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TNT Call notes 8-May-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, May 8, 2017, with RayRen98. This may be our last round on the acknowledgements. I am feeling exceptionally good about this being the last call like this, so I took extra time to acknowledge some members.  We had extra training over the weekend to make sure you are prepared and ready for what is coming.  I spent most of the weekend on Open Mic and TNT, and on calls tying up loose ends, wanting to make sure that when the bottom falls out, you are ready to deal with that.

Let’s get into today’s little bit of information, ready to enjoy our week.  We probably won’t be here for long, information-wise.  I know how we finished up last week, with the banks being excited right into the weekend, and with the Iraqi television flashing on every channel that the end of Da’esh was ‘in the coming hours’ and full liberation ‘in the coming days’.  We did look for activity to come out over the weekend, which didn’t happen, but the timing was just a tad off.  We had some info from the banking sector last night suggesting they might see some of us today, and that tells me there are still private exchanges in the works.

We have learned from the banking community that they are all alive and ready to go, so we shouldn’t have an hiccups from that system to prevent this going forward:  they are aligned, triple-checked, you name it.

Over the weekend, we saw articles from Iraqi military leaders saying Da’esh is finished and Mosul is completely liberated, with no more major elements to deal with.  We still wanted to hear from the big cats, though, on what they had to say.  On Iraqi television, and reported to me separately, is that effective from four hours ago LIBERATION IS COMPLETE.  That would be cake for us!  The icing on that cake, it says that Abadi and Sadr have been meeting privately, plus the CBI governor and finance minister, all meeting together in a celebratory and triumphant mood.  If it were just about liberating Mosul, why would the governor and finance minister be there?  All four were together, signaling triumph, but taking no questions.  Very interesting indeed.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  I’m seeking advice on the best way to exchange for my brother who is ill and can’t get to the redemption center or bank. Can I just set up a trust for him after I exchange for him?  A:  Yes, you can do that.  If you want to exchange FOR him, you just have to get a Power of Attorney, if you don’t have a joint account with him.

Q:  I would like to ask for more clarity regarding ZIM negotiation. You have stated that you will be starting your negotiation at “3 digits”.   In the “nothing beats a failure but a try approach,” should I start my negotiations at $9.99/ ZIM?  A:  You answered your own question – that’s three digits.

Q:  Ray, could you clarify on the idea of leveraging. I want to be in the “best of us” group. I need a bit more info.  A:  You need to be on our other calls where we hang around for hours discussing things.  Time doesn’t permit that here.  Spend some time in the chat room, if you have access to that, and use your access to Open Mic as well, where we are more likely to review that in detail.  Maybe later tonight there might be a special TNT chat session for those who need time to review before the hammer drops.

Q:  My question is about the tntsuperfantastic website. I have gone on there per your suggestion, but I can’t get into the forum that way.  [RR:  You are in the forum, if you can post questions.]  Pushing forum gives me the donation page. Also I can’t log in on that page. Did I miss something?  And yes I am a member.  A:  I noticed yesterday that the webmaster had not updated that yet.  PayPal is no longer allowing us to donate through them, so the only way to donate is through snail mail.  We appreciate all your donations.

Q:  On yesterday’s call you stated that the big report call for the 13 conferences after the RV could be recorded.  Will TNT be recording that call and placing on the site?  A:  Yes, just like today’s call, and you will gain access the same was as for this call.

Q:  Ray do you believe when Iraq RVs their currency it will be gold-backed?  A:  No, since you ask, but I also don’t believe it will matter.  We will roll with whatever it is and make adjustments down the road.

Q:  Ray, have the U.S. banks been given the green light to begin public exchanges at their discretion?  A:  I referred in my opening statement to the banks being all aligned and ready, but I don’t think they have the green light to go public at their discretion.

Q:  The US dollars we spend on other currencies do that country get any of the Money in any way?  A:  I don’t know – I imagine so.

Q:  I tried to help a fellow dinarian who had become homeless and took her into my house. After all was said and done, and she had moved on, I discovered that my one and only 100T ZIM note was gone. I have the receipt with the serial number on it and I also have a color photocopy of it. Do you know if there is anything that I can do? She of course denies that she has it.  A:  I don’t know anything you can do until it surfaces. You can tell the authorities, and then when it surfaces, the trap would have been successful.  In the meantime, I suggest you try to acquire another one, as best you can.

Q:  I was wondering, when we have the meet-up Post RV with the banking institutions that you’ve mentioned before, will they be giving us information regarding services that we’ll be needing outside of strict banking services? Like connecting us with highly acclaimed private concierge services so we can procure prime real estate in & out of country, and things of that nature.  If they were not planning on providing that information, would you please request that they do. I think its something many of us could utilize.  A:  I am sure they will try to accommodate you any way they can, either directly or through referrals.

Q:  Are other basket currency nations undergoing the same types of IMF, World Bank, etc., changes stipulations in order to revalue?? Deletions of zeros, price droppings etc.  A:  I don’t know;  I haven’t been reading on other countries, and a lot of that should be public if that exists.

