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MilitiaMan: So they have prepared the tellers with new technology and methodology. They prepared them for the start of a new electronic banking system. I’ll bet one that is prepared for the new currency we await. The new system has ATMs. They are expecting from the looks of it plenty of cash deposits. They’ll be ready for them to help with the new ATMs functionality. They are wanting them to realize they are at the forefront now and for good reason. Ushering in change and literally will be making change.. lol .. imo ! ~ MM

Samson:  Rafidain Bank launches its approach to change and renewal at the station

8th July, 2019 by Samir Nusairi

The fourth goal of the goals of the Central Bank’s strategy for the years (2016 – 2020 ) is the investment in human capital has turned this goal into reality embodied in the celebration of joyful and joy ventured organized by the Iraqi Association of private banks at the station in partnership with the Bank of Iraq and the international company for the smart card and a set of joint efforts Jordan, which carried out the training for the graduation of 120 bank employees representing 14 branches of the Rafidain Bank in Baghdad in the two sessions of customer service and the development of skills of staff Teler and organized by the Association of banks for employees of Rafidain Bank for the purpose of preparing the bank to start the banking system The new Ktrona

The advantage of this event is the participation of the general manager of the bank and its assistants and all the managers of the departments and branches and a large number of employees for the purpose of actually starting the process of change and renewal of work systems and programs and modern banking techniques and stimulate all sections and branches of the bank that their bank has already started the process of change and renewal and that the process started to move in the right direction of the bank The first government to practice banking business, which is considered throughout the years of his work as the home of expertise of the Iraqi banking sector and contributed to the private sector banking expertise and cadres, which are currently managed by employees of Rafidain who have already worked in the bank

And that the important in the celebration is the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq in sponsoring and supporting this celebration in line with the achievement of the goal of developing the banking sector and rehabilitation of young people and develop their abilities to start the banking business in accordance with the applications of the new electronic banking system

That such initiatives are national practices to serve the national economy and serve young people to take their positions in the leadership of society because Iraq is about to move to a new stage in overcoming the stage of the financial crisis and economic to a new stage after a mission that inspires us to draw lessons and lessons from the experiences of peoples and developed countries politically and economically Depending on the Iraqi youth, efficient and ambitious and enlightened in the leadership of institutions of the national economy and in particular the banking market a new methodology depends on the vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on young believers in the ability of his beloved country Iraq and its Iraqi people In the sound construction of the economy in a new spirit that carries all the aspirations of young people and provide the best services and products to the public in accordance with the look of the keenness on the development of policies, programs and visions     LINK


The Association of Banks holds a graduation ceremony for two courses of customer service and the development of the skills of Taler employees”

h July, 2019

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, in cooperation with the Joint Efforts Group and the International Card Company (Key Card), held Sunday the graduation ceremony of “Customer Service” and “Taler Skills Development” session in the station hall in central Baghdad

A private banks “He said

Tarek added that the near future will certainly see a clear change in banking work within the country,” pointing out that “the management of Rafidain Bank was brave when I decided to use this new system (ATM) in banking

He called on employees to “be flexible in the implementation of this program in order to present it to the fullest customers of the bank,” adding that “the Association of Banks aspires to continue cooperation and increase with Rafidain Bank and other banks in general
training center of the Association of Iraqi private banks at its headquarters in Baghdad

The course was divided into four axes: the first dealing with dealing with cash and the second in the field of forgery, counterfeiting and bank fraud, and the third in excellence in customer service, quality of service and the latest in the technical aspects of the function of teler in banks

The Teller staff is the one who deals with cash, receiving cash from depositors at banks and conducting cash deposit procedures  

MilitiaMan:  Another step in the right direction. imo ~ MM

Samson:  Distribution of the instruments of Article 140 on Kurdish families

8th July, 2019

Started in Kirkuk, on Sunday, the distribution of compensation packages to the Kurdish families stage covered by Article 140 constitutional, after a pause of several years.

Kaka Rush, a friend of the official office of Article 140 in Kirkuk, said during a televised statement that these instruments are disposed of the allocations of Article 140 in the general budget for the year 2019, amounting to 50 billion Iraqi dinars.

He added that the office of Article 140 in Kirkuk received 230 instruments, which are the right of the families of the phase of Kirkuk, and daily distributed 80 instruments to the compensated, noting that the priority in the distribution of instruments are for the families of martyrs and Monophils and widows.    LINK

David12001:  This is FREAKING AWESOME, wow Article 140, Frankie talked about this in Jan 2019 CC’s. The proof is the pudding on this one, we have never been closer, imoo. According to, articles, videos, Intel, FF’s and CC’s. This is a FANTASTIC article.

