In TNT 

Iraqi TV is showing a news flash ticker at the bottom of the screen strolling on all television programs with the message: “In the coming days, full liberation of Mosul will be announced.” Fierce fighting is being reported in western Mosul. Iraqi TV is reportedly saying the end of Daesh is in the coming “hours.” Time Will Tell All! Smile

Oboedad:  Hiya fellow Dinarians – Something to think about: Patience is NOT the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. This roller coaster will, eventually, come to a stop.

Steadfast:  weren’t they supposed to announce the liberation of Mosul on Saturday?

Yada:  steadfast,,, the progress was intended to have been completed by then but overlapped the time,,,that is why they are not waiting for any more government laws, visitations etc,,,,the PTB gave them until the end of April and it went over.