In tman23 

Quote: “On the prospects of floating the Iraqi dinar like other countries in the region, said the relationship is not on the current situation, and we are working on the liberalization of the process and not float, and the difference between the big


Liberalization (defined): the removal or loosening of restrictions on something…  “AND NOT FLOAT…AND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE BIG!”

So what is the BIG?

The 3 zero notes being the BIG?

I would not float the currency either IF the 3 zero notes were going to be of value that includes the “zeros”…

A one cent increase if floated is 25,000 pennies or $250 on a 25k note…

Now I read some say…

I will hold onto the currency as it increases in value, yet the CBI governor is saying no float…so then how does it increase?