In MilitiaMan 

I have the opinion that “The longer it takes the more money we make.” With that said, my assessment …on what Alak from the CBI has told us in regard to loans…both the bad and good. He pointed out in the interview that the bad loans were worth $5,000,000,00. So…if you take what Alak says, then drop the zeros and do the math. It comes out in the range well over the AAD. Which by the way, to determine the AAD we used the loans they publish, to ascertain the $4.25. Just as we used the IMF / SDR 3x.. Depending on which rate one uses the daily or monthly rate per the IMF SDR, one may find $4.20 + –  up to $5.85… imo.

So, I don’t know if they can’t come out higher than the AAD or SDR for a fact, I do trust Walkingstick, however, I do believe Alak is the one that has the purse strings at that CBI…So, we watch and wait. It very well may be an AAD rate and then climb later on.. Then again, Iraq has told us they doubled their oil reserves and are finally going to impose taxes and tariffs, claw back assets, liquid natural gas sales, minerals, etc.., therefore all would appear to support higher values now than in the past. imo.