In loop

Article: “Rasheed: Direct selling the dollar early this week”
Quote: “Rasheed Bank, announced Saturday, for Mbacherth sell the dollar early this week. The bank said in a statement…”the beginning of this week will begin selling the dollar for travelers across five branches.”
He added, “The branches include Karkh, the airport, the Yarmouk, willing Khatoon, trade dependence,” pointing out that “the sale will be at the official rate…”

[Does official rate mean the same thing as “program rate” or does this mean they would be giving us a new rate…?]
It’s talking about the current rate of 1184 plus a small percentage for the bank and not the overly inflated rate that the street vendors sell it for. 
IMO. This will serve two purposes.
The most important one being it is a continuation of the state runs banks campaign [to] gain the trust in the banking sector by the citizens and the second side benefit will be that it will pull in more 3 zero notes instead of those notes continue to circulate on the streets or put back into mattresses.