In Dinar Guru Updates, Jeff 

There’s really only 3 things in the news right now. The first would be Kurdistan and Baghdad to resolve their differences. The 2nd one would be the completing of the government – the last 7 remaining ministers and then the 3rd one is all the economic articles. That’s it…so what they’re telling you here is the two items – Kurdistan trying to resolve their differences with Baghdad and the 2nd one completing the formation of government…they’re telling you what their delay is before they can launch their economy. It doesn’t get any more cut and dry and simplified than that. They’re telling you what the delay is. They’re saying, ‘hey Kurdistan has to reach an agreement with Baghdad and Baghdad has to get the last 7 ministers in there.’ They’re telling you what the delays are before they can launch the economy. That’s why now they’re talking about the economy around those items.  That simple. That’s what you’re waiting on.