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Highlights from “The Big Call” Tuesday 11-17-15

Mangelo:  Bruce call: opening up with greetings…welcome everyone

Pinkroses: Bruce call: this is the week from what we understand. WE have said it before. Feel pretty good what is out there. All we hearing is good. Excited about that.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: here we are…this is the week..even if there isn’t a lot of information out their let’s pray it in

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Kent’s teaching lesson now

Mangelo:  Bruce call: INTEL…………INTEL

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: Interesting large range of things, then it is quiet. I am encouraged to believe what has seemingly been holding it up for us has been handled. China and Brics nation

Mangelo:  Bruce call: sort of a wide range, some quiet, thinking what has held this up has been settled

PinkRoses:  Bruce: China is linking in to other nations currency. China reminbi was linked directly to the CBI to the Iraqi dinar for trading today.

GS13:  China remimbi linked to dinar today! woo hooo!

Mangelo:  Bruce call: 11 countries tied to the remndi

GS13:  a lot of nations (11) connected to china now

PinkRoses:   Bruce : supposively there is about 11 countries already directly tied to the Chinese yuan or reminbi, primarily the Bric nations. Japan, Indonesia, South AFrica, Zimbabwe. A number of nations connected with China now. By the end of this month or before the Reminbi and several other countries involved in the SDR:  basket.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: reminbi is part of the sdr

GS13:  SDR basket special drawing rights shows stability

GS13:  Should happen before Nov 30 …hope its BEFORE!

PinkRoses:  Bruce: a way to show stability throughout the world with the various currencies. That is taking place. It is to take place on or before Nove 30th. All of this is part of the yuan another 2nd reserve currency along with the usd. the usd the first, and now the yuan.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: reminbi is part of the sdr

Mangelo:  Bruce call: this is to take place before the 30th and the Yuan will be another world currency

PinkRoses: Bruce: We know that certain things have seemingly been held up with this. WE thought this weekend, We did not get there completely. We understand the Chinese have found the issue and they have attempted today to rectify the issue this morning.

GS13:  Certain things seemingly held up …hoped it would go before weekend. issues have been fixed

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we know somethings have been held up…Chinese have fixed the issue his morning

PinkRoses:  Bruce: it is something that has been fixed. From what I understand the coast is clear. WE are looking for this to go down the end of the week. I have heard tonight. I dont know, I am not calling that. We are in a really good place.

PinkRoses: Bruce: WE have been highly expecting it for weeks, maybe months. Banks being notified, interoffice memos to be ready for influx of new customers. Bankers told to be on alert. In some cases some customers being contacted by wealth managers

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Banks have gotten notices that they will have an influx of new customers

PinkRoses:  Bruce: No date and time, no rates or dates. WE just dont know. Not fair to the process. Confident with the info I am hearing, and see the end of this saga very shortly.

GS13:  Bruce feels very confident about what hes hearing! Giving shout out to Tony!
PinkRoses:  Bruce: There is another major call that was excited by the tweets. Hopefully we will find out shortly

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Q & A

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: asking if everyone is that everyone has to sign an NDA, not hearing that, groups , yes.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: he’s heard it could be 5 pages and we don’t know what it will contain

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: asking about the fiat and he gold back currency and during the adjustment with the dollar, should we put some in the yuan until later exchange that? Bruce: can not give you financial advise…. talk to the wm about that

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Bruce: IMF is involved in the process and us treasury. Everybody is hooked up and ready to go as far as getting the rates go, getting banks online. WE dont know for sure where the final say so come from. China in the drivers seat.

GS13:  China is in the driver seat! go CHINA go!!!

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: when the process begins, does it come from the imf, we don’t really know where the final say so come from, China is in the drivers seat

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: do the gurus and everybody feel it would have gone yesterday?  Bruce: we have heard sort a expected to go down over the weekend. having it overnight, yes.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: did everyone think it was to go yesterday…we expected it to go over the weekend, and overnight

PinkRoses:  Bruce: alot of us were looking forward to this going through last night, just not quite there yet.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we thought it would have gone through already and we would be having a celebration call tonight

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: regards to the nda, are we signing it wth the bank or govt?

PinkRoses: Bruce: nda with, I thinking it a document it be with the bank party to it, but also to the treasury could be party to it. It could be a document party to the govt.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: talking about ministry

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Iraqi going to be less than a dollar? Bruce-NO

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: operation rate?  Bruce: usually change on the 13th, operational on the 15th.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: have couple of friends that purchased dong and dinar when they were traveling the US, are residents of US, but not living in US. They all have a community bank. What do you do when they are outside the US when the RV occurs?

PinkRoses: Bruce: If they work and lives in Japan, he should consider idk other than the bank of Japan, say look at Japan for international banks, largest international bank he can find. HSBC first choice if I were him to consider.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: If they work and lives in Japan, he should consider idk other than the bank of Japan, say look at Japan for international banks, largest international bank he can find. HSBC first choice if I were him to consider.

