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Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at KTFAlways.com

Before I go into any form of lecture … this will be POWER-PACKED … for those who were here early … you were able to hear what we talked about.  You can hear it on LiveStream.

Tonight, I’m not going to reach for straws … I’m telling you that it’s possible … that when Abadi came over 2 years ago to see Obama … and Obama turned his back on Abadi and talked to Christine LeGarde instead.  So disrespectful.  You could feel the embarrassment for Abadi.  Abadi shook his head … his assistant shook his head in disgust and walked away.
I want you to know that what Obama did that day … Abadi hasn’t forgotten.

Abadi has a lot of camels in Iraq … but somewhere me must have a elephant with a BIG memory … and we’re going to talk about that tonight.

I want you to know that on GateWay Pundits … (USA Today’s political section) … Obama decided to hold a commander in chief meeting … all of his staff invited … in Arlington, VA.  Why was he holding this ceremony?  Obama was given a medal … and he was the only one there at that presentation.  Our military sent a clear message to O … with a bunch of empty seats.

Our military will NOT miss Obama – and they told him what they thought about him.  They left him an EMPTY room of seats.  He has had the worst foreign policy of any President of the United States.  Obama plays by a different set of rules.  So, who was giving the medal?  Obama himself.

We have a dear brother that we love and trust … (BluStar) … and about 5 years ago he was there at a meeting with Dr. Shabibi … and BluStar asked him a question.

Family … I believe that we have stability and security building within the next few hours in Iraq.

BlueStar went over to witness the process of Donald Trump being officially recognized by the electoral college in DC.  What did you see this weekend?

JOHN (BlueStar) – a number of people have tried to obstruct the process of Trump to get in.  This past Friday, I attended the House Certification Vote for the Presidency.  That was a special day.

<John recounted the process of what happened between FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton>

JOHN — We witnessed a hearing far worse than Watergate.  When I saw this … I was spellbound – I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  Please watch the 6-7 minute YouTube segment … it was a very chilling … this is why I was so passionate about getting Trump elected.  Trump will defend America – and that is what we need right now.

Nancy Pelosi (and other uber Leftists) tried to disrupt the event.  After all of the certification took place, another 5 folks got up to protest the proceedings.

Frank, I will tell you, it was a remarkable day … I’ve been here 35 years now.  I will be witnessing history on Inauguration Day.

What we saw in 1976 … when Carter left office and Reagan taking office … the situation with Iran … that made history.

FRANK: As you know, Jimmy Carter endorsed Barak Obama.

What we saw for 8 years was lawlessness.

The disregard for Prime Minster Abadi … I believe that we may have a timeline situation for the RV.

FRANK:  Do you think they are really going to wait until the 20th?  Does Abadi have the memory of an elephant?

JOHN:  I do Frank.  Do you allow this to push past the 20th?  You have to look at the big picture.   What does Abadi have to gain from Donald Trump?  I believe that the relationship between Abadi and Trump could be unbelievable!

FRANK:  We are considering this in our thoughts.  The whole Middle East has no respect for Obama.  He really messed up our foreign policy.  Thank you for coming on John.

Family … John expressed to you his feelings, emotions, opinion … there was a good purpose for this.

There seems to be an EXCITEMENT for the new President coming in … and the old one leaving.

It’s time to move forward.

Please try to understand HOW Abadi feels.

I am about to build a house on this.

We are in the MOOKLA of 2017.

Our FINAL ARTICLES are very powerful.

I wish MilitiaMan’s post were copied and spread around the internet.  Link to Militiaman

We feel in our hearts that there is a plan … and if it goes past the 20th … well tonight you’ve heard some interesting points.

We’ve certainly had our days of delays with Obama and Maliki.

I know that you’re excited … but please listen.

BTW – the USA does not believe in giving any country (that is working on their MR) a billion dollar loan if they are not interested in increasing the value of their currency … or doing a LOP.

By the 31st we wanted to see the budget … but we didn’t.

By the 1st we wanted to see it … but because of a legality … we didn’t.

We’ve been looking for the security of Mosul.

The stability/security of Mosul is most importance.