Q1:  On your list of banks that will exchange, are any credit unions or tier 3? A:  I know that three are credit unions, otherwise I have no idea.

Q2:  Minimum rate to be a member on Forex?  A:  I have no idea.

Q3:  Do all the banks in the US have to be closed for the release of the RV?  A:  I would think that would be a good idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only time it could happen.  With our electronic systems, I think this could happen any time they want it to happen.

Q:  Is it better to create the trust before the private foundation, or does it not matter?  A:  It doesn’t matter right now;  later in the year, things can change, but for the next three months it doesn’t matter so long as you do both.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller:  You have been saying it all with the songs you have been playing;  do you think your conferences will take place this weekend?  It’s a great Monday!

RayRen:  My expectation is that the task force meetings might start from this Thursday.

423 caller:  When you played the graduation song and read all those names, it felt like something is happening… it felt so alive!  [Appreciation]  Do you think your first meeting will be in Raleigh to celebrate and such?

RayRen:  I don’t know.  The Raleigh meet-and-greet depends on when Tony comes here, and he has some other things to tackle first.  Pomp and Circumstance wasn’t so much for the RV but to mark that you are ready – any time this week, we are ready, both ‘the best of us’ and also the ‘rest of us’.  TNT is ready!

Caller:  What is your anticipation about WHEN this will pop?

RayRen:  I don’t know, but the television report with the four of them raising their hands together, that is encouraging.  They have been saying that as soon as Mosul is liberated, the rest will happen. The prices have been dropping… it all adds together.  Sure, Mosul was a good scapegoat for them, for other things they had to do.  That has now gone, and this is what they promised their people, so seeing them on television says that they are going ahead with economic reforms, changing the currency, etc.  I’m not sure what to expect now, because I wasn’t expecting to see the four together on television, and that couldn’t just be about the safety of the citizens – why would the finance people be there if it was just about Mosul?  We know Sadr was pushing for economic reform as well, for the benefit of all the citizen. The number 1 antagonist is no longer leading protests?  What does that mean?  He is satisfied;  the issues are resolved.  Now we see him in solidarity with his antagonist, and two finance people… that’s significant.  Also, there is expectation that our president will be visiting Iraq in a week or so – put all that together, and …

610 caller:  Please donate by sending send your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748 Elm City, N.C. 27822.  Thanks for all your donations.

363 caller:   Who came up with this 800 number stuff?  Why should the bank care, if this is just a currency exchange?

RayRen:  It makes sense because every bank already has a foreign currency department, so they will either use the existing number, or they may have a dedicated number just to direct traffic.  There are millions of  people with this currency, and many will rush to the bank as soon as they can, so this is way to handle that.  Also, with the cash flow situation, some of these locations may not be equipped to handle a large number of customers, so it makes sense that something like this be put in place to handle the potential chaos.  Also, no one wants to handle the liability of saying they can handle this (of the normal staff).  So it grew from those issues.  Some of it might have got out of hand from those hearing and reporting various things;  however, we know that banks already have a main number to do foreign currencies, and it might be the same number, or that some banks may do something specialized to corner the market.  That is what I would be doing, if I were arranging this:  give me the special number that I then tweet to a quarter million people.  I haven’t received any official communication;  the info I have received is enough for me to believe that this plan is real, even though I haven’t heard it from an official standpoint.  I’m just waiting for the official communication.  I do think we’re at a 10 for this week.

678 caller:  [Appreciation]  About trusts… I emailed you.  I am pretty well versed in how to use trusts, but I’m having trouble with the paperwork.

RayRen:  The service provider you select should have everything you require.  I can try to answer your email, but I don’t’ have anyone to refer you do.  I just try to educate people on the tool:  what you do, how to do it, how to use the tools.  But you need to find a service provider to actually draw up the trust, and I don’t have anyone to recommend at this time.

347 caller:  [Appreciation]

Next caller:  What did you mean by ‘in the next few months’ for the trust, etc.?

RayRen:  The trust regulations are stable for the next few months, but might change towards the end of the year.  I can’t say more than that.

Next caller:  [belligerent]

RayRen:  I didn’t say any of the things you are challenging.  I do know Iraqi  television showed the four senior politicians raising their fists together in triumph.  I have told you that I should look for lower denominations on Sunday, but those sources don’t make decisions, and they only tell me what they think is true.  But from the sources that give me the information, everything happens in the end, but not necessarily when they think it’s going to happen… I told you back in February that a rate change was coming, and it did, but it did not apply to us.  All US banks received notices that they would deal with international cards, and we mistook that as saying it would go international right then.  But it did happen. The same has occurred with other memos and intel, but usually later than we expect.  However, that gives me more confidence in the people I listen to – when my folks tell me something, I don’t have reservations with it, unless it doesn’t really make sense, and usually that’s because it is all they can see at that moment.  Sooner or later, all of it comes to pass.

Caller: Who or what will make the final decision?

RayRen:  I don’t know.

Nexrt caller:  As part of the progress here… [call dropped, I missed a few minutes]

RayRen:  … the announcement could have come visually instead of audibly.

