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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion/News Thursday 8-13-20

Zig  :Thanks again “Dinar Recaps” for helping to put the word out about this chat room https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

Timrocke  IMAGINE, a number with 40 zeros behind it of physical COLLATERAL ( gold, silver maybe oil or diamonds) whatever equals this number. Now imagine that this finance is for the whole world to become a better place. Would you believe then that Iraq , Vietnam, Iran ect… currency’s would br be able to revalue, if the funding were there ? What if everyone’s currency were somewhat equal and there was free trade for everyone? What if ?? Would you believe then ???

sandyf  Many seem to be under the impression that what goes down can go up, but it doesn’t work like that in finance. There are established accounting procedures in place for depreciation but other than gold, there are no such procedures for appreciation. Many moons ago the government banks in Iraq had to get permission from the IMF to revalue certain assets, something that caused a bit of hysteria at the time. No country has ever revalued the currency to an extent that would mean changes in the accounts, minor revaluations can be absorbed relatively easily.

Kaperoni  The dinar investment plays on those less knowledgeable on how monetary policies work. There is no chance of a significant overnight RV with 42+ trillion outside the CBI.

Kaperoni  The dinar investment also plays on those who choose not to find the facts about Iraq (like there actual mineral worth).

Kaperoni  And the dinar investment plays on people to “get rich” from buying it. lol

Timrocke  Sandyf, I Appreciate your reply and do understand under normal conditions it would be the joke of the century. But we are far from anything considered normal, we have Marxists, Communists, SATANIST and just plain psychopaths not to mention what we cannot see trying to wipe us from history. What if the Creator of all had a plan for us that didn’t end as many other civilizations did ? What if its here waiting for us to wakeup and claim what is rightfully ours ? Remember with GOD anything is possible. What if what I asked is true?

Timrocke  IMAGINE.

Spectra  Sandyf, I Agree..  Sandyf, Your right..we have Marxist’s Communist and Satanist running amuck…This is a spiritual WAR..All things are possible with GO

Xyz   8-12-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 …the details have been worked out for the monetary reform, those details were a long time ago. What we’re seeing as far as the 20th with the Prime Minister Kazimi and our President Trump is nothing more than a table that has already been set. Kazimi’s coming over to feast off of that table. It’s nothing more but a formality. It’s really about the investments that the United States of America is about to make in Iraq . Now there’s no way we can do this unless they’re Article VIII which means that they have to raise the value to be Article VIII according to the IMF. They have to make this announcement.

Zig  :Thanks again “Dinar Recaps” for helping to put the word out about this chat room https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

Xyz  In the document … the formation of a strategic committee to prepare the 2021-2023 budget

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, formed a strategic committee to prepare the federal financial budget for the years 2021-2023.

According to a ministerial order obtained by the Euphrates News Agency, a copy of it, the committee will be chaired by Allawi and membership of 19 ministerial and governmental bodies, with the participation of the Kurdistan region.

The Finance Minister Ali Allawi, ruled last month the adoption of the 2020 budget and work on the preparation of the budget in 2021 , “adding that” the ministry will borrow from local banks to finance the salaries of employees and retirees. ” LINK

xyz   Source: Al-Kazemi Was Exposed To An Assassination Attempt By Poisoning

An informed source revealed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi was subjected to an assassination attempt by poisoning him in food.  LINK

xyz  After his return from Washington, Al-Kazemi will attend Parliament in a private session to discuss these files   https://www.mawazin.net/Details.aspx?jimare=118075

, Badr Al-Ziyadi, a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, revealed, on Thursday, a special session to discuss several files.

Al-Ziyadi said, “The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces will attend Parliament in a private session after his visit to Washington on the 20th of this month for the purpose of briefing the House of Representatives on his conversations with US President Donald Trump about the exit of US and coalition forces.”

He added, “All the political blocs agreed with Al-Kazemi in order to inform them of the final decision that will be produced by the dialogues with the United States regarding the exit of its forces, especially since Parliament had decided earlier on the departure of the entire international coalition forces from Iraq.”

Al-Ziyadi added, “Parliament and the (Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee) do not mind the presence of some international forces for the purpose of training, based on the approval of the Commander in Chief, provided that a date is set to schedule their exit after completing their mission.”

Regarding the targets against which the mechanisms that transmit support to the coalition from the Gulf states (Kuwait) are exposed to, Al-Ziyadi said, “This matter has begun to take another turn and may end with the departure of all those forces, especially the combat ones, from Iraq.”

Xyz  8-13-2020 Intel Guru Bruce [via WiserNow] …Iraq has definitely revalued the currency – I know what the rate is – IN COUNTRY – that means in that country of Iraq – and it’s between $8.50 and $9.00

sheila  (8/13) TIMING!  499 views•Aug 13, 2020  Dinar Investor  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWAYwdnQSF8

Spectra  People better stay ready for whatever comes our way..We have bigger issues at hand than all this..

