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Frank26:  It is not in our 1/2/3/4 ………. But on MONDAY CC we said TEAMS want us to LOOK for things this November………. One is for M to be ……… No Mas.

Moneytalks1:  I think No
vember will be an awesome month.

IMO, there is a chance to see a 1-1in November-one of the reasons is that one of the neighboring countries will be partially free of sanctions.

Remember what Frank’s team said,”that we are very close”.

JJONESMX:  Cbi   News & Announcements

Central Bank of Iraq acknowledged on 2015/10/27 conduct a public auction auction (C148) for the sale of the bank for their remittances (91) days

To / all banks (the Central Bank of Iran)      01/11/2015



Aggiedad77:   Good First of November Family…..remember the word EXPECTATION…..we have great EXPECTATIONS for November, we expect to see great movement from within Iraq during this month…..

We’ve already seen a commitment from Parliament to hang around for 30 days and delay their vacation….why…..to pass the budget….the budget they have been asked by PM Abadi and COM to not change….read it once…twice…then vote upon it….

Abadi spoke at the opening ceremony for the 42nd Baghdad International Fair…..a fair attended by many both from within Iraq and many from outside…..he spoke of a Baghdad free of terrorism….the cradle of civilization….what a great choice of words…..the Baghdad that is to return to world renown as they continue to deal with the terrorist thugs who invaded their country….they take back kilometer after kilometer of land from them….

They stand united as a country to defeat this enemy…..politically they find unity in what needs to be accomplished with their reforms….they reconstruct and at the same time the eliminate red tape that formerly stood in the way….how….by making amendments to existing laws that wipe away the red tape and bring great shame to corruption….
Even with low oil prices they continue to seek ways to finance their country through greater emphasis on activities within the public and private sector both that take away so much focus on oil.

Watch what they do in November….keep track of the accomplishments.

Aloha   Randy


Wallkingstick:  Abadi: Baghdad locked and we are trying to switch to an open economy / expanded

Slyder | 1 November 2015 12:57 | sajad |

Prime Minister said the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi capital Baghdad militarily secured 100%, were the dimensions of terrorism by long distances.

He said al-Abadi during his speech today at the start of the activities of the Baghdad International Fair edition 42, that “the Baghdad peace that defies war and terrorism to show the world it is the cradle of civilization and the rise of new, despite the difficulties and challenges. Today, we are fighting terrorism and backwardness, however, and in the other we build our country, and this civilization that provided Many of the world, and we are determined to re-laurels, “adding that” the challenges we face today, but many of these industrial and commercial demonstration to prove in this country great potential and enormous potential of the most important human potential and capabilities of the Iraqi advancement that can again. ”

He stressed the need for “cooperation between the countries and peoples of the region and its countries and the international community, as there must be close cooperation between states, as the peace-building in the region is not only at the level of governments and official institutions, but there must be solid relationships on peoples’ level of trade and economic interests Industrial and this is who builds peace and integration between peoples and nations and this is what we seek. ”

He pointed out that “The government is committed to a government curriculum and is encouraging the private sector and partnership between the public and private sectors, and we pay in this direction and to establish a real partnership between the two sectors and we want to remove the bureaucratic obstacles that have hindered investment and economic activity in the country.”

He explained, “We are trying to turn to an open economy and remove the obstacles that have had over the years,” pointing “Today with the fall in oil prices significantly there is a real financial difficulties, and we are building the capacities available in the country to rise up and resist this challenge.”

Abadi pointed to the importance of “harmony and integration between capital and expertise in Iraq and abroad, especially in the region,” he said. “This integration drives more productivity and progress, there are common interests between states everybody benefits on the basis of the outcome of the benefit of any Everyone learned from integration and cooperation.” .

He noted the importance of “promoting local industries and increasing the internal Iraqi national income, rather than relying on oil only, Iraqi politics relied on oil in the economy and that’s just the low prices a real financial problem with the rise in oil prices, the rise did not invest to invest in other aspects of the economy.”

Abadi Turning to the military operations waged by the security forces of supporting the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, saying: “There is a war imposed on us by the terrorists and thought backward rigid obscurantist does not want to sit with the other only, but wants to liquidate and kill him, and like these we must confront,” he said “We must succeed in war, there are also represented another challenge of how to continue funding of higher government spending, which rose large degrees over the past years and spending on the war.”

He continued, “Despite the financial crisis we have achieved victories in battles and liberated so far hundreds of kilometers in Baiji sector, and Tin Baiji and drained all but the north of Baiji, and areas that have liberalized completely no one imagines that these areas will be free of this standard time.”

He called on politicians to Abadi “Unity Differences are normal but may not disagree on the service of the citizen and the promotion of the economy, investment and victories, we must achieve victory in Ramadi.”

The “secure Baghdad militarily 100%,” noting that “terrorism years ago was threatening Baghdad and Obadnah long distances, and cannot be allowed to retreat in the war so they take priority attention.”

“The Baghdad gallery prove to Iraqis and the world that we are moving in the reconstruction and stability is not irreversible, and we fight all the red tape and obstruction and obstruction of investment and the economy no less damaging for terrorism from other areas,” noting, “We want to provide the imposition of work and raising the standard of living of the citizens and it can only be achieved through flexible, free and well-developed economy, and that is through the private sector “.anthy 4