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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Monday 8-24-20

Zig  :Thanks Dinar Recaps https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

Zig  : GM I will not be in chat much today, if at all…Have some recruiting to do, including emailing old friends from PTR, etc…This chat room is in its 3rd week…so far it’s too soon to judge how it is going, but in general I am not satisfied with the number of PARTICIPANTS…you members can help spread the word as I can only do so much… The Chat Room will remain open at all times now…I will not close it so you may post 24/7  If the room, in two month or so, only consists of the same 5-7 people posting daily, I will probably end the experiment

sheila  hello there  found a vimeo online today. couple of people talking in details about rates, exchange process, NDAa, redemption centers, banks, etc…

Sheila  Yes, here’s the vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/450245475

Sheila  all opinions – not mine — That vimeo talks about 800 numbers and going to redemption centers before international/market rates become public. That guy Pimpy has new video today saying something a bit different: 800 numbers and redemption centers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_wu2FnxEd0 — all opinions, not mine

LeLe  sheila I appreciate it. Everyone is just speculating. Until it happens no one knows. As I say I listen chew what I like and spit the rest out. Thanks for sharing as always.

TWW  anything new

Sheila  consensus on the other boards are for this coming weekend. Dinar Investor guy says somewhere around Sept 19-20th.

Sheila  So nothing new!!! lololol

TWW  I read today UAE, Saudi, Egypt, Oman& one other are getting together this week for a conference…hummmm

Sheila  One other? Arabic Summer?

TWW  Arabic summit with UAE possibly??

TWW  Remember I mentioned last week that between now & summer they may join the UAE with the Israel deal???

Sheila  Yes I do remember. Peaceful Middle East? Is that possible?

TWW  It is Biblical

Sheila  What about Palestine? Or is this an economic summit?

TWW  It has been said that Jordan, Egypt & Saudi told Abbas from POL to get with the Deal of the Century Deal or get left behind on ur own

sheila   Well, Iraq needs an international rate to be able to sit at the grownups table.

TWW   yes in deed, mayb thatz one of the thingz Trump & K-man spoke abt & the USA would his in the Economic talks…Who Nnows

sheila  Still waiting on those UST changes to show up.


sheila  Waiting for that Linchpin Event… then the dominoes will fall.

TWW  Mid September not to far away

sheila  good lord willing and creeks don’t rise

TWW  wonder what traps Durham set during time with Brennen Friday

sheila  Did you happen to read TWW’s post last night about “mid-September”?

Sheila  This is like a runway. Eventually they are going to run out of road. lolol

UNEEK  sheila I hope you are right – I sure would like to see this thing coming to a stop and folks being able to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of others – soooo much good could come out of this if it would just happen

sheila  Not my words. TWW’s nuggets. Hoping he’s right. Many other are saying the same.

Sheila  @UNEEK Read on another site, they said August 25th could be the day.

Xyz  Parliamentary Finance: Two conditions for the International Monetary Fund to support Iraq https://www.nasnews.com/view.php?cat=38607

A member of the Finance Committee, Representative Jamal Cougar revealed two conditions for the International Monetary Fund to support Iraq with important loans and projects.

Cougar said in a press statement, followed by “People”, (August 24, 2020) that “the meeting that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during his visit to Washington, with the Director General of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, is very important to the Iraqi state.”

He explained that “the meeting held between Al-Kazemi and the International Monetary Fund is very important, in general, because when there is direct interaction from such institutions and the World Bank, it means that the situation is stable, which prompts these institutions to encourage countries that have relations with them to support Iraq with projects, loans or Charitable investments or projects such as donations. ”

And Cougar stated, “We hope that Al-Kazemi has been able to persuade these institutions to support Iraq and obtain infrastructure projects from them, noting that the International Monetary Fund announced a while ago that it was ready to support Iraq with an amount of about $ 2.2 billion.”

He added, “But so far, the financial amount from the International Monetary Fund to support Iraq has not been determined.”

A member of the Finance Committee revealed two conditions for the International Monetary Fund to support Iraq, namely:

“The first is for that money to go to infrastructure projects, not to salaries and the operating budget, and the second is for the atmosphere to be appropriate for the establishment of those projects, meaning providing an appropriate security and investment environment.”

UNEEK  sheila sounds great to me – I am sooooo ready!! I really wonder (all the time) what is the REAL linchpin to the RV – and now if things are being manipulated to prolong it because of the election or another reason – knowing that some really do not want it to happen at all – it seems to be a constant battle going on right? Hoping the linchpin will soon be pulled !!

xyz  Member of the Kurdistan Parliament: A comprehensive agreement will soon be reached between Baghdad and Erbil

Today, Monday (August 24, 2020), a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Sherzad Hassan, confirmed that Baghdad and Erbil have reached a comprehensive agreement, stressing that what remains to declare it is the final touches, and then it will be implemented.