Sheila  @15:10 US is holding 35B dollars in their money (~35-40T dinar): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEeDJsmvKxs

Sheila  Maybe click on @15 mins to get full gist.

Sheila  What does this mean for Iraq for this happening?

Moments ago: Trump announces peace deal between Israel, UAE — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGLHwUCt-G8

John Frank has stated    Sheila YouTube video you posted about “TIMING” was amazing with great factual information.

John Frank has stated  Sheila don’t worry about the US elections, faith / prophecy has already declared TRUMP’s a 2-Term president meaning BIDEN IS A ( ) ) lLOOSER

Sheila  not worried

Sheila  Abraham Accord – How will that affect / effect Iraq and other surrounding ME countries?

Xyz  Time for US to get tough with Iraqi PM Al-Kadhimi   https://www.arabnews.com/node/1718901

The US should not roll out the red carpet for Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s Aug. 20 visit. Al-Kadhimi should not receive praise for saying the right things — he should be judged on his actions and inactions to date.

Iraq’s militias have primacy, protesters are being killed, US funds are being funneled to Iran, and Daesh is reconstituting: All under the watch of Iraq’s former intelligence director and current interim prime minister.

The “give him time and support” argument on Iraqi officials has been popular with academia and the media since 2005. This argument has not proven effective, beginning with former PM Nouri Al-Maliki and now repeated ahead of Al-Kadhimi’s visit to the US. It has led to the “forever wars” both Republicans and Democrats want to end. It is the cheerleaders, not the decision-makers in the US government, who repeat this tired old plea.

Who are the cheerleaders? They are the experts in think tanks urging the US not to hit back at the militias attacking Iraqis and Americans. They are the lobbyists frantically urging more patience and more financial support, often because they profit from the continued US presence in Iraq.

xyz  Long article worthy reading imho

Xyz  The first comment from the Iraqi Central Bank on the exciting ‘New York Times’ investigation

A new press report, Wednesday, shed light on the corruption suspicions surrounding the work of the currency sale window in the Central Bank of Iraq, which it considered “a major corruption gateway.”

The report published by the Independent Arabia website, followed by People (12 August 2020), stated that “the basic idea of the currency auction is focused on“ selling the dollar to private banks and money transfer companies to manage the import of goods ”and its daily sales of dollars reach 180 A million dollars, but several suspicions affect influential political figures standing behind these banks to run corruption operations. ”

In the report, the Director General of the Accounting Department at the Central Bank of Iraq, Ihssan Shamran, comments on the accusations leveled against the bank indicating its connection with “suspicious operations or managing transfers outside the general framework of its laws,” and included in the “New York Times” investigation entitled “The rule of thieves in Iraq.” .


xyz  ^^^ Long article worth reading imho

Xyz  Mnuchin Begs For Coins Amid Shortage; Avoid Depositing These Pennies


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin urged his Twitter followers on Tuesday to swap out their spare coins for cash at banks amid a continuing nationwide coin shortage that appears to be worsening.

If you have extra coins at home, please use them to make purchases— or deposit them at the bank or exchange them for cash. Help get coins moving! 🇺🇸

— Steven Mnuchin (@stevenmnuchin1) August 11, 2020

There’s currently a shortage of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which led the Federal Reserve to start rationing coins in June.

Community banks have asked customers to deposit spare change to pump more coins into circulation. Because of the shortage, major retailers have told consumers to pay in cards or exact change.

“Until coin circulation patterns return to normal, it may be more difficult for retailers and small businesses to accept cash payments,” the US Mint said in late July. “For millions of Americans, cash is the only form of payment and cash transactions rely on coins to make change.”

Now, before readers start rummaging through their homes, underneath sofa cushions, and under car seats for spare coins to help the country in these challenging times, there are certain coins in circulation that are worth more in scrap than face value.

According to Coinflation.com, pennies from 1909-1982 are approximately 95% copper and have a metal value of about $0.0185. In this instance, once could almost double their money if they took these pennies to a scrapper than the bank. Here’s the complete list of what coins are worth in terms of face value versus metal value.

Clydesdale  From Dinar Guru Site: Guest Guru Austin-Powers-For-PM Think about this for a minute. There have been lots of LOP’s over the years. How does a country behave before a LOP? They spell it out in a VERY crystal-clear fashion for the population. They tell them in a totally unmistakable way that their large note will be the same value as the smaller note, and that the large note has a very short life span in the marketplace before they become worthless.

Has Iraq in any way, shape, or form indicated any of this to their population? NO!! As a matter of fact, they have been very coy in how they are treating the “removing the 3 zeros” and have stated very clearly that the large notes will CO-EXIST with the lower denominations. I can’t see from Iraq’s behavior how this could be a LOP.

