In TNT

REI: Guys, it is very simple. Just watch the banks web sites. They will tell you when you can exchange. Probably no 800 numbers, no special deals, just exchange. Jmo
Ralphyboy3: When Reagan was inaugerated Iran released the hostages, it is my hope when Trump is inaugurated he will do what he can to release the RV which has been held hostage for so long. It may be far fetched I know but lets wait and see. jmho
JRW:  ralphy I think you are correct!!

WallStreetGirl:  Abadi is going to be at the inaugeration, so maybe they will have a party in Iraq. or at least soon after once Abadi returns.
Pearle:  It could not be Iraq thats doing the postponement. It could be the President if he does not think their house is in order, it could be the 3 letter agencies that have a say…we dont know…just thinking out loud
JSL:  It could happen this week. If it doesn’t don’t think the US Pres has any say. So the new Pres will not have anymore power than the last on concerning this issue. It will be in the hands of BIS ,IMF, and central banks across the world agreeing IMHO
Red:  we have been told it will happen when it happens, it will when you least exspect it, it will when the pres leaves office, it will when the new pres comes in , it will when Iraq blah blah, it will when Dow reaches 15000, it will really do it when Dow hits 20,000, it will when we have an eclisp of the Sun, it will when we are ready, MY BEST GUESS IS it will 10 minutes before I go to the bank!