In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

Call me crazy but I can’t help but think the first rate you see is going to be some type of teaser rate…right now I get 1190 dinars for one of my dollars. They might say ‘ok, we’ll increase the rate and now you only get 800 or 900 dinars for $1’. So it might not be anything really big. So just be careful…so what are you gonna do Pimpy? You earn back your money plus 25%. No, I’m just gonna sit on my dinars because I know what’s coming. The more developed that country becomes the more outside investors come in there the more the dinar goes up in value. I think what they’re gonna try to do is suck us speculators in there…who have been waiting 16 years and right now they’ll take anything and you’ll dump your dinars on the market and they will pick them up dirt cheap and eventually it will start to go up in value. It’s exciting times right now.