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Zig  :Thanks Dinar Recaps https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

Legs   not my real that’s what they called me when I was a hot chick…is that OK?

legs   Happy to find you all..I am mouthy and opinionated and tired of this every weekend BS. Been around a long time and husband was in three administrations. Never thought we would have to go through whats happening now. All armed and ready to fight off our bad guys. He’s gone and now I wonder was he one of the bad guys?

xyz   Partisan politics reveals the worst of us

Xyz  Boris Johnson plans to resign in 6 months because of lingering coronavirus health problems, according to Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law https://www.yahoo.com/news/boris-johnson-plans-resign-6-092008610.html

The father-in-law of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s closest aide has reportedly said Johnson plans to stand down in six months because of lingering health problems caused by the novel coronavirus.

Tebow   “Democrats won’t let you go to church, but they’ll let you protest,” Jordan said. “Democrats won’t let you go to work, but they’ll let you riot. Democrats won’t let you go to school, but they’ll let you loot.”

Xyz  Kimberly Guilfoyle’s ‘Screams’ Scare Stephen Colbert Right Off His Chair https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/stephen-colbert-screaming-guilfoyle-093842865.html

Tebow   good

Sheila  @ Zig – you out there?

Zig  :Thanka: Dinar Recaps https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

Zig  In a couple of xyz (“Z”) links the word after the link became part of the link….just chop off that word and the links are good….

123789   According to Judy/Fleming Military inel the 800#s were to be available today Tues 25th Aug, is this going to happen? Does this have any validity or is this going to be another missed date?

Zig   123789 :  :Welcome: I don’t believe any of that 800 number stuff…but what do I know?….Not much….but there is so much nonsense in this community….

123789   Im new to this Dinar thing and all this info associated with it. It seems too grandiose for it to be plausible…I think it’s dangerous to be hanging on to this hope that never comes. Im sure it keeps some from finding new work, traveling, whatever because they think this will happen any minute.

25 Aug 20, 12:08 PM 123789   This whole scenario reeks of the ol MLM scheme, where ppl are all excited about being rich and obtaining freedom…which for 98% of folks never see a return…only false hope and eventually an extreme let down. Our country is so F’d right now, this RV would be a God send, but unfortunately this may be bs.

123789   @Zig…thanks for the kind words and I appreciate the welcome. I certainly don’t want to come here and crap in anyone’s Cheerios but I would like to have some straight talk with others who see this RV for what we are being shown. Anywhere else that I raise valid questions are met with disdain and Im simply told to ‘trust the plan’. Well the plan has major holes in it and I want to discuss those holes. Too many ppl just trust and believe without any critical thinking. Lets talk about the RV in Truth

123789   I would like to know other folks’ opinion on the constant missed dates and hollow information. How do you guys interpret the intel that falls short month after month?….lots of which is easily verifiably false. Ex….where is evidence or pics of children being placed in the cruise ships in NYC and LA a few months ago. Not one pic has been released? How about the staffed redemption centers weekend after weekend…where are those folks.

123789  One last thing…I want to believe in the RV and GESARA I do, I don’t want to be glass in the pudding but I want to discuss this with like minded ppl….my thought process cannot be mine alone.

Tebow   123789 how is the Dinar a scheme?

Tebow  123789 1. It’s not intel, Intel requires intellegence. 2. No one knows a dates or rate. 3. No redemption centers.

Doug_W  no 800 numbers etc

123789  Not a scheme, but the ‘feel’ of it is reminiscent of an MLM scheme. Not saying Dinar is a scam or scheme ….the false hope is what I’m referring to.

Doug_W    been in MLMs too this is nothing like that this is pure speculation either U believe/hope it raises in value OR you don’t

Zig    What do you folks think about that GCR thing?…that there will soon be a Global Currency Reset, and that the Dinar will play a major roll….that’s all they talk about on PTR calls….with that guy Abe….said that this was planned long ago….countries going to asset backed very soon….

Doug_W  in a word NO Ziggy

xyz  Zig Z believe guru @Kaperoni theorem of flotation.  :pop

Zig  I am ashamed to say how much I lost in MLMs in the past…..

Xyz   Zig well … been looking for bailout theoreom in the law of capitalism. Wish a guru like @Kaperoni can educate poor Z. Bailout = free money = free lunch = business/govt should fail.

Zig  I would not DEPEND on the Dinar to solve your financial problems though….a speculative venture is NEVER a sure thing……

xyz  Zig GCR/RV etc who knows. Corrupted institutions will do anything to stay afloat …. omg not float

rick   hope no one is in the hurricanes path

123789  If I had to guess, if an RV did happen, it wouldn’t happen like it’s being presented. I am skeptical of the idea that we will walk in a bank with a handful of currency and walk out with millions.

Doug_W   U won’t @123789

xyz  123789 your glass is half empty jejeje

Doug_W  if anything it will be in an acct not cash

123789   Question: If this RV and Gesara have been planned for many years, why then do ppl think Q is involved when Q has been a movement only since 2017.

xyz   @Kaperoni where did the money go back in 2003 after IQD devalued? Did it just poofed? Did the wealth go burned?    :Headache:

123789   @xyz…unfortunately my glass is half empty right now, yes. With unemployment, the possibility of eviction in months, parents losing home…yes, I am struggling to find faith.

xyz   123789 sorry for your situation. When it feels like the end, a new opportunity usually pop.

123789   thanks… And you are correct. Just hard to see the forest when my face is jammed in this toxic bush.

123789   ***the toxic bush being my current situation.

xyz   123789 its tough for most of forks out there. Unfortunately our politicians from both sides play on our fear\

123789   Doug_W….do you think we will see large exchanges as the “gurus” have reported or do you think the rate will be much lower? (saw earlier someone said $3.65 per dinar)

123789   For Everyone: What are your views on the ‘Fleming Military Intel’ that we see everyday…Is anything they offer valid?

Ohio Republicans draft articles of impeachment against GOP governor over coronavirus orders


Three Republicans in the Ohio House have prepared articles of impeachment against Gov. Mike DeWine (R), alleging he violated residents’ civil liberties with orders aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus.

The resolution drafted by three state lawmakers — GOP Reps. John Becker, Nino Vitale and Paul Zeltwanger — includes 10 articles of impeachment against DeWine, Cleveland.com reported on Monday.

Zig  “123789”   “For Everyone: What are your views on the ‘Fleming Military Intel’ that we see everyday…Is anything they offer valid?”………………Please tell us what that is all about….have no idea….Thanks….

Sheila  Found this year old youtube from Dinar Investor (6/9/2019) Fox Clip: “Sean Hanity On The Iraq Dinar:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBFz2p0BcXY

Dave   sheila Trump…….yeah still blaming China……?

sheila   what?

Dave   your video of Tump

Sheila   “A” video about the Iraqi Dinar.

Dave   sheila got Trump yadda yadda….

sheila   lolol – will not spar with you. go find someone else to pick on…

xyz   8-25-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 Kazemi has come back with some powerful orders.

sheila  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBFz2p0BcXY — This video talked about 12T dollars from the dinar for the UST. — And just recently in a youtube, Dinar Investor guy has explained that foreign currency can be held as an asset to support Basel III requirements (along with assets in metals like gold, silver, platinum).

Dave   thanks got that

sheila   And other resources – oil, gas, REM (rare earth minerals)… and the list goes on.

Dave  sheila listening to video……..USA bombed IRAQ into Obscurity looking for weapons of mass destruction?

Sheila  https://vimeo.com/450245475 – Nick and Carden share Information about Redemption Exchange Folklore – Two people with their opinions.

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