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Abadi: risk ratio in the Mosul dam is very little

Reduce Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, down international press reports warned of a collapse in the Mosul Dam, stressing that the proportion of risk in the dam “very few”, as pointed out to take all necessary precautions to treat it and processors.

Ebadi said, “The proportion of risk in the Mosul dam is very low, but it is our duty to take all necessary precautions and treatments.”

Abadi said that “there is a solid Italian company contracted and began its work, with the lower gate repair the dam, and the water level does not represent a sound dangerous at the moment.”

Abadi said that “the threat is very simple but the result if they got through would be disastrous for a massive flood sweep away everything in its way.”

The network “CNN” American recently published a report which alerted to the “catastrophic” results that will fall in the event of the collapse of the Mosul dam after numerous Iraqi officials and foreign experts alerts the risk of cavities continuing down the dam and the possible collapse at any time.

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