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Blinkster: China flat out denied any revaluation in a full one-page ad
Kuwait, on the other hand, was a bit more coy about it…their ‘squirrel’ was assembled like this:
“umm oh, yeeah, we’re going to revalue our currency, but uhh, we’re not ready yet. Uhh, maybe 3-6 months or so down the road we will, but not right now”.  snicker….
Within 24 hrs of China’s denial, China revalued.  Within @ 2-3 days of Kuwait’s denial, they revalued theirs.

I find it interesting that Frank has said many times “They learned a lot from Kuwait”, meaning, Kuwait’s RV.
IMO….  MOOKLAH MOOKLAH MOOKLAH, (First of the year)  baybeee!