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Iko Ward:  So, nothing happened on the public side, no confirmations, etc. but the boardrooms are standing room only. Companies are laying off in droves. These layoffs are on local news but not the national media. Wonder why? These layoffs total over 100,000 so far and just this month. Companies like Johnson & Johnson
Iko Ward:  And now there is evidence of an auto industry bubble. As one of our members said, if you can fog a mirror you can get a 72 month car loan. It’s gotta stop or this country will once again see another depression.
Chuxy:  Iko, please tell me what you are referring to in your first sentence. Thanks
Iko Ward:  Chux, we had six seperate proven intel providers all say it was going last night at 3.71. I’m still sitting home eating oatmeal.

7mmstx:  Is any one else worried that the farther this reset is delayed, the more likely we will have to wait until after the US elections?….it’s been “any minute” for months upon months…a few more ahead and the candidates are selected???
Iko ward:  7mm…the world economy is about to revalue. I don’t think the other 189 nations in the IMF give a rats ass about the US elections. mIf Iran is now shipping oil that means the RV has occurred at the commodities level.
Fuze:  GM tnt…imf reforms activated, 30,000 us troops on the ground in Iraq, banks on alert, Jabouri here, Iran Primed….intetesting indeed.
JSL:   good morning Guys. So just a quick Stop here for now. Do you Think Christine Lagaude was actually saying this is the Reset being implemented? Big question we will find out soon enough I guess… I have listened to it several times now, Never saw Christine so Happy ever in any announcement since she had the job!. Big Smiles. I am hoping it is what we are hoping for… if you can follow that LOL
JSL:  If this comes up this was the announcement from her on Board here just a while ago. She said it is going to double the IMF’s resource, She reports you decide!
JsL:  As far as the rates posted all over they will remain pretty much the same until the split second it is time to go, so not to worry bout rates posted at this exact moment IMHO