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Red: At the point where most people give up and walk away, it is in the next short segment of time the event occurs ….remember never give up…. never walk away ….never quit …. some say we were not meant to participate in this ….but I say those people are wrong we were the chosen and called to be the very ones to participate in this event.

Pinkshell:  Yes Red you are right and it is when some are at the door step that they turn and walk away.

Red:  Henry Ford once said there are two kinds of geniuses in the world one knows how to make money the other genius knows how to maintain and keep their money, after being in this chat room and listening to Ray and others I think we fit the bill to be both types of genius.

Red:  how do you say ZIM , The number of African projects financed by Chinese money doubled between 2015 and 2016, and China became the single largest investor in the continent, accounting for more than a third of the total amount, according to a study by accountant Ernst and Young.

SassyD:  1 hour ago….. Iraqi [email protected]_day 1h1 hour ago #BREAKING #Iraq joint operations officially announce Sinjar military base west #Mosul completely liberated by #PMU.

Bwanaandrew:  @iraqi_day: A quiet day with no breaking headline news doesn’t mean nothing is going on it just means that everyone is preparing for the next big thing.

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices dip after plunging on disappointing OPEC output decision

“Gold-for-Gold” – GCR/RV Overview – Friday – May 26, 2017

In the past, bulk reserves of gold were maintained by all global central banks as a storer of value and guarantor to redeem promises to pay depositors and holders of securities or trading peers, or to secure a currency, used gold reserves almost exclusively-albeit rarely-in the settlement of international transactions.

However, now there is now one ultimate storer and recorded keeper of sovereign gold–the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) in China.

Every sovereign nation in the world is now gold backed by international signed treaty, and has either stored their own gold or accepted the generosity and of the ancient Chinese Elders, who have fronted existing above ground gold bullion for the purposes of securing every international currency in the world under a common, controllable gold valuation.

These same Chinese Elders are also the owners of the SGE and have replaced the London Gold Exchange (LGE) for setting the daily spot price for gold.

Because this physical sovereign gold is held in Shanghai, it serves as collateral for the entire new global financial system courtesy of the Chinese Elders–but with individual autonomy within it.

Instead of their sovereign gold being stored in every central bank of the world, all Sovereign gold reserves are now stored in a common vault, whereby all sovereign debts are settled each day via the physical transfer of gold–shuttled by cart between sovereign national cages.

If one nation goes beyond their threshold of required gold reserves as determined by their own signed treaty agreement, adjustments in government personnel must be made immediately before commerce between said nation and other nations can continue at this level.

War without a unanimous United Nations Security resolution is also cause for stopping sovereign trade between countries.

This new gold-for-gold payment structure is not new to humanity, and is just the restored basic tenant of a new asset backed financial system (something-for-something versus something-for-nothing).

This change and new oversight of international wealth will eliminate both fiat currency manipulation and bogus electronic trading assets/practices that have crippled the old global financial system.

A similar gold-for-gold exercise was attempted by the Chinese Elders at the Breton Woods Conference in 1944. But this original financial structure collapsed due to greed and hyper aggressive attempts to gain the natural asset wealth of other nations via force.

The implementation of this new more controllable asset backed system will transfer fiat wealth back to the true gold owners of the world versus those who claim to possess wealth but have no physical assets to claim as their own.

Thus, holding currencies of nations with large gold reserves (natural asset) qualifies an individual as a “gold owner” and thus allows individuals with no previous wealth to participate in the upcoming massive transfer of global wealth.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are such countries with large gold supplies (in ground) that are now being fairly recognized (via a Chinese Elder audit) and have been assigned new international values for their national currency.

Other audited in-ground hard assets such as minerals, petroleum, diamonds and rare earth elements also qualify for the setting of these more accurate currency values, but only a gold-for-gold transfer at the sovereign tier of wealth (T1) is deemed accepted as fair market trade or transfer between sovereign nations for any debts in arrears.

The historic return of a gold-for-gold mandate is what is now allowing for all currencies of the world to revalue equally ant on an updated gold standard value platform or in slang terms permit the individual currency holder to participate in the “RV.”