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Exchange Rate Flexibility: News on one of the world’s developing market’s move to be more flexible on their exchange rate starting today:
Article quotes: “Jan 3 Vietnam will announce a central rate for the dong/dollar each day starting from Monday, shifting from a fixed rate of 21,890 dong/dollar to allow more flexibility, the central bank said on Sunday.”  “Under the current system the dong trades around its fixed rate, which the central bank adjusts only occasionally.”
That tells me, and others, that Vietnam is going to announce a new rate and moving it’s current system to a managed float regime in the next few days.
Starting in 2011 the White House started asking the developing markets of the world to start being more flexible on their exchange rates and then in 2013 the G-20 nations reiterated their commitment to move more rapidly toward more market-determined exchange rate systems and exchange-rate flexibility.

Today we see this finally taking place with the Vietnam announcement above.
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