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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Fantabulous Friday, January 22, 2016.
I hope you guys are excited because I sure am!

Who would have thought we would still be here on this side of the journey?  Still waiting… but don’t think it will be too much longer.  Today’s call is the Puzzle Call, because we have quite a few pieces and as we go over those pieces, you can put them together.  That works for me and I believe it will work for you! There is so much popping out at this moment, and it’s changing every 24 hours, shifting from what I was told before.  We may have to go back to a daily call just to keep up with the changes.
Let’s start with memos.  There are more memos out right now than you can shake a stick at.  Every bank is saying they have some kind of memo, and folks are sharing them.  The memos are saying ‘get ready, it’s time to do this, any time from today (the day they got the memo)’.  They’re saying “any time from today until…” a specific date.  I’m not giving you the date, but it does give a date in the memo.  The banks are not getting the exact same date, but at least there is a projected end.  There are windows, but there is a high level of expectation.  I haven’t heard of any banks giving out additional work schedules, not that I have heard, but the memos are date-specific.  That’s about as exciting as it can be for us here, in the US.
In Iraq there is interesting information as well.  On Wednesday, we heard that they would change their rates on Thursday.  The instruction was actually “be ready to change the rates any time between now and a specific date” that matches some of the dates the US banks have.  This is all good and I’m excited about it.  Some of the US memos actually mentioned Iran and Iraq currencies specifically, in addition to other currencies.  That’s huge!
Still in the US, banks are waiting.  Those who needed extra cash have apparently received what they need to be move forward and be ready for you.  Many banks are telling their people not to discuss rates over the phone – you have to go down in person.  We know the base rate and from there you do your best to negotiate.
The World Economic Forum in Davos is taking place now, and there are reports that Abadi has made the currency international, with another speech coming up on Saturday in Davos as well as to his own people.  There are ways that can be done, back and forth.
Regarding the international part, making that announcement that the currency is international, we have other pieces of the puzzle with Forex showing at 1184.  The assumption is that if Forex is showing it, that means that the currency is tradable and that it can float.  Is that part of the plan, for it to float for a minute?  Time will tell.  As for the Gazette, I was told the Budget was published but not available for viewing until Saturday.  Now I am getting reports that the Gazette is viewable as of Thursday (yesterday), but some parts are not visible, namely the parts where you can easily see the rate.  We have been told that the rate in-country is $3.41, and I got that from very good sources. I just received that earlier today and I have not been able to confirm it, but I’m ready to accept that.  It’s about what we expected anyway.  It’s on Forex and international, and we are just waiting for someone to give the banks the green light.  This is all good information.  We talked about the memos, the Gazette, and the rates in-country, so…
We will leave the dates off and see what happens. We are in an ‘any moment, any day’ situation.  Let’s see what the speeches say tomorrow and how that aligns with the bank information.  Let’s take some questions:
Q:  Wondering if you have any info on the WEF in Davos and Abadi announcing the rate change?  Also, all kinds of ships leaving Iraq and Iran?  A:  We addressed Davos, and several members are tracking the ships with vessel-tracking software.  They have no indication of more than two or three ships moving, so maybe that other information is not quite accurate.  We get the best information we have and share it with you.  That vessel-tracking information is hard to dispute, and that is not showing any large numbers of ships coming from Iraq or Iran.
303 caller:  Can you tell me what language ‘time’ speaks in?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  What language do you think time speaks in?  In my world, time speaks in English.
Caller:  Can you give any hints on the date for what we are all looking for?
RayRen:  We’re talking days.
Caller:  I’ve been following several things, such as the Budget that has to be published with a rate.  Also Iran and Iraq have to be linked with their reforms, and ships are waiting to be loaded with oil.  What factors are the most important here?
RayRen:  I keep it simple – I’m waiting for the bank to call me!  I like receiving information and putting the pieces, but in the end, there is nothing happening with us until the bank says that we can exchange.
