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You keep asking, so we keep answering – Because there’s STILL NO RV of ANY CURRENCIES – Yet. YET.
What IS happening, is what we said would happen, so far…..the timelines are set and on schedule.
We’re GIVING YOU YOUR ANSWER, AS TO WHY THINGS HAVE NOT RV’d – YET. We want to help you out here, because SO MANY, ARE SO WAY OFF TRACK, on this whole thing.
CNBC yesterday: Iraq-Abadi said that MOSUL is a priority and that they’re making advancements on the taking and SECURITY, of that city. He reminded us of what they did in Ramadi – and so quickly….with Success. These are the priorities, (below), in order, for a FULL IN-COUNTRY INCREASE IN THE DINAR RATE, to first take place – then a FULL INTERNATIONAL RATE to follow.

Abadi is telling the world, what they’re about to do over the next few weeks…..giving a hint, (read between the lines)…..setting the stage, and it has to do with their Dinar – their economy. THEY – meaning (Iraq, U.S., U.N. & IMF collectively)
Remember friends, OIL revenue accounts for 92% of their income, and although they want to diversify less dependent on oil – it will be future years before that equation balances out. So OIL, is IMMEDIATE, RIGHT NOW FOR THIS YEAR – THIS BUDGET – THIS RV.
MOSUL must be taken and SECURE, BEFORE – BEFORE any substantial increase in Dinar, can take place. They are making nice progress on this, and should step it up tremendously, over the next 2 weeks.
Today, OIL is up 7% at +$31…..and rising. Why is it suddenly rising from $26 a couple days ago, even though Iran is now able to increase worldwide supply? Because it’s being moved upward ON PURPOSE – NOW. It will continue, and like we keep saying, a VERY critical part in this time line. You saw the $45/barrel figure this week in the budget…..they KNOW things.
This is NOT complicated, friends.
MOSUL must 1st be SECURED. This will take a few weeks. It’s happening, as we speak, on a successful level. They need to clean up the CASH & PERSONNEL, a little more within the country, choke off more resources, over the next month, before an RV, so as to NOT FUND, their growth, needlessly, to an acceptable level. You’re seeing this by the coalition blowing up whole banks, in Mosul. This is by design…….choke their FUNDS – #1 Priority.
The NECESSARY LAWS, are being approved, AS WE SPEAK. This will take another 2 weeks to be complete, and announced.
OIL will continue to rise toward that $40 mark, over the next 3 weeks, into mid-February. NECESSARY, for RV stabilization for ALL CURRENCIES to be adjusted upward. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. OIL is the controlling factor worldwide, RIGHT NOW – not Gold, or any other commodity. OIL. RIGHT NOW. OIL is the TOOL used to change everything…..This will change in the years ahead.
You can see the TIMELINE here.
MEANWHILE: Vietnam just installed new Political Leadership THIS WEEK……AND, a floating currency in place. CHINA is stabilizing their economy, a NECESSARY recalibration for the YUAN’s future dominance in worldwide markets. It’s happening RIGHT NOW.
BANKS are waiting patiently, for ONE THING. ONE THING. ONE. JUST ONE. – The Public, Official Announcement of IRAQ’s Dinar, to be moved to an INTERNATIONALLY TRADED CURRENCY. Almost simultaneously, all other currency slated for increase, will be announced, with the blessing of the IMF.
WHEN? Iraq will (1st) announce a new, increased FULL IN-COUNTRY Dinar rate increase, making it slightly higher than the U.S. dollar in value – this will be a COUNTRY-WIDE RATE CHANGE. THEN, within a period of approximately (2 weeks) from this happening, tey will announce they’re Dinar, approved to INTERNATIONAL STATUS, and the OUT OF COUNTRY RATE, will be exchangeable worldwide, at the rates you’ve been expecting, from $3-5 dollars, per Dinar.
The TIMELINE for ALL this to occur, is to have Iraq’s FULL IN-COUNTRY RATE INCREASE, be completed by the 1ST WEEK OF MARCH, with the INTERNATIONAL RATE announced and active, by the 3rd WEEK OF MARCH. Thus, MARCH is the month, when ALL the fireworks go off – EVERYONE can go to the bank and exchange thereafter, if they choose.
Now, line this up, with all the OTHER happenings and meetings scheduled for MARCH, and you’ll see the clarity of what we’re talking about. There is a RUSH, make no mistake. Iran, NEEDS an International Rate, to fully get going, and they DON’T want to wait, but by agreement, they must. VIETNAM wants to get going with an increased rate, but by agreement, they must wait. CHINA wants to get going with a stronger YUAN, and a more balanced overall economy, but by agreement, they must wait……as October gets closer.
Friends, Iraq has decided LONG AGO, what rates will be coming out, in this timeline equation. Long ago. Vietnam, Iran, and all others – ALREADY KNOW what rates will be, at announcement time. It’s DONE, with regard to RATES.
Watch MOSUL. Watch OIL. Watch LAWS announced. Then, you’ll watch Iraq announce an increased IN-COUNTRY RATE ONLY. Then, a FULL INTERNATIONAL RATE announced, within (2) weeks, which will signal the ability to now take your currency in, and exchange it for increased rates.
It begins, 1st WEEK OF MARCH.
Plan accordingly. Keep your currency. This is NOT a banking decision. The Banks are sitting, like you are – WAITING to fund everyone – as soon as they get the INTERNATIONAL RATES – NOT BEFORE. No matter what they are telling you. NOBODY IS OR WILL BE, PAID BEFORE. ALL GROUPS are in this WAITING LINE, as well – not just Individual Currency holders. Ignore the NONSENSE.
THIS IS THE PLAN. It’s coming. But, the events MUST take place in order……and that will take a few weeks, into MARCH.
We KNOW stuff……
I Intend the Best for All,
Dr. Clarke