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Additionally, many thousands of people have lost lots of sleep over the money that’s held up in Reserves, with currency dealers such as Sterling and others, since last year early June 2015. Know this: Your money is not lost.
In fact, the reserved amount that was active as of the date they stopped business – WILL BE REACTIVATED, just as if business had never ceased – this will be announced formally through all those dealers, within 7 DAYS AFTER THE FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF IRAQ’S RV OF DINAR, MAKING IT AVAILABLE TO BE TRADED INTERNATIONALLY.
This is why, the website at Sterling is still operating fully right now as we speak, with you being able to see all pages, and all details of transactions etc. – BUT CANNOT INTERACT ANY TRANSACTIONS.
The idea from the start, was to stop all currency purchases, so as to inventory all buyers, amounts and check all security issues/people, well in advance of the RV event.

The other reason, was so that this forced all people, no matter how long this continued – to primarily buy and interact with the banks, and establish relationships for future investment – and for control measures.
If you have Reserves, at the time of the announcement, you’ll be given the option of Exchanging with Sterling at a competitive rate OR paying off your currency balance and receiving the currency in hand/shipped – but will take a little longer to receive – even up to 14-21 days.
The idea is to get it exchanged with Sterling or other dealers, as much as possible, to speed things up. This way Sterling/Dealers get their share for participating in this win-win, but since, the banks have already had their chance at getting your business, as well…..win-win for all.
Friends, all is good, and set up for the eventual transfer of wealth, without missing a beat. This shutdown event HAD to occur. It was NECESSARY. This may help you understand, that your money did not go away, or is not lost. It’s just delayed…….
I Intend the Best for All,
Dr. Clarke