In Fleming 

I heard on MSM, ABCNews, Stephanopoulos, the Paris Climate Accords was null and void the end of Wednesday, 11/4/20, exactly 1 year after notice was given of intentions to cancel. We don’t know what this canceled on behalf of RV GCR, but I am certain this was cause for the wait.

The control of project dollars under Paris Climate Accords determined ultimate control of the Global Collateral Accounts. The “Carbon Credits” were nothing more than funny-money-creation-machines. Proceeds controlled under EUC with US left out of any decisions. It was the oligarchs dream of One World control. DJT was the Lone Ranger leading the charge away from this Illuminati CABAL and the further surrender of our/US’ Freedom.

That we’re now firmly standing on Sovereign Republic soil has yet to be verified. The delivery of USN is evidence that this was done.

My question is this. I will assume that by waiting for this PCA to end we ultimately gain 50% more in proceeds for OUR projects. Can you address this and is this assumption correct?

For the past 70 years these illuminati CABAL have owned every penny of Global Collateral Account’s trade proceeds through these types of legal maneuvers, leaving US not benefitting at all. This is also why Europe is so far ahead of US in every benchmark. They got the big bucks.

It’s righteous that We the People have our turn at the table.

This is the answer:

Fleming:  Our military intel contact shot back a reply, “yes the Paris Climate Agreement that POTUS let expire last Wed 4 Nov means what Mr Fleming’s source says, ‘we [T4B] ultimately gain 50% more in proceeds for OUR projects,’ he said by the PCA taxation effect expiring.”

[4:15 PM]

Said the PCA was another Deep State taxation scheme which POTUS saw through just like he saw through the voting fraud the Deep State carelessly executed from last Tue night 3 Nov to the present.