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Wilber Grodan: The President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, has ratified the morning of Tuesday, the general federal budget for the current 2015 law.
BruceA:  sounds about right, Gazzette gets Printed Sunday.. and we had Mention of payments on the 13th, from the CBI… All Good 😉
{All licensed banks/since Wednesday 6/1/20016 holiday will depend on banks for deposits on 5/1/20016 on Tuesday 12/1/20016, Wednesday 13/1/20016, which matched the week followed by the cash demands. And banks require filing enhancement requests on 5/1/20016 will depend on 5/1/20016 requests for strengthening banking stocks abroad. Hoping to act accordingly}

Sharona:  My best friend has Dong currency that I gifted her.  She told me about a lady she just met who is from the Atlanta area looking to buy land and move to our area to be near family.
This lady told her about a strange occurrence that just happened to her. She made a withdrawal at her Atlanta Bank recently and when she got home she noticed that one of the $10 bills didn’t look like the rest–it said backed by “gold and silver” and didn’t say “Federal Reserve note.”
When she took it back to the bank they told her “you don’t need that” and gave her a $10 FRN to take it’s place.
The lady doesn’t know about the GCR/RV and my friend did not tell her anything.  My friend was real excited and couldn’t wait to tell me about this! Sounds like one of the new USN’s.
Excerpts From Dinar Recaps Comment Section:
Dr. Clark:  Nice Job Recaps. You’ve NEVER heard from me in all these years, because of my ranks, but right now you should post this. Ease the pain of Millions of people, if you do.
The same couple dozen folks have been posting on here for years – with a track record that’s worst than the weather forecasters. Much worse. Yet, good meaning people still, from their desperation, continue to sit on the edge hour by hour, in pain – because of it, and keep reading – because it’s all they have.
Here’s what I know for sure, and can tell you. The IQD Dinar will be exchangeable, at exchange centers all over the WORLD EVERYWHERE at a HUGE rate, well over $3.00, along with the VND Dong at a rate of well over $1.00 – for sure, within the 1st Week of March, 2016.
The other currency’s are scheduled, but not yet confirmed. FYI – I’m in a powerful position right now, as well as already, by most people’s standards, very very wealthy – AND I also hold lots of currency. So, I’m not really in this class of “Desperation” like the majority of Dinarland.
What I just shared is NOT rumor. It’s fact, because it’s already done.
Mountain Goat is most on track, as it follows what’s printed, but what’s printed is of course, NOT the whole story – some fact, some planned deception – but the sanity of what MG puts out, is much closer to hard fact reality, in REAL TIME, than anything else I’ve seen. Take this to the Bank: NOBODY KNOWS IT ALL.
So, Everyone Mark Your Calendars for the 1st week of March.
ONE OTHER IMPORTANT ITEM, that you should know about: There will soon be an announcement out of Iraq, that they are not going to continue the MR (Monetary Reform) until next year of 2017, because of the financial condition the country is in, and low price of oil.
This announcement is already scheduled. When you hear it. IGNORE IT. I repeat, IGNORE IT. RI/RV is days away then……
I know you probably won’t post this – but THIS TIME, you should. If you want from me, just let me know. I have lots more, but if you don’t like this, then you won’t like the rest.
My Best of Intentions for All,  Dr. Clarke