Hassan said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “the agreement will be in effect until the end of 2020 and will be related to salaries and sending money in exchange for implementing the conditions of the federal government in terms of controlling border crossings and the rest of the files.”

He added that “other agreements on oil will be within the 2021 budget, which will be the prerogative of the Kurdish representatives in the government and parliament in order to obtain the rights of the region and install them in the budget law.”

He indicated that “a delegation from the regional government had intended to visit Baghdad, and the visit was postponed due to Al-Kazemi’s travel to Washington, and it is most likely at the beginning of next week that the delegation will be in Baghdad to complete all files and sign a comprehensive agreement until the end of 2020.”

And the Minister of the Kurdistan Region for Negotiations with Baghdad, Khaled Shawani, announced on (August 16, 2020) that an agreement had been reached between Baghdad and Erbil, valid until the 2021 budget was approved, and included financial dues, outlets and a set of pending files.

Shwani said in a statement, that after a series of visits by the delegation of the Kurdistan region, headed by Qubad Talabani, with the aim of obtaining financial dues for the Kurdistan region and the salaries of employees, and after a number of meetings, and changing the proposals and notes for 12 times, the agreement was announced between the two parties.

xyz  He added, “The negotiations witnessed a lot of ebb and flow, and the process was difficult and complicated, and our efforts were seeking to secure the financial rights of the region’s employees and protect the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan region. The agreement will be in effect until the 2021 budget law is approved, starting a new phase of negotiations on the 2021 budget.”

He explained that the agreement includes sending 320 billion dinars per month to the Kurdistan region, and it deals with a set of other files such as monitoring, auditing, a mechanism for handling many financial and economic files, and a mechanism for dealing with the revenues of border crossings under the Federal Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019.

An amount of 320 billion dinars sent from Baghdad to Erbil is scheduled to arrive today, Monday, according to an agreement reached by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, in a phone call yesterday, to disburse the salaries of the Kurdistan Region employees. LINK

Doug_W  @xyz gee have we EVER heard tha B4?

xyz  Doug_W not that Z recall

Sheila  320B dinars — how much in USD?

Doug_W  divide by 1200

Sheila  thanks

Sheila  266,666,666.667 — ominus number? Lololol

Doug_W  sheila ?  how so?

Sheila  nero’s number

Doug_W  who is Nero?

Sheila  guess it’s a stretch

Doug_W  I am lost lol

Sheila  nero is biblical reference

Doug_W  ahhh ok ty

xyz  Iraqi Planning is discussing draft instructions for implementing the Financial Management Law

The Iraqi Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, chairs a meeting to discuss implementation instructions for the Financial Administrative Law

August 24, 2020 2:04 PM  Mubasher: Today, Monday, the Iraqi Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, chaired a meeting that included the technical and administrative secretaries, the general directors of government sectors and investment directorates, economic and financial policies and the legal department. To discuss the draft instructions for implementing the Financial Management Law.

The Minister stressed, during the meeting that was devoted to discussing the draft instructions for implementing the Financial Management Law in light of the amendments witnessed by the law, that the Financial Resources Law should have been applied at the beginning of this year, but as a result of the circumstances that the country went through, its implementation was delayed.

Al-Najm said that the Financial Management Law gives the Ministry of Planning a good space in drawing up and directing the financial policy in Iraq.

The minister stressed the need to develop the operational policy into the concept of projects and components, in order to benefit from this concept in the maintenance of fixed assets of state institutions, which suffer from the absence or lack of financial allocations, which led to the exposure of those assets, which include buildings, furniture, etc., to a lot of Damage and out of service .

Al-Najm pointed out that the Ministry of Planning is working to ensure that the instructions for implementing the Financial Management Law are commensurate with the Ministry’s mission of development by granting it broader powers regarding the file of government investment projects.

xyz  The minister indicated that the required powers are for the ministry to undertake the approval, allocation, launch and financing of projects, with the aim of facilitating procedures and ensuring implementation within the timing, time and financial schedules of each project LINK

Rick  looks like iraq is about to change their rate

Doug_W  rick don’t hold ur breath   I have been hearing that for OVER a dozen years now

rick  10 here   :Smile:

rick  now that they are a sovreign country lets hope its time

Sheila  sovereignty is one step in the process. thinking it’s more about the money – MOU for big investment contracts signed last week. Abraham Accord (UAE & Israel). always follow the money. lolol

rick  yes :Smile:

John Frank has stated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2vJHtaN2Fw&lc=UgzUlnFTPSlQGMTxA194AaABAg

John Frank has stated  Comprehensive Agreement

Sheila  Know homeless people that have been given currency. They have no ID’s, no address. How will they be able to exchange? Anybody have any ideas on how to help them?