Do we need to see security in the center of Mosul.

The center is where Baghdadi is at – it is a search and kill mission (by the Pentagon).

Kill mission (Baghdadi) the whole world knows they are going after him to kill him.

We are way past the CENTER.

Very intense fighting.

Daesh is outgunned, outnumbered.

I posted 3 times yesterday … they are close enough to issue KILL ORDERS … then I said … we are meters away from Baghdadi … and then Baghdadi is releasing prisoners to fight.  I believe they are about ready to surrender.

72, 72, 72 … I don’t care how many more Abadi wants … let him have them.  It’s that simple.

The CBI needs to feel confident to release the rate.

The Golden Division and our Troops need to be respected right now.

4,500 civilians on the east side of Mosul … they were protected and moved.  (72 clicks – just get it done).

Do you have to have Mosul to have the MR?  No.

Do you have to have Baghdadi to have the MR?  Yes.

My friends that are in that theatre … are coming home on the 1st of February.  If they have to go back, it will be after the 14th of February.  They are tired.  Please pray for all of my friends.  THAT IS HUGE!  You just have to figure it out.

72, 72, 72 … I don’t care … give them 100 72’s

IMO – Mosul security/stability and the MR are tied together … but not necessarily the KEY to the MR.  IMO – Baghdadi is.

Nothing is going to stop us now.

They (we) are not interested in capturing Baghdadi.  No need to talk to him.

Saddam was not a kill mission.

The intensity of these two capture vs. kill … there is no difference.

If an enemy raises a gun towards us … there is no thought … it is a kill mission.

For those in the military … you understand/agree … don’t you?

In the MOOKLA (January 2017) is right on target.

IMO – it is to be applied (security/stability) of January 2017.

This is NOT a forum where you can ask for a DATE.

This is a study of LAVA FLOW.

This “date” has never been seen … but we can see/read the FINAL ARTICLES (23 of them) very precious – this is the concrete evidence of the MR of 2017.

In the Middle East … they always take things down to the last nanosecond.

The Middle East never lets a good crisis go to waste.

We are on course.

Abadi will be in DC around the 20th for Trumps inauguration.

Do you think Trump will say hello to him.

Without the PM of Iraq coming to the USA … you will never see an RV.

Trump loves business opportunities … and Abadi will be on our soil in a few days (around the 20th) – that’s a BIG opportunity.  Too bad Obama didn’t think so.

Abadi and Trump have talked twice … and now they will get to talk face-to-face.  Do you think the RV will be the topic of conversation?  Do you think it’s taboo for them to talk about the MR of Iraq?  How they will pay for the war? Just like it was paid for by Kuwait.

I don’t look for a date … the lava flow is tremendous.  I don’t care if it goes into February / March.  Oh dear … Frank said Feb/Mar … if that worries you … then you are too weak.

Study with us.  The RV can happen at any date.  There is no date.  Iraq is a sovereign country.

Abadi is NOT just coming for the inauguration.  I think Abadi will stick around for 3-4 days … media will be shut-out.  These meetings will have a lot to do with the fuse being lit.   Again, I don’t know the date.

I am looking for the RV … then I’m looking for what?  72

There was an issue that occurred … our team looked at it … which they told us about in December.  Accepted … and now implemented on the 2nd of January.  The IBAN … they are talking about it again.  Why are they talking about it again.

The math has to be PERFECT.

The CBI supports the INTERNATIONAL process … as of January 2, 2017.

IBAN allows a bank to do transactions with another bank in another country.  Why would they do that with a program rate?  This is why they use IBAN … it’s INTERNATIONAL transactions!

IBAN … Delta told us about it … (no one knew about IBAN because it was on the CBI website in Arabic) – Delta translated the info from the CBI website.

Today … the IBAN subject reappears.

As of January the 2nd … it was ACTIVATED.  They are stirring the chocolate … just like stirring chocolate into chocolate milk.

To STIR is part of the plan of the MR.

IBAN – do you understand what it is?

IBAN is the international banking forum of communication.

Currently Iraq is under sanctions … so why would IBAN waste their time with Iraq if they didn’t plan to be INTERNATIONAL?

