Zig’s Place Chat and News Monday Late Night

Zig’s Place Chat and News Monday Late Night 7-17-23

Sah   @NORV Good evening. Everything looks to be coming along nicely.

NORV   what does that mean>

Sah   The economy and the laws to be voted on in Parliament. The investment in changing salt water from ocean to be used for pumping oil instead of the water that is a shortage. Building more recovery systems for gas for electricity and becoming completely digital in there banking and bring Kurds on line. this should help for the foundation to build the economy on for Iraq..

NORV   well, i will believe it when I see it. Iraq is the master of all talk. There are over 100 stalled laws. They have not passed one of them in 5 years.

NORV   The idea is good, the plan is good, but it is time for them to stop talking and start doing.

NORV   They have three years. We will see if they make a significant difference

Sah   There are 7 that have been read and were voted on for the first round. Will see how the second reading goes.

NORV   none of that means anything. Iraq likes to read them twice and then do nothing

NORV  I have watched them for 16 years. rather sickening

NORV   dont misunderstand me, yes, they have started to put some pieces in place. But now they need to follow through.

Sah   Sudani says he wants them all passed. He gave 6 months for Oil and gas and mineral law. The Kurds wasted three months and he said we are getting it done in this session. Kurds are pumping their oil through Baghdad and they collected all money minus expensive and gave them almost a billion dinar for public salaries. Things are changing.

NORV   If I have a dollar for everytime they said things or people told me things were changing, I wouldnt need dinar. lol

Sah   Sudani does not barter with any political party there on constitutional laws and is making every one follow. I have never seen it progress like this as fast. The other past years it as drug on for too long with nothing done.

NORV   parliament is corrupt. and anytime they bring in new, they become corrupt. So It will take a miracle to pass the laws.

NORV   Do you know who put Sudani in office?

NORV   He is just a Maliki pawn

Sah   I agree. So glad to see that they dissolved the Kurdistan Parliament. Too long with out a new election. I hope it takes some of the corruption out.

NORV   And I know a guy who met Maliki. told me many stories

Sah   Sudani is not playing to Maliki. Maliki does not like it. He told him he has to stay impartial and has not been giving into him. Sudani is a different kind of player than Maliki wanted.

NORV   We will see.

NORV   I will have this conversation with you in 3 years and see if your right.

NORV   my guess is we will still be sitting here waiting

Sah   Sudani says that at least 27 billion dollars from oil sales in the past from Kurdistan is not accounted for and was never shared with the Kurdistan people. I think he has Barzani over a barrel or he will have him investigated for corruption and stealing from the Iraq people.

Sah   I hope it helps put the Oil and Gas and Mineral law thru. No barter Sudani said. Everything to the constitutional law.

NORV   If true, hope he does. But Iraq is a master of diversion rather than doing what they should.

NORV   All I care about is them passing laws and creating a investment environment.

NORV   Which never happens

NORV   They keep talking about it, but nothing happens. And nobody is coming until they do.

Sah   Japan has helped finance two new gas capture plants to be built. In one year Iraq said they will not need to import gas from Iran for their oil. The environment looks like it is changing. When those plants are done there will be more electricity for Iraq. They are building new plants to generate electricity from gas. I have never seen it coming alive like this.

NORV   nobody is coming until the laws are passed

NORV   heard it all many times

Sah   Can you imagine them having enough electricity to run everything.

Sah   That has got to change the economy.

NORV   but I have first hand experience watching a country build an economy. I assure you, nobody is coming to Iraq until the laws are in place.

NORV   very similar experience happened some 20 years ago with Russia.

Sah   Bringing in salt water plants to make the water usable for pumping oil and saving their regular water for the people. They are build to plants right now to change salt water into drinking water.

NORV   companies fell for it and invested and then Russia changed the rules and pulled the rug out and took over everything.

NORV   So until the laws are in place, nothing with happen with Iraq.

NORV   Its all talk at this point.

Sah   I hope that does not happen. Japan just signed an investment contract with them and Denmark is going to build it.

NORV   These deals come and go. I can name 100s of deals over the last 15 years in iraq. all fell apart when Iraq did nothing.

NORV   it is who Iraq is.

Sah  They said it would be done same time next year so I guess we will see if it gets done.

NORV   My advice is be optimistic, but wait to see REAL results.

Sah   Kurds are trying to say Kirkuk is not doing well and needs to be under their jurisdiction. Sudani said they are doing better after they left with their new government. The just want Kirkuk for more voting right in Parliament now that they can not have the oil underneath.

Sah   Now Kurds have no Parliament until a new election. Every body corrupt in first batch. I hope the people vote better people in.

Sah   I have hope for this country to change and make it.

NORV   Iraq thinks it should just happen. That if they create the hype investment will start. But that is not how the world works. Building a new bank building is nice, but there dinar will remain weak until they stabilize the exchange rate, reduce they money supply, pass laws, create an investment environment, follow directives, etc.

NORV   All of which they procrastinate.

NORV  I had hope to. 16 years ago. But little has been accomplished in that time.

Sah  Every body it seems wants something for nothing over there and others do not want the poor people to succeed or have more money. A very difficult environment.

NORV   If they keep doing the same crap it will be another 10 years

Sah   I hope not.

NORV   all tribal

NORV   There are tribes in Iraq that do not want change

Sah   That is definitely the major problem.

NORV   some use counterfeit dinar and keep that dinar circulating within the tribe so they never have to go to a bank

Sah   That is sad.

NORV   what I could tell you. lol

NORV   The story of the real iraq is the reason very little gets done

Sah   They changed the bills so that their would be less forgeries.

NORV   that doesnt matter if the tribes spend dinar within

Sah   I heard a lot of US currency is forgeries over there.

Sah   The government has been arresting people the last few years on both currencies for forgeries. It is nice that they are stepping it up.

NORV   think about take a state in the US and having their own US dollars forged but spent only with and nobody leaves that state. That is kinda like Iraq.

NORV   all that did was stop those who tried to put them in the banking system. The tribes dont care and dinar they use is not in the banking system.

NORV   That is why digital is the plan

NORV   but it will take time

NORV   70 trillion or more in matresses

Sah   Banks going all digital will help lower the corruption. Iraq banks are done and now they are working on Kurdistan. Kurds said it will be three years and CBI said last month it is being done now. Kurds said at least three years for government bills and salaries and CBI said it would all come together at same time. Barzani was not happy.

NORV   that is not even the fake dinar

NORV   your dreaming

NORV   It will take at least another year to go digital in iraq

NORV   and at least 2 years to withdrawl paper dinar

Sah   CBI has just got done training people in banks In Kurdistan. It is happening now. England and France are helping.

NORV   ok, time for me to go. keep the faith!

Sah   From 2 million to 16 million are now banking and accounts are digital and atm’s are in the thousands now in Iraq.

Sah   NORV I am keeping the faith that they do the right thing or step aside and let someone else do the right think.

Sah   @NORV Have a nice evening and just stay positive.


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