Bruce: HSBC very tied to this thing, working closely with WF.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Can use some of the major banks. WF has a number of exchange centers in the states without branch banking. You have a office in each state, separate area to cover every state in the country

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: what if your city dosen’t have a Wells Fargo you will have a exchange center in every state

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Tony is looking to be notified and some others to be notified with the 800 numbers to do the exchanges with the major banks. It will go viral. These are not group numbers, individual numbers that will go directly to the call centers for the major bankers.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: it wouldn’t be a problem where you will be able to get the 800# on many sites

PinkRoses:  Bruce: caller: talking about health

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: is it bad to have money out of state?  Bruce: some of us will bank across the country, not a big deal in the US

Mangelo:  Bruce call: is it okay to have money at different banks out of state is that ok…yes

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller; major money in WF, i hoping a flexible account   … Bruce: I dont know the threshold will be to get a decent interest rate of the amount you will need to have in account. You may have to approach each bank to get a decent rate. I dont know what you will get with a couple of million.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Tony and others will put out 800 numbers. Tony has said maybe he wont have the 800 numbers. what will we do if he not?

Pink roses:  Bruce: If we find the numbers, Kent will put them up on our site if we are allowed to do that. Lets see what happens as far as the 800 numbers concern. Tony or others, show on recaps if so it be open season. If allowed to do it, we will post them on our site.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: People that have a half of million dinar or less get the contract rate?

Bruce: They can ask for a higher rate, but dont know if they will qualify for a contract rate. WE heard the contract rate for a couple million or more. I know this much whether you get the contract rate or not, the regular or screen, market rate for the dinar is quite good.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: tnt chat encouraged me to call. I am the cheerleader there. It is Lady

GS13:  Bruce is thanking the transcribers here! Woo hooo!

Mangelo:  Bruce call: LadyB is on and Bruce is thanking us

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: what your ideas are getting our currency verified on site in my presence. how can I go to a place that does that?

Bruce: the exchange locations that WF has for example all have delu machines. Alot of the banks will have them as well. You will be okay if you use an exchange center.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: getting our currency verified with out sending it out, what from I am hearing a lot of WF will have delu machines

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Like in Okalahoma they will have 6 or 7 exchange centers. In arkansas the same case I think. There are about 8 states that dont have WF banking, but they will cover them with exchange centers.  Bruce: YOu will be fine, dont sweat it. You will be able to verify on site.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: we are ready. ZIM still in?  Bruce: Yes Zim still in, rates still in double digits.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: cant understand caller   Bruce: WE will see what they come out at. Right now everything looking good for us. I dont think you will be waiting.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: they say the rates are great, we get the rate that’s on the screen, yes

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I am confused. They say the rates are great. IF they come out fiat, we will get the rates the screen are showing?   If come out gold back, rates change?

Bruce: No, even if we get fiat dollars, the dollars we get at exchange, most will be digital, all the dollars are asset back already. dont worry about it,not an issue.

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: batman came on OM, indicated we will lose 40 percent for some humanity fund?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: caller: if you want to purchase a property, you need to wait 6 months to a year?

Bruce: I dont think you need to wait. I think real estate will go well. If you have a house you have your heart on, I dont think you need to wait.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: I think you can go ahead and purchase property

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: gifting, what is your opinion on gifting letter, they need to be notorized?

Pink Roses:  Bruce: 3 signatures or notary will suffice.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: When I go to exchange, can I get change for a 25K note?

Bruce: you want to get change for your 25K note for a 5K note or 10K note? I dont know if the banks will make change on the dinar.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: On wednesday night say you said Iraqi revalued already?

Bruce: I think they already have. We heard they been paid, received funds on their cards. using the LD in the markets. having some news black outs from Iraq the last few weeks. Our hearts andprayers go out to people of France.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: asking did Iraq RV ?   Brue-we heard they have money on their cards, lower denoms are being used, they are spending money, we have had some black outs,

PinkRoses:  Bruce: talking about ISIS

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: Regions bank will be able to offer what WF will offer?

Bruce: IF you want to use REgions, not promoting regions or WF. They will be a huge bank after this, and REgions will offer alot of the same programs and things as WF. I plan to use Regions. I am doing full exchange with WF, and get cashiers check and open account with REgions.

Bruce: Major perks as a player with either bank. If you showed up to WF and be a major account holder they will step up and take care of you.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: Is it possiblity at all exchange our dinar into the Chinese reminbi?

Bruce: If you at an internaional bank, outside the US you can do that. IF in US exchange here, go into the dollar first and then change into the yuan, euro, pound, any currency, a major bank will give you that option.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: can we exchange our dinar into the Chinese currency , if you where in a foreign currency bank, or exchange into a MCA but exchange first into US dollar then into the foreign currency

Mangelo:  bruce call: health talk now

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: a gal that came on OM, went into a WF or Chase bank, stumbled upon a rate that was live at the time, she had currency on her, did exchange. A 5,000 dollar exchange, net of 3,000 dollars after they took 40 percent on top of that exchange. I not heard banks doing that before.

Bruce: I not heard anything specific. Heard dong out west being exchanged at sucker rates. But couldnt tell you why something like that would occur. Does not make sense to me.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce was talking about some .40 .45 sucker rates being done on dong

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I know you not like to discuss groups. Are we still going together, groups separately?

Bruce: still plans that groups and internet group get notified closely together, shot gun approach.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: done with Q and A

PinkRoses:   Bruce: I encourage you to stay in faith in this, be patient as you have been. We cant do anything but pray for it to move it along. Let see what the rest of the week brings. Still early in the week.

Bruce: thank you for coming in and being part of Big call country.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: it’s still early in the week , still  looking for that celebration call…Kent take us out in Prayer…
Pink Roses:  Bruce: thanking everyone on the call… Bruce: thanking whole team, looking forward to Thursday night call. See what tomorrow and next day will bring for us. Good night all.

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456