In FRANK26

When the exchange rate changes, oh my goodness we’re going to need the 100…to see this out, that’s interesting…my friends…in Iraq, they tell me that the only thing that they use is from a 1000 dinars up. They don’t have no 500, they don’t have no 250. They don’t have no 100…it’s because of the exchange rate.  I’m curious…are they talking about handing it out? Why would you talk about the fact that it’s [the 100 note] available? It’s another telltale sign.

It’s very obvious it’s almost like what the international global world is doing right now with the Iraqi dinar. They’re treating it like it’s an international currency already…we all know what’s going on with the dinar thank you very much but now thank you very much again for another reason to hold onto the truth that your currency is valued more than what you’re telling everybody electronically and soon it will be physically because guess what sucker?  You brought out some physical evidence. This 100 note.  We’re not stupid…this was unexpected but it was not a surprise.