Caller:  I know you are not able to choose every tiny bit of information you get, so all we can do is to assess the information you give us, which is incomplete by definition.  The bank information is a reactionary drive;  what I would like is an ‘actionary driver’ that will tell us when the tellers will open their windows. What do you follow that will tell you when the banks will be open for exchanges?  Or are you resigned to sitting back and waiting until the bank says they are ready for you?  Can you give us any information that indicates the banks are definitely opening up for exchange… the top three variables?
RayRen:  You won’t get that no matter how you slice or dice it.  You won’t get that.  If you believe you will, go to your own sources and get it.
Caller:  I’ve been trying to avoid to asking about dates and rates, but I would like to know how to assess the situation, because we have been encouraged to engage in intellectual activity and understand the fundatmentals of what’s happening in Iran, Iraq, etc.
RayRen:  You’re not going to get those answers unless you are part of the decision-making process, not matter how much you browbeat me or anyone else. All I can do is listen, hear and wait until the banks say they are ready.  No matter what anyone tells you, it’s not going to move it along until it’s ready to go. Anything else is just futile, so don’t keep digging and frustrating yourself!
707 caller:  People in my tiny group don’t seem to have the desire to put in the time to educate themselves as I have and the previous caller has.  What do you advise me to tell these folks?  Some have substantial currency, and I want to help them get mentally ready for an exchange appointment.
RayRen:  What have you already done?
Caller:  I give them the written materials, but they don’t seem to get it, and some are saying  “just let me know when the banks are ready”.  They are not vested in this, and I fear they will make some serious mistakes.
RayRen:  These are grownups, and if they don’t take advantage of the information, let the chips fall where they may. If they won’t research, it’s their lives.  I am on calls every day of the week, giving all that I can , but I cannot make anyone do anything.  I can tell you what I’m learning, hearing and feeling.  I cannot make anyone take this in.  You can only do your best, and then you can sleep with your conscience.
Caller:  It’s comforting and helpful to talk with you, in this area that is so difficult to learn all this stuff.  It’s almost more than I can handle, and I want to help them.
RayRen:  Encourage them to learn all they can.  A lot of people want to save others, but you need to save you.  They need to be willing to take it on for themselves.
Caller:  There is a limited amount I can do;  beyond that, they have to do this for themselves.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
512 caller:  I want to make a comment about the guy who was disrupting the call for no reason.  There is an old Jewish saying about someone who is annoying to the point where you get mad at them.  Didn’t he get it when you told him “this is all the information you are getting”?  He was wasting everyone’s time on this call.  You said, “this is the bank memo, this is how it is”, and if you don’t like it, don’t call!
RayRen:  I think he just wanted to have something more, but there is nothing more to get.  We all want more information, and that would be nice, but…
Caller:  Ray, I want you to go in your room and rub your crystal ball, however… they have another time frame across the ocean.  I’ve been waiting for years and I will wait longer if I have to, because I’ll make a ton of money.  I’m happy that we have the currency.
RayRen:  Everyone should be happy with the information in the introduction – that was explosive!
281 caller:  2016 will be an awesome year to reach the unreachable.  There were pictures of hurndreds of ships off shore at Galveston yesterday, and other people we spoke with also had documentation.  You know things are happening and you need to have the sense to read what’s there.  The clock is about to strike twelve;  don’t look just at what you see and read because you will discouraged. The things we see are temporal, which means they are subject to change. The things we do not see are eternal and established in heaven.  Keep your eyes on the target;  we are coming to the end of this target.  Have a blessed day!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  Folks, these calls aren’t free, so if you have a couple of bucks, go to and click on the donate button.  TNT and Tony would appreciate that.  Any news from Iraq today, or in the mosques?
RayRen:  Baghdad is quiet, but they are talking about the announcement and in-country rate change.  That is what I’m getting, and that is dynamic information.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and Raleigh!  And NEGOTIATE!