Caller:  so we just wait for a rate change, and that could come any time.  Once Iraq goes, and we go int his country, do you think that will be the go time for the other currencies?

RayREn:  I really, truly hope they will roll out later, because that means we will be trillionaires [because we can leverage that].  I think they will roll out shortly thereafter, within minutes or hours. If they do roll out days or weeks later, the best of us know what to do.

Caller:  The bases are loaded;  all we need is a single, buddy.

406 caller:  It was great to hear about the ‘four hours ago’ thing.  Thanks!

770 caller:  I’ve been having a problem getting into the forum;  I don’t have a password.

RayRen:  If you never had a password, then you are not a member of the forum.  We are not accepting new members at the moment.  However, you can access the public parts of the forum by going to, and click on FORUM, you will be taken to the place where I post everything that the public can read, such as updates and call info.

805 caller:  I don’t get to your website because of my physical disabilities, but I’ve been into dinar for about seven years.  What is this I keep hearing about contract rates?

RayRen:  I’m not sure what you’re hearing if you’ve been in this for so long. Contract rates are potentially a higher rate that depends on your signing an NDA.  I don’t 100% know why they exist, but have heard enough information to convince me that they do exist, and that some of us plan to take advantage of them.  They are only available through the banks, not the currency exchange dealers.  The banks supposedly connected through the Treasury may offer them for a limited time;  I don’t know more than that.

Caller:  I just wondered, because if the bank says “the rate is $3” and you bring in your currency and they offer $2.75, who would pass that up?  The banks here in LA do deal in foreign currency, and I have my plans set up to deal with this exchange.

740 caller:  Very timely call!  I know the exchange is very close; my son was praying about it, and afterwards received an email from the Admiral’s group, asking him to resubmit his information. The email said that 80% would go to projects, with 10% to them as commission, leaving him with 10%.  This doesn’t sound equitable at all, so he’s thinking of going directly to the bank to exchange.  [Appreciation]  It’s close, it’s coming;  don’t worry, just be ready!  Go about your business;  get things out of the way so you can deal with it when it comes.  It’s a beautiful day!

707 caller:  Do you know about self-directed IRAs?  Is that something I should do?

RayRen:  Yes, and yes.  I highly recommended self-directed ROTH IRAs, while there is still time.  ‘Self-directed’ means you control how the money is invested.  The Roth IRAs mean that you cannot take the tax deduction in the year you make a contribution, but when you start to receive distributions, those are tax-free.  The normal IRA gives you the tax deduction as you contribute, but tax the distribution.  You can buy currencies through the Roth IRA, and receive the distributions tax-free, so it’s worth setting one up pre-RV in order to get the 3000-fold increase tax-free.

Caller:  Would it matter if I leave it in Fidelity Investment?

RayRen:  For normal investments, it doesn’t make any difference;  I don’t know that they will buy currency for a Roth IRA, though.  Ask them directly how to set up a Roth IRA.  I don’t know if Fidelity is able to help with that – you have to ask them.  Let them know you want to use that tool to acquire direct assets;  they can let you know one way or the other.  If not, find someone who will let you use your self-directed Roth to deal in tangible assets.  It doesn’t matter if it’s coins, artwork, currency – those are all tangible assets.  Do you not have board access, or Open Mic access?

Caller:  I don’t think so.

RayRen:  Since you don’t have those advantages, I would hook you up;  I’ll send you my contact information to get you in the loop somehow.  Or run Tony down at the cigar shop! Have you been listening to the calls?  Do you want the strategies for the ‘best of us’?  I will try to give you a way to stay in the loop.

Caller:  I’m probably moving to the East Coast in about a month, moving back home to where I grew up.  Hopefully this will be our last call!

RayRen:  I hope that it is the last call on this side of the public release.

Closing Statement

I have some new intel to share on the call:  It’s been reported that Iran and Maliki are broadcasting fake news.  Maliki have television stations under his control, so the ‘news’ depends on what you are watching.  IN the US it’s mainly Maliki-controlled stations, while over in Iraq it’s mainly state television.

These are interesting times and I can’t wait to hear what happens next, in the next few minutes, hours, or days.  If this isn’t the week, I don’t know what week would be better.  You’d think that before visitors show up, you’d want to clean house before they show up.  I don’t’ want to say too much, but all things being equal, if this goes as planned and indicated, this should be our last call.  Our next call should then be “here it is;  here is what to do”.  Between now and Wednesday, I wouldn’t be surprised to be sending out 800 numbers and instructions.  Meanwhile, remember that banks are in business to make money, and businesses can be negotiated with.  It’s up to you whether to attempt to negotiate.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You might hear No, and then you get to move and see if someone else will accept your offer.  We can do this without any reservation, because we are not dealing with stocks or bonds or derivatives.  We are taking currency of a distinct value, and wanting to exchange it for the US equivalent, and any fees they want to charge, those are up to accept, deny, or negotiate.  You are in control.  We are not asking for anything;  you are taking money into the bank and exchanging it for US dollars.  So long as you go in with that frame of mind, you will be okay, even if you are the first mouse.  Enjoy this Marvelous Monday!

RayRen played I Believe: