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SillyTilly:  So I have a question,  and remember reading on here probably last year, but someone posted if it doesn’t rv by June then it won’t happen till next year.  Do you guys still feel this is true?

Jay: Sillytilly. That is a great ?. Here’s what I think.

If Obum was still prez, I would absolutely think this would not go AT ALL. And I Especially that I agree with Frank he had no intention of ever doing it. That or the Republicans were never going to ALLOW that idiot the Glory for doing it. Take your pick.

Enter Trump. Look at all that has been completed with the MR Since he’s been in.

I really feel that June or DOOM idea is dead. It will be done this year, also as Frank said.
This is my opinion only. I watch ACTIONS waaaaay more than I believe the articles. If you look closely their Actions say this year.

Enter Frank’s White Board demonstration last night. A L.O.T. HAS BEEN DONE. No reason to wait except the PLANNED TIMING OF THE RELEASE.

Proof of actions?

THE BIGGEST recent events of yesterday and the day before.

We have 2 videos.

1. Dated March 30th saying Daesh is withdrawing and the N.Mosque  is surrounded aka (imo) LIBERATED.

2. VIDEO 2 is dated April 1st and state’s that forces were 100m from the N. Mosque.

Imo.. PROOF OF CHINA SYNDROME. Those 2 videos prove Iraq is lieing. Wow

We have been told for YEARS that near the end we would be lied to. I’d say those videos MORE THAN PROVE that theory correct.

I love where we are. Yes. I BELIEVE it was stalled on purpose. Not goin into that.

I just wanna see what they do by the 8th. Hope this helps.



So, they tell us that there are still big battles taking place to drive the last remnants out and declare vidtory by taking the Al Nuri Mosque.

That’s the one that was abandoned by Daesh on or before 30 March. The one that Iraqi forces advanced to being “within metres” the next day…..

How about this…… Old City is taken and the press turn up. They want some action shots, but it’s quiet and negotiations commence…..

The Press arrive in old city, Mosul

Notice how relaxed the federal police are

Having agreed to play along with the press, we go to a suitable location….In due course, a demonstration is given. I wonder where this footage will appear as ‘live action’



A classic example of how reports get made and that what is ultimately broadcast may not be what it seems.


Samson: Aajl..alarac calls for three European countries to send economic advisers

Aajl..alarac calls for three European countries to send economic advisers 2017/5/2 19:04
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said on Tuesday that “Iraq is a student from Germany, France and Italy to send advisers to help stimulate the Iraqi economy” … follow



Don961:  Abadi reveals the names of the European countries to send economic advisers to Iraq

02-05-2017 10:50 PM


Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi revealed a formal request to bring economic advisers from European countries to Iraq.

Ebadi said in his weekly that his government submitted a request to Germany, France and Italy to send advisers to help stimulate the Iraqi economy.



Pattycakes77:  And why would anyone help stimulate a country without a rate. I would love to ask Abadi that question. There has to be something brewing that we no nothing off. The rate has to show up very soon with all the things happening. This just doesn’t make any sense.

Samson:  Abadi’s “information”: We asked Germany, France and Italy to send consultants to stimulate the Iraqi economy

Abadi 18:44 02/05/2017

Confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, the government asked some of the major European countries send advisers to stimulate the Iraqi economy.

Ebadi said in response to a question raised by the correspondent of the agency / information / during the weekly conference of the Prime Minister said that “the Iraqi government has made overtures to Germany, France and Italy to send consultants to stimulate the Iraqi economy.”

He added that “Iraq should benefit from European expertise in the field of advanced economy, which is our ambition to provide a solid banking system and rely more on the provision of goods to the citizens of the private sector at reasonable prices.” It ended