Lynette Zang CBDC’s and the End of the Fiat Currency” Lynette Zang and Clive Thompson

CBDC’s and the End of Fiat Currency With Clive Thompson


Lynette Zang:  3-7-2023


Have you ever wondered what the future of money looks like?


Join Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, in this special edition of Coffee with Lynette as she interviews Clive Thompson, a retired wealth management industry veteran who spent 47 years advising wealthy families on preserving and growing their financial wealth.


Clive shares his insights on Britain’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), why central banks like India and China are buying gold and what it means for the future of the current fiat-based financial system.


If you’re curious about the new era of digital currency and how it will affect your financial future, don’t miss this fascinating conversation




0:00 Clive Thompson


2:48 Brit Coin


11:22 Breaking Through the Lower Zero Bound


17:00 Control of Inflation


20:48 Spot Gold


28:28 Nigeria’s CBDC’s


33:38 Purchasing Power of Gold


39:18 Protecting Your Wealth