The CBI who has announced that the ADOPTION of the international mathematical numbers with IBAN – local and foreign remittance.  They like the MOOKLA of 2017.

Why are we excited?

IBAN gives international banking account numbers.

IBAN cannot be used with a PROGRAM RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The software in IBAN is only for INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS … they are telling you something without showing you the rate … YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is Iraq using IBAN with a program rate?

There is NO RATE on the CBI website

This study that we are doing is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen … yet!  Wouldn’t you agree?

The 3 Musketeers … they posted a study … and talked about BlockChain.  They explain to you about BlockChain – this is just component of our study.

Tell me … do you remember when I talked about KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) ???

This is the basis … Iraq MUST know their customers.

With IBAN … this is more evidence.

Oil prices … more evidence.

BlockChain … KYC … more evidence.

The BlockChain ledger works in real-time … another tool for the MR of the IQD.

The day after Abadi tells his commanders not to say a word about the things going on in Mosul … a legitimate Egyptian newspaper discloses that the Iraq’s dinar value will be 3+

We told you all of the numbers that are involved … with oil … everything we have shared with you has fallen in place.

So Iraq has been hiding the 1 to 1 in-country pretty well.  Right?

They stopped using a program rate … but IMO … whatever the number is … it is still in an infant state for the world to see right now.  To early for the global market.

What CITI Bank did … those are some of the best examples that we could give to you.

Some Guru is claiming that there are several banks and credit unions … say what?  This is why we protect the intel we have.

Iraq is not necessarily covering things up.  We are on track with the MR.

Iraq does not have to explain the steps of the MR.

Some of this is not our business.

Hey CBI?  How are you doing?  Are you ok?  You don’t talk that much anymore.  (yawn)

Is the CBI bored?  (yeah)

Like to say something?

Abadi told his people to shut-up.

CBI says they will record any counterfeiting.  Oh boy … yes … they are bored.

Now … at the end of this CC … let us talk about the call that Delta and I had.

Delta found an announcement in Arabic.

He sent it to me.

This is on the CBI website … it’s official … all in Arabic
There is more to it than this one screen-shot.

Delta told us … the CBI has announced in Arabic … to all banks in Iraq to submit their order for currency.  The CBI will NOT handle any more auctions – effective January 8, 2017.

So … this 20 minute phone conversation you can listen to on replay on LiveStream.

This announcement was just made today.

The CBI is telling all of the other banks that if they want to buy any currency, they should bother with the CBI anymore.

The CBI will not be involved in supplying that money anymore.

Wait … why would the CBI make such a drastic move that effects their income?

IBAN made an announcement … they will deal with the CBI with an INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM!

They activated that on the 2nd of January — which means they have already been using it. This means they can also wire.

This is on the CBI website (Arabic)

No rate on the CBI website … the 1184 is not up there.  Humm.

IBAN’s announcement … this sets up a need for a NEW RATE!

One of the FINAL ARTICLES talks about the benefits of deleting the 3 zeros.  One of those articles talks about the IBAN.

Delta can’t copy this article … but on POST #28 (today’s thread) on KTFAlways.com … there it is.

I’d like Delta to come on our call on Wednesday to translate it for you.

It’s in Arabic … because right now … IT’S NON OF YOUR FREAKIN’ BUSINESS!

The CBI is no longer involved with the auction.

Remember … even with the RV … the banks will still have to BUY currency … but the process will now be different … and how much they can buy with IBAN will be needed … in order to move money … you see Article VIII demands the freedom of their currency … without restrictions … no sanctions … the ability to move.

So … CITI Bank … one question.

How do you feel about the USA guaranteeing sovereign banks out of Iraq?

Why would the US Treasury Co-Sign to guarantee things?

No comment from Citi bank … but they DO sell the IQD.

So Citi … do you buy it?

Will you when the rate goes up?

Uh yeah … for a spread.

Did you like your conference call?

I don’t know when they are going to pull the trigger.

Our Teams should be accredited!

We are grateful and give our respects to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to do the things we do.

See you Wednesday conference call and we’ll give you more about this information that Delta found.

