanctions were ineffectual then I doubt that localized sanctions will produce anything.
rocknrollbus: Plus, Iran thumbing their nose at the US, firing that missle……..
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› What is the USA prepared to do about it or anything Iran does like it ?
rocknrollbus: I know, I know……….
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› There was some administrative action reported by OOTW today.
​See wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: There is possible administrative action under existing laws. De-Bathification is one.
rocknrollbus: I watch OAN News and Al Jazeera News. Seems to be a much better feed of news.   rocknrollbus: Agreed 100%!

chattels: News reporting is I think generally improved over time.
rocknrollbus: Big Brah still runs the show, tho…………..
rocknrollbus: Went to the Chiefs game yesterday…………..boy howdy, it was cooooold!!

chattels: It is cold in Carolina tonight.
rocknrollbus: I like runnin’ through the Cakalaki’s!! Well, at night. Of course, someone always wants to stop at Pedro’s!!
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels› ‹@chattels› ‹@chattels› fpc.state.gov/documents/o… Have you read this?
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› I am aware of debt forgiveness some years ago. Can’t say that I read the document.
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels› Just kinda blazed thru it. Have heard some of the gurus talking about the payments due on Jan 15th.
rocknrollbus: Is there an updated version?
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› Not that I am aware. The ” Paris Debt ” accord has an unpaid balance and was mentioned in the news recently.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› From the Zebari interview today : ” On Iraq, the annual debt, the finance minister pointed out that” a lot of debt, and we rate them annually, which exalts the Iraqi state, but the Paris Club loan will not rise
Since our signature Agreement agreed to cancel 80% of Iraq’s debt to pay off only 20% of them in the form of premiums, our internal and external debt of $ 30 billion, which is few compared with other countries. ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: ” ……….. the Paris Club loan will not rise Since our signature Agreement agreed to cancel 80% of Iraq’s debt to pay off only 20% of them in the form of premiums, our internal and external debt of $ 30 billion, which is few compared with other countries. ”
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels› That is their total 20% payment to all the 16-20? countries?? $30 billion?

chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› That is my understanding, yes.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› Quite a discount, eh ?
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels› $120 billion at the end of ’04.
rocknrollbus: ‹@chattels› I should say so!!
rocknrollbus: Is that final payment due Jan 15? Do you know?
rocknrollbus: Or………….will they push “it” back to……
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› The ” world ” is heavily ” invested ” in Iraq, but it never seems to be enough and they have their hand out for more continually with a sense of entitlement thereto.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› Unaware of any payment schedule or deadline. If there is one I doubt that it will be enforced or is enforceable.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› Zebari did not seem to be concerned about it in the interview he gave.
rocknrollbus: I would think that one day, the World Bank, IMF, UN, yadda, yadda, yadda…….will say……..TIME’S UP IRAQ!!! Just like they did to Greece.
rocknrollbus: Why would the IMF loan them $2 billion?
rocknrollbus: Talking about Abadi and Saudi’s on OAN News,
Tootsie: ‹@rocknrollbus› a hah, only the other person I have seen with OAN news, or whom has mentioned it . Great channel, IMO
rocknrollbus: I haven’t seen any preference as to their political stories.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› It is what the IMF does.
chattels: Two billion is a ” drop in the bucket “.
rocknrollbus: Not just them. Japan, China, USA, Russia, all have been loaning them $$$.
Tootsie: ‹@rocknrollbus› not at all. It is a family owned (I think they stated) news reporting arena, not connected to any one else. I watched an extremely informative documentary series from a Japanese company with respect to isis etc.
chattels: ‹@rocknrollbus› There is a real danger for Iraq in ” relying ” upon loans.
rocknrollbus: I gues this Charter/Time Warner merger, will take them off the air. I have them on ATT.
rocknrollbus: plus, now they’re pumping bonds!!!
Tootsie: ‹@rocknrollbus› yes, noticed that. Have you put in a comment, as they have suggested, to maintain them on air?? I have ATT U-verse ~
Tootsie: ‹@chattels› evening !!
rocknrollbus: Yezzir!
Tootsie: ‹@rocknrollbus›  😉
rocknrollbus: ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Tootsie› Hey Toots!! Don’t think we’ve been formally introduced…….
Tootsie: They do have a website,
Tootsie: ‹@rocknrollbus› I normally am not around in the evening, and have been scarce during the day of late. howdy!
BOBBY: Chattels. …. The Saudi situation is getting interesting
chattels: What confounds us the most is not what we know, but what we think that we know. But, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Another side show like the ” Turkish invasion “, I think.
BOBBY: Its becoming one daily
chattels: The politics of polarization and extremism.
BOBBY: The clerics brother is blaiming the US now
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› We are the ” great Satan “, don’t you know 🙂
BOBBY: We should just change our flag to a target lol
chattels: Pandering and posturing by Iraqi politicians.
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› no good deed goes unpunished and no motives are entirely good, eh ?
BOBBY: wise words sir
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I am ready to do something different in 2016.
BOBBY: Chattels. …. change is good
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Four and 1/2 years in this. I spent less time in Law school or college, etc.
BOBBY: i will be curious to see what the next 6 months bring
chattels: It is potentially life altering, a multi-generational event and once in a milleneum occurence.
chattels: It is the stuff that dreams are made of.
BOBBY: I have to wonder, what happens if or when this did change
BOBBY: ever think what kind of people we would become?
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Stay tuned.
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› it may be an opportunity to practice random acts of kindness and generosity 🙂
BOBBY: Will be interesting, i have seen money do strange things to people
BOBBY: I pray its so Chattels
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I think that it may not alter who we are, but amplify who we are.
BOBBY: i agree, both the good and bad
chattels: Indeed.
BOBBY: i like to believe the folks on here are good hearted folks
BOBBY: we shall see what the future brings
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Many people invested in the dinar are spiritual. I have often contemplated the similarities in the process of conviction.
chattels: I remember the hour I first believed, both spiritually and in the dinar.
chattels: For some the ” conversion ” was gradual and others a Damascus Road experience.
BOBBY: Chattels. … to this day, i still look for spiritual awareness
chattels: The hour of the dinar exchange event is not unlike the ” second coming “.
BOBBY: i belive it will be nothing short of a miracle
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› If there is a God then nothing else matters and if not then nothing matters.
chattels: ‹@BOBBY› There is an element of the miraculous I think.
BOBBY: i have always accepted life is only for a time, i never questioned anything after that
BOBBY: 3 things i do daily , take care of family , come home in one piece, make somekind of difference in someones life
chattels: Belief is a choice sustained / blessed by the gift of faith.