TNT News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Afternoon 5-16-2023



Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance continues to vote on budget items


The Finance Committee met under the chairmanship of Representative Atwan Al-Atwani and the presence of its members on Tuesday 5/16/2023, within its specific program to complete the reading of the items of the federal general budget, in order to raise and vote on it.


At the beginning of the meeting, the committee discussed some paragraphs related to the authority to make transfers between budget appropriations, which need to be reformulated in order to ripen them.


The committee voted within it, after listening to the proposals, on Article (20), about seconding the employee on permanent and temporary staffing, to work in the private sector in accordance with the controls, provided that the beneficiary bears the salaries and allowances, and Article (21), regarding sales tax, tax revenue rates, and organizing labor work foreign affairs, and the collection of peasants’ and farmers’ debts, while a vote was taken to delete Article (22).


And a vote took place within the committee on Article (23), which deals with fees and charges for services, and the allocation of a percentage of the revenues of the outlets to the governorates in which these outlets are located, and a vote was held on Articles (24) and (25), related to the amounts recovered from farmers within the agricultural initiative, and the link to the Borrowing Fund As well as voting on Articles (26) and (27).


The committee also voted on Article (28), which includes clearance procedures for the retired employee, and Article (29), on granting the employee a five-year leave, and terminating the contractor’s contract at his request in exchange for a reward equivalent to three months’ wages.  link




CandyKisses:  The main target of new demonstrations in Iraq


Baghdad/Obelisk Event: Renewed demonstrations on the Iraqi street, demanding an amendment to the salary scale, providing job opportunities for the unemployed, and installing lecturers.


The protests coincide with the approaching approval of the general budget, while the features of the escalation of demonstrations emerge.


Political forces are divided over the protesters’ demands, reflecting the fragility of the alliance, and even the forces that oppose the protests do not announce this, but are wary of their expansion.


The issue of amending the salary system puts the Sudanese government in an awkward position, and may impose additional burdens on the public budget, while raising many groups that will be affected by it.


According to the announced figures, the Iraqi state has 4.5 million government employees, which is a very large number.


Over the past years, the cities of Iraq have witnessed many demonstrations. These demonstrations began in 2018 in a number of Iraqi cities and have continued sporadically until now.


That year, Iraqi police killed dozens of protesters during protests in the capital Baghdad and other cities, due to the use of excessive force.


The year 2019 witnessed widespread protests in the capital Baghdad and other cities, which caused clashes between security forces and demonstrators.


In 2020, several protesters and security personnel were injured during protests in various Iraqi cities.


Many protesters and security personnel were injured in 2021 during protests in a number of cities.


Iraq suffers from a major problem in the lack of job opportunities, as there are a large number of graduates who do not find suitable job opportunities and appropriate to their qualifications, and this affects the general economy of the country, and this resulted from


The absolute majority of young people are interested in university studies in order to get a job.


The problem of unemployment has been exacerbated by corruption, the deterioration of government services, the reduction of job opportunities and the exacerbation of poverty and unemployment.


Many areas in Iraq suffer from poor basic services such as water, electricity and sanitation, and this affects the lives of citizens, increasing their suffering and pushing them to demonstrate.


University graduate Tarek Rashid says young graduates feel injustice and unequal in job opportunities and basic services, feeling unlucky compared to people who easily get jobs without the need for the required qualifications.