BTW – Eagle1 did not call me, and that’s why we did not have him on.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

While Frank was getting ready for tonight’s conference call … DELTA called in at 6:38 PM (EST).

These are the notes I attempted to type while listening to that conversation between Delta and Frank:

FRANK:  Hello Delta … we are live on LiveStream right now.  Do you have something for us?

DELTA:  Yes! … on the 8th (yesterday) the CBI sending message to all money changers … the CBI will no longer be involved with the auctions – effective today (yesterday).

The CBI is handing off the auctions to the banks – (as it should be).

FRANK:  Two months ago we talked about IBAN.  The internet didn’t know how to teach their groups about it.

DELTA:  With the IBAN System … money will be able to move in and outside of country … this is Article VIII right here.  This will give the banks the ability to move money.

The exchange rate has NOT changed on the CBI website yet … but the CBI’s website still shows January 4, 2017.  (Six days ago) … Humm.

Only one thing left … the dinar has to change … and that announcement has to come from the CBI.

Remember I said that the CBI isn’t lying to us.

IMO, the only thing left is to change the rate.

Why would they make this announcement unless they were waiting to make their final move to go international?

They are ready to go … looks like they ACTIVATED on January 2, 2017.

FRANK:  that’s the MOOKLA of the monetary reform.

DELTA:  this is a HUGE announcement from the CBI … not to mention the IBAN.

FRANK:  Delta, please post what you found on the forum as soon as you can.

DELTA:  I can read it, but I can’t copy and paste it … especially in Arabic.

FRANK:  It’s ok to release it … right?

DELTA:  Yes … absolutely.  Get ready for Hawaii!  LOL!!!

FRANK:  They are constantly showing us examples of why they are going INTERNATIONAL!  In country … one to one … everything is progressing … the budget is not being hidden from us … but FOR us!  Give me Mosul!  The CBI is now ready … with enough confidence to raise the value.

DELTA:  They announced this today but showed up yesterday on the Arabic side of the CBI.  Looks like they’ve got the GREEN-LIGHT!  Again, looks like the only thing left … following the IMF requirements … the only thing left is to raise the value.  I believe that Mosul is a done-deal.  I’d say 99%.  They cannot delay that longer … the budget has to come out.  IMO – something really has to happen in the next 24, 48, 72 hours.  The CBI has to make their move … release the lower denominations.  From now until Thursday is going to be interesting.

FRANK:  I can’t thank you enough for this information.  I just got knocked out with this information.  They are going about the monetary reform bragging about it … just doing their job.

DELTA:  Remember, the CBI has been telling us they aren’t going to delay anymore (see Final Articles).

The money laundering, corruption … all of that is going to stop.

They will be digital just like the USA.

Big transactions will be done electronically just like when you want to buy a house, etc.
The IMF said a long time ago (like 5-6 years ago) – the tariffs and the lifting of the value must be done.

With Abadi’s vision … and the CBI governor (who is doing a great job) … they will accomplish this.  It’s amazing how they are doing this.  I agree with you.  We are there.  I don’t think it’s Mosul anymore … they are ready to go international.

FRANK:  I believe that it’s in Abadi’s hands … don’t you?


FRANK:  We’ve been piecing this together for a very long time … growing tired of those who cause me trouble … I don’t care WHEN it happens … I just KNOW that it’s coming!

DELTA:  The US Treasury is backing Iraq on the bonds.  If you read it carefully … they are not giving them money … just guaranteeing the bonds.  That article that got my interest … Iraq finished all of the legalities … the UST … they are NOT going to co-sign unless they know the rate.  For the USA to sign the deal with them on Thursday … that says everything.   That’s another sign.

FRANK:  Look at what CITI bank did a few weeks ago … why would you make those moves unless they knew that Iraq was going to be INTERNATIONAL?

DELTA:  Absolutely … look at the reserves … the price of oil … the global market … they all know this … they must do this.

FRANK:  Once this thing goes up in value … I’m not going to answer the phone anymore … except for God’s work!

Central banks are planning to launch a new form of digital currency as governments and banks begin phasing physical cash currency out of circulation.