770 caller:  I appreciate hearing about the mosques.  With respect to the bank memos, what does that tell us about the exchange centers?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard about exchange centers, just that they are getting ready to exchange any time between now and the dates on the memos.
Caller:  The puzzle was small when we started out and now it’s becoming large.  How many pieces to this puzzle and how may pieces are we seeing?
RayRen:  I’m not seeing how many steps still need to take place.  We hoped that when the Budget showed up in the Gazette that would be it – but now it’s there and it’s not It.
Caller:  Have your sources indicated when we might see those missing pieces?
RayRen:  They are reporting what they see;  they are not part of the decision-makers.  If they did have that information and I reported it, that would single them out.  It’s too sensitive for me to hand out.
Caller:  We were told in the past that after the announcement, it would be 30 minutes before it hits the banks.  Is that still the case?
RayRen:  I don’t know if that has changed so we are still on status quo on that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!  May today be the day!
865 caller:  This is my second time on the call.  We don’t know any of the factors right now, just trying to put the pieces together, like walking through a minefield.  Some people got tired and shredded/flushed their currency.  I appreciate your sticking with us, and I hope to see you, your brother and DC in Vegas.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
304 caller:  If we have 100 trillion zim note and wanted to give it to a few different people, how would we do that?
RayRen:  You want to divide up that one note?
Caller:  Yes.  It’s being valued higher than we thought so how would we do that?
RayRen:  Are they family or connected?  No?  So they are strangers, but you want to share the results of the exchange?  I would exchange first and then position them to enjoy the cash.  It’s not like you take the one note and divide it up to give them portions.  Yes, you would have to pay taxes on that, but that is the simplest way that I know.  There are more complicated ways.   But if that note comes out at ten million dollars after taxes, you could give them a million each.  Zim is still exchangeable, so far as I know from the banks.
718 caller:  I saw this comedian say one time that we don’t want to be first, we just want to be next! That way we don’t have to worry, we just sit back and wait.  God bless everybody!
301 caller:  Can you take your spouse to the bank?
RayRen: That is if you are signing an NDA for the contract rate.
Caller:  What if you bought your money before getting married?
RayRen:  We have been told that if you are married and want the contract rate, your spouse must sign the NDA as well.
Caller:  So I should bring extra shovels?  We are about to have a blizzard here!
RayRen:  Your bank will probably be snowed in as well!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
503 caller:  This taking longer and longer. Are we still on Plan A or are we on Plan B.  Plan A is going through the bank structures we have now, Plan B goes through the Chinese, etc.
RayRen:  I’d say Plan A.
Caller:  That’s what I thought.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
602 caller:  I have one burning question.  When it’s international, and it’s on Forex, how can it not be tradable at the banks right now?
RayRen:  Good question and something we will be investigating throughout the rest of the day, finding out the real situation.  If it’s tradable, why would the banks not exchange it. Based on Forex, the banks will exchange it at 1180, which is not what we want.  An international traded currency is not an RV;  we don’t want to exchange at 1180, we want the RV at $3.41 (as it is reported in-country) or higher.
Caller:  So in some of the memos, the banks talked about Iran and Iraq… those only?
RayRen:  The memos said “and other currencies”, they just emphasized those two.  I would imagine the rest will go at the same time.
It’s Friday, the banks are all excited with memos with actual dates.  I don’t want to share the dates because I don’t want to hear the whining later if there are further changes.  Sources in Iraq are saying that it’s $3.41 over there;  we hear there may be a further international announcement in Davos.  We just wait.  If there is a need for a call tonight or tomorrow morning, I would love that.  Or we may convene for some other purpose.  Time will tell.  We are in a good place; I‘m happy and excited, because the current information speaks volumes.  We may not be in the bank today, tomorrow or even Monday,“ but as long as we get to the bank, the wait will be worth it.  I report, you decide.  All the information I shared with you and what I didn’t share will you, all that comes down to two words:  I believe.  Thank you, everyone!