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TNT Call notes 26-May-2017 

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Friday May 24, 2017, with RayRen98 at the controls.  We are almost at the end of the month!  We’ll talk about the information:  no new intel, it’s status quo.  It’s been extremely quiet, plus some of our intel folks are busy with other things, so we might have something later. Yesterday was quiet as well.  The last information we had said that Mosul was down to two districts, and that is on the television as well, telling people to get out of Dodge so that they can eliminate the last of the enemy using civilians as shields.  Iraqi television is also saying economic reforms where being discussed yesterday and today.  The lower denomination notes are supposed to be distributed this week as well;  I haven’t heard any confirmation on that release as yet.  We are also awaiting OFFICIAL information on the full liberation of Mosul;  there have been internet rumors, but nothing official.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  If the RV were tomorrow at 1 to 1 and then they drop the zeroes then it would take 1000 us to get 1 dinar?  So doesn’t the completion of zeroes have to come before the RV?  A:  NO. Our currency is not going back to Iraq;  it’s already on the shelf.  If you plan on taking some currency back over there to exchange, then you may be subject to whatever they do in Iraq.  But the 25,000 notes we are holding, we expect to exchange them at the new rate, as 25,000, not 25 dinars.

Q:  Do we still negotiate for the contract rate with the wealth manager?  Or do we do it at the time of the exchange?  A:  I don’t know how you can do it with a wealth manager AFTER the exchange – you’ve already relinquished your currency and you have money in your bank account, so how can you go back later and demand a different rate?  What you negotiate afterwards with the wealth manager is interest rates, perks, etc.

Q:  My question is if the banks start allowing us to exchange before the RV and I exchange a 25,000 note, when I go to exchange the rest it have locked me into that low rate for the rest of my Dinar?  A:  No, you won’t be locked into any rates.  If you take your money in on any given day, you will get the rate for that day.

Q:  I was wondering if you had a list of banks that are exchanging IQD in U.S., the ones that are exchanging now, with the rate that is not what we expected.  Don’t know how to word it:  you mentioned in the conference calls on Mondays and Wednesday, people reported their banks are exchanging IQD, but the rates are lower than what we are looking for.  A:  Where have you been?  We’ve been saying for well over a months that members have reported 46 banks that already deal in dinar, at the current ugly rates.

Q:  One question I have this day, If a person has spent 6 years in prison and is considered a convicted felon, can that person exchange his currency?  A:  I don’t know of any law that says you cannot exchange currency because you are a convicted felon – unless you stole the currency.  If you bought it, you should be fine.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller:  For a while now, we’ve been thinking the RV would occur before Ramadan;  what are you hearing on that?

RayRen:  The leaders in Iraq say that Mosul will be liberated before Ramadan, and that starts national reconciliation and economic reform.  That may still develop;  we’ll see.

[Call dropped with technical difficulties;  it may be resumed later.]