Lynette Zang Lynette Zang, James Rawles and Peter Schiff Friday PM

Is Your Money Safe in the Bank? The Shocking Reality


Lynette Zang:  3-17-2023


Depositing money in the bank doesn’t guarantee its safety; it could be the exact opposite. Learn why and what options are available to you.


Are you aware of where your money goes when you deposit it in a bank? In this special edition of Coffee with Lynette, Mario Innecco, an expert on the monetary system and financial markets talks about how banks lend your money out and how all roads lead to gold and silver.


Joins us in discussing the chain reaction of events that occurred, you won’t want to miss what these experts have to say.




0:00 Mario Innecco


4:13 Bank of England


7:26 Raising Rates?


13:57 Gold & Silver


16:39 SVB UK Bail Out


20:50 Banking Consolidation


25:32 Derivative Explosion


29:03 Consumer Confidence


35:22 Gold & Silver Protection