Zig  “John Frank has stated t” Comprehensive Agreement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2vJHtaN2Fw&lc=UgzUlnFTPSlQGMTxA194AaABAg

Zig  sheila : Money is money…people exchange currencies every day….

Sheila  Zig Not without Identifications of some type. They have old driver licenses from many years back. Nothing current. They live by the grace of good people helping them occasionally yet mostly they live on the streets.

Sheila  @Zig Do you think that when this goes those Bankers will help them exchange without current IDs? Money talks… lolol

Zig  People who tell you that this will be different…that some “special procedure” is needed to exchange Dinar….IMO….IMO….that is  :BS:

Doug_W  its a simple currency exchange nothing more or less

Doug_W  NO special anything needed

Sheila  Zig Yes, I agree there is not much to a currency exchange. Have done it many times over the years travelling abroad. Yet I had current issue ID’s like Driver License and Passport.

xyz  sheila Z has travel across planet earth. Exchange is simple as paying for grocery.

Zig  Well…have never done it so don’t know if an ID is required….anyone else have experience exchanging any currency?

Doug_W  yes I have

Sheila  Please read my post. They are actually Homeless without current IDs.

Doug_W  show ur ID such as a DL or state issued ID card and get it done

Zig  sheila : So you NEED an ID to exchange currency??

Sheila  Zig They are Homeless… no ID’s, no address, no bank accounts, nothing. it’s like they don’t exist. Anyone have suggestions on how they can exchange?

xyz  Why do you guys make it so hard … :Hair:

Doug_W  stand outside a bank and have someone else do it IDK Ziggy

Zig  So if a homeless person walks into a bank wanting to exchange $$$$ for Euros they need an ID??

Doug_W  there needs to be a “record” of that transaction Zig

Sheila  Zig With the amount of currency they were given, it would seem a bit more complicated than exchanging for petty cash on hand.

Doug_W  everybody is consumed with “CYA”

Doug_W  besides if U go into a bank/other exchange place, ur NOT gonna walk out with that much cash but rather an account with it in it

Sheila  Doug_W From what I was told they were given a significant amount. Like couple million dinar, some millions dong and stack of zim. They were saying the guy that gave it to them just gave up. Walked by them and told them it was their problem now. They have been holding on to it. Heard about this story through a local ministry. lololol

Sheila  Anybody? Anything?

Sheila  Would anyone like to see the estimated rates being posted on another chat?

Sheila  TWW What rate/s are you hearing on the dinar? Am hearing 3.61-3.81.

TWW  none

Sheila  TWW okay. gotcha

TWW  .000084 iqd

Sheila  TWW really? .000084 … that’s not much better than program rate.

TWW  oooppps ..00084 iqd

Sheila  that’s possible rate for mid-sept?

TWW  L8TS September possible 84 cents to USD, possible

TWW  Dong as well, 48 cents to USD

Sheila  yes, when I heard about dinar and dong possible revaluation, it was 86 cents for dinar and 5 cents for dong. that was 2009.

Sheila  Dong – 48 cents? well that is close to what is being posted on the other chatbox.

TWW  thats 2009

Sheila  2009 numbers?

TWW  yep

Sheila  it’s 11 years later. hearing 3.61 up for dinar. back to their pre-war rate plus 20% for all the years dinar has been out of forex trading.

TWW  dong, yes 48 cents.i own dong since 2014 plus others

Sheila  dong since 2009. only couple others. very frugal.

TWW  me as well in ways

TWW  icl silver rounds/bars again in 2014

Sheila  “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tommy James & The Shondells — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkMFLUXTEwM

TWW  cool

Sheila  yes, invested in gold and silver rounds 20 years ago. trying to hold them. girl’s gotta eat. lolol

TWW  i sold abt 1/2 of my silver when it was $50+ 2011/2012

Sheila  holding

TWW  then starte buying from $12+

Sheila  buy low, sell high – market forces

TWW  Last purchase was March 2020 @ $14.13

Sheila  good buy

TWW   yes

Sheila  will buy more after revaluation/s

TWW  silver may skyrocket when that happens

Sheila  most likely – still physical asset worth holding

TWW  yes

Sheila  RV Theme Song — SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER – THE HAPPENINGS — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu-7DXBiVsA

Sheila  lololol

TWW  lololololol

Sheila  it’s about time – come on…

Sheila  RV Reaction Song — Laughing by The Guess Who – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MyeHH5uJzY

TWW  keep ur eyes open during the up coming congress vacation but not the MSM groups they wont say anything abt it

Sheila  house or senate? https://www.nab.org/documents/advocacy/2020CongressionalCalendar.pdf

TWW  brk, goin outside for a few (both rebs & dems)

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