A tainring course entitled “Preparation of quarterly budgets
in accordance with international Islamic standards” for the
period from 7 / 28-2019 / 8/1    https://cbi.iq/news/view/1177

MilitiaMan:  They are offering a training course for the new electronic banking that will have been significantly changed from what is was in the past to a new methodology.  One that is catering to the Islamic rules and standards. Don’t forget the IOSCO has an interest in Sukuk. It is one of the largest growing forms of investment in the world. They will be having the training to prepare for then next quarter. Once they trigger a new mechansim they’ll need to audit and report it accurately. Very good for them. Good sign for us too. Means to me Change is coming. Lots of it.. imo.. lol ~ MM

A training course entitled “Preparation of Restriction of Settlement Restrictions and Closing Closing” for the period from 4-2019 to 8/8    https://cbi.iq/news/view/1176

Localization of salaries of state employees   https://cbi.iq/news/view/1181

MilitiaMan:  They seem to want the settlements to be managed accordingly. They are focusing on settlements, as when a change comes they want it to be smooth and fair for all. Not to mention that they are still making sure, people know how to get paid.. lol imo ~ MM

Samson:  Know the details of the amendment to the Iraqi Budget Law

8th July, 2019

The Iraqi parliament voted on Monday on the proposed amendment to the first law of the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq No. (1) for the year 2019.

The amendment outlined the status of government administration of state institutions by proxy.

Included as follows:

Article -1 – Article 58 of the law shall be canceled and replaced by Mayati:

Article -58- obliges the government to end the state administration institutions by proxy , except for military and security services no later than 24/10/2019 is any action after this date carried out by the appointed proxy Shall be null and void and shall not have any legal effect, provided that the concerned department suspends all financial allocations and administrative powers in case of continuation after the above mentioned date.

Article 2: This law shall be implemented from June 30, 2019. It shall be published in the Official Gazette.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Kinda sounds like retro activation. We see payments (settlements) going to Kirkuk today.. Very interesting and Barzani is off to see Macron soon if not already.. imo ~ MM


Samson:  The coalition of victory declares its reservation on the first amendment to the budget law

8th July, 2019

Announced the coalition victory, led by Haider Abadi, on Monday, reservation on the first amendment to the Federal Budget Law, blaming the legislative and executive authorities of responsibility not to hold the region accountable for oil funds.

The central government must respect and know the region’s rights,” said the leadership in the coalition, Nada Shaker Jodat, “a memorandum by the agreement between the region and the center to pay the salaries of the region in return for the payment of oil resources exported by the region to the central government.” 

She added that the region produces about 600 thousand barrels per day despite our acceptance of 250 thousand barrels,” explaining that ” the victory coalition protested the paragraph does not claim the status of the rights of the Iraqi people of oil source.”

And voted the House of Representatives, earlier in the day on Monday, the proposal for the law of the first amendment to the federal budget law.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Starting to pay (settle payments) to the north. Ones they stopped years ago. Must have got things in order. 2019 Budget gets all sorted then the 2020 will like they said will be much larger and changed, to that effect. Looking oh so very good now. imo ~ MM


Samson:  Parliamentary Planning accuses the Minister of Finance not to give real figures on the budget surplus 2019

8th July, 2019

The parliamentary planning committee on Monday accused Finance Minister Fuad Hussein of not giving accurate information and figures about the federal budget surplus for 2019, pointing out that it will host within the House of Representatives Finance Ministers Fuad Hussein and Oil Thamer Ghadhban and Head of Financial Control Law Salah Nuri on the next five.

“The House of Representatives will host in its session next Thursday the ministers of finance and oil and the head of the Office of Financial Supervision to discuss the reasons for non-payment of the Kurdistan region oil export funds,” said the member of the committee, With government agencies and the House of Representatives in financial issues so far.”

He added that “the House of Representatives did not receive any reports or accurate information about the federal budget surplus for 2019,” noting that “Fouad Hussein is responsible for the failure of the Council to receive those reports.”

He pointed out that “the House of Representatives will discuss with the Minister of Finance on Thursday the reasons for not submitting financial reports and non-cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and oil, as well as a question on the surplus of the federal budget for 2019.”

Finance expert Daoud Abdul Zair predicted earlier that the surplus of the 2019 budget will be used in the electricity and housing sectors, stressing that the optimal investment of surplus funds will solve the crisis for the next 40 years.

MilitiaMan: I wonder if this guy is complaining about he knows there is a surplus for the 2019 budget and also a new rate involved in it… lol  ~ MM

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