Articles: “Including the creation of the Notary Public Department in the area of Baasheqa Nineveh province“; “Development of internal trade“; “Parliamentary Finance: The budget of 2020 is completely different from all budgets since 2003” IMO, in the above may get one thinking about just how far along they are now. Keep in mind they don’t mention 2019 Budget. Why? Well, that would expose the rate.

Well, since the FML has been law now for a couple of days imo, they issued instructions (mechanisms) for the MC and Visa Cards and even apparently passed internal regulations for 2019 and to help large contractors who build things and need to import and or export goods and service, just as they are allowing the Citizens to use cards outside the country…More evidence of article 8 so it seems. Now the CBI needs to talk to the citizens about a rate, imo… Once they do that in regard to the rate, the laundry list of things can get done. ITB, Contracts, reconstruction, payments, settlements, etc., etc.