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Great timing with a looming Mosul liberation announcement and or Baghdadis death?? a budget with Stability and Security. . Houston we have liftoff! !


Walkingstick:  Masum approves the budget for fiscal 2017 Act and sends it to the Official Gazette for publication   http://almaalomah.info/2017/01/10/economic/120645

Masum approve the budget bill for 2017
10 minutes ago     http://www.aljournal.com/eco/myapp-9221/
Masum endorses the general budget for the 2017 Act

President approves 2017 budget

President of the Republic ratified the “fiscal budget bill for 2017

Twilight News / Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic announced on Tuesday that President Fuad Masum, approved the financial budget bill for 2017 voted by the House of Representatives earlier.

The bureau said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that the ratification comes in accordance with the provisions of subsection (I) of Article (61) and item (iii) of Article (73) of the Constitution.

He explained that initiated this law in order to approve the general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017, noting sent for publication in the Official Gazette.
The Iraqi parliament last month approved a 2017 budget valued at 100 trillion Iraqi dinars (about US $ 85 billion), based on the price of a barrel of oil to $ 42, amid objections Government of the Territory, which said it would not abide by its terms.


Frank26:  PERFECT !!! !!! !!! Our CC’s have the Eye of a Falcon ………………… Sharp.
CC said ….. There are NO coincidence ……… Iraq simply takes advantage of a crisis.

Don961:  Just excellent news after excellent news …. a lava flow …. all consuming ….. believe Iraq is sick and tired of death and destruction ….and criminals running things …. time to try something different …. peace , prosperity , safety and security , abundance ….. thanks WS ….


Notte1:  What’s stopping ..O… from taking credit for Iraq being international… announcing an international rate and claiming the death of B’daddy.? He is anointing himself with oil … and proclaiming to be a great leader….IMO

Frank26:  CC said ………… The Evidence that YOU and o need …………… Are not being held from us but….. For Us. You mean until we have a New Rate ……. Or until Mosul is liberated ……….. Or until the 20th when Trump is in as Prez ……….. Or You mean ………… Shhhhhhh  ……….. Just take Your pick and relax …………. “What You worried about Family ?”


Walkingstick:  Association of Banks conclude banking awareness and customer service cycle

It concluded the Iraqi private banks association, Tuesday, banking awareness cycle and customer service in the presence of representatives of the Central Bank of Iraq.

The course was attended by 68 trainees representing most of the private banks and financial institutions, and received a certificate in which participants graduated from the course.

Participants received during the session, which lasted for three days of lectures on how to deepen banking culture among the employees of the banks and how to deal with the public in response to inquiries and complaints in order not to lose Zayain and highlight the civilized face of the bank.



Walkingstick:  Deputy: Parliament on the verge of the task and the law of oil and gas in its priorities legislation


National Alliance MP Abdul Razzaq mheibes, Tuesday, the House of Representatives revealed in front of important legislation, the most important oil and gas law.

He’s mheibes / balances News / “The oil and gas law of the most important laws that must be legislation during the current legislative term to represent the fact that construction of the foundations of the Iraqi economy,” adding that “the differences between the center and the Kurdistan region must be addressed.”

Mheibes He added that “the parliament will work in order to consolidate the principles of societal peace,” pointing out that “national of historic compromise is not a compromise between politicians, it means community reconciliation must take hold of these concepts to the Iraqi society.”

Among mheibes that “Iraq is on the verge of a new phase of construction and needs to corner all the differences and resolve them, and heal the wounds created by the enemies of Iraq for the advancement of the reality of community and brotherhood among all the component of the Iraqi people through the national historic compromise.”

The House of Representatives held its meeting on Tuesday chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 235 deputies and ensure business three paragraphs respective agendas sports clubs Act. / End 29



He said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Razak mheibes “The Parliament’s demands in the new legislative term to intensify its work and activate the stalled laws since the previous legislative term.

He mheibes Tuesday in a statement to the network of Iraqi transmitter (IBN) “that the country faces major challenges on the security and economic level and this requires the intensification of parliamentary work and the immediate enactment of important laws, which are still going on in the corridors of the House of Representatives, including the Supreme Judicial Council, the law and the law of oil and gas and the electoral law in addition to work on oil projects in the country’s administration, as mheibes stressed the need to start the laws that concern the lives of citizens.

This began on Tuesday, the House of Representatives work of the first session of the second legislative term.


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