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Elmerf123456:  : The Planned Wedding Date……. Great Analogy

A man and woman meet and they fall in love. Eventually They decide to get married and discuss the wedding details , and eventually decide on a date and send out invitations to the chosen guest list.

However, Many years prior to the couple even meeting, a young girl has mentally planned her future Husband and visualized the wedding her entire life conceptualizing what her dress would look like the color of the flowers brides maids, maid of honor, Reception you name it covering all the details.

The only thing she could not visualize back then was the actual date of the wedding!

That’s very similar to the RV process. This has been planned a long time ago! the Big event all conceptualized and all the details laid out, including what the partners would look like, and who was to be invited on the guest list, eventually deciding on a date for the event. All that is left is the receiving of the invitation.

TennWolfMan: The RV train is already at the station–We are just waiting for it to stop so we all can get on board and start out on our new journey of living our lives to the fullest and paying it forward as we go. Oh happy day

RadBro :  The Washington Post just did a story about The Creature from Jekyll Island! THAT is one perfectly timed and placed where millions of people will learn about the illegality of our banking system! WOW, I think that knowledge will have a big BIG impact on our nation’s future!

surfergal :  oh, i read it too…that’s why i’m excited…go RV!!!!!

RadBro:  surfergal… I read it and it really tells the story. I sure don’t think it’s an accident that it was placed in the Washington Post. MILLIONS will read it … and that is a good thing for sure, yes that’s cool!