John Frank has stated   You will not see the rate change until this is resolved/ Stability.

Sheila  Do you think the Abraham Accord released today will have an effect on Iraq’s Stability?

John Frank has stated   A new call to Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the outstanding issues. https://iraqidinarchat.net/?p=64702

Xyz  Saleh expresses his astonishment at the “tension” between Erbil and Baghdad, ahead of an imminent agreement

Shafaq News / On Thursday, Iraqi President Barham Salih expressed his surprise at the recent emergence of signs of “tension” between the federal governments and the Kurdistan Region, ahead of an imminent agreement between the two sides regarding the pending issues.

Saleh said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that he “was supportive and constantly following the course of the discussions to reach a fair legal settlement on this issue, and that many obstacles were overcome in recent days through dialogue.”

He expressed “his surprise at the appearance of signs of tension in media statements that do not reflect reality of the talks, which it was hoped that an agreement would be concluded before the end of this week, which represents a just and legal solution that preserves the rights of the Iraqi people, including the rights of citizens, both employees and retirees, in the Kurdistan Region.”

Saleh pointed to his “support from the outset to reach a settlement that guarantees the arrival of federal budget funds and the region’s resources to the region’s citizens, and by affirming the adoption of the principle of transparency and openness and adopting sound legal contexts that leave no room for corruption or manipulation.”

He added that “securing the salaries of Iraqi citizens, including citizens of the region, is a constitutional right, and that the concerned authorities must secure this right and not be dependent on political considerations or illegal and unlawful self-interests.”

The Iraqi president stressed that “the impact of the ongoing disputes over financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil on the legal entitlements of the citizens of the Kurdistan Region is unacceptable, and the serious suffering of the citizens of the region as a result of the current crisis must be remedied,” calling for “to return to the table of discussions as soon as possible

xyz  And it said in a statement that Baghdad will not pay the salaries of the region’s employees unless there is agreement on the file of non-oil revenues. LINK

John Frank has stated  XYZ in your liberal opinion: can Iraq change their rate with Kurdistan / Baghdad have differences. I know for a Fact the rate won’t change until the reach a comprehensive agreement.

Sheila  UPDATE: (8/13) TIMING! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWAYwdnQSF8

@15:00 Public proof that US is holding 35B dollars in their money (~35-40T dinar?): htt1:1ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEeDJsmvKxs

Dave  35 billion…proof from the Federal Reserve or QANON?

Sheila  Watch the videos… geesh

Dave  fiat currencies supposed to be asset based?

Sheila  please watch the videos provided

Dave  sheila Did…….

Dave  Iraq aint ready….agreed

Dave  …and Trump going to RV Iraq……..how could CBI sustain that

Dave  Kurds/Iraq need to figure out HCL…..art 140

Spectra  Kurds Kurds Kurds ..year after year  same old song and dance routine…

Dave  kurds getting screwed…..?

Sheila  soon

Dave  Not much has changed fer them since Saddam

xyz  For QaNon that believe stuff …. Z agrees with … 8-12-2020 Newshound Guru Breitling People are asking me ‘Is Trump going to cause the dinar to revalue for his election? Is that going to help him?’ Didn’t we have this conversation when George Bush Jr. was running for president? You guys they don’t have that sort of power over a currency…

Dave  xyz Trump VERY POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Xyz  OMG here we go again with gurus stuff jejeje  8-13-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 In my strong opinion I still strongly believe that Kazimi will make some type of an announcement about their currency,… So Kazimi would … smell like a rose

Sheila  Is this chat just for dinar and politics? And, of course, insults? Would anyone comment on the other currencies that are supposed to have rate changes?

Dave  sheila Trump pivotal in this RV?????

Dave  many folks seem to think so….

Sheila  well, of course, any president of major government corporation with world wide military presence would be pivotal in this revaluation

Xyz   Positive news today ..Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful future’ https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/israel-and-uae-reach-historic-peace-deal-638524

sheila  Abraham Accord

Xyz  Scientists say a new ocean will form in Africa as the continent continues to split into two https://qz.com/africa/1891403/africa-is-splitting-into-two-to-create-a-new-ocean/

xyz ZIM update …Zim economy: From bad to dismal

The slide of Zimbabwe’s economy under Emmerson Mnangagwa has been hastened by drought and Covid. Everything that could go wrong has done so https://www.businesslive.co.za/fm/features/cover-story/2020-08-13-zim-economy-from-bad-to-dismal/

Dave  sheila so Trump has not been pulling thoseTroops out of Iraq Turkey Afghanistan Germany…..etc etc etc….

sheila  Dave enlighten all of us

xyz  Finally … the Iraqi parliament meets to discuss “urgent” files

Shafaq News / Member of Parliament, Nada Shaker Jawdat revealed, on Thursday, that a parliamentary session will be held for the purpose of discussing four “important and urgent” files.

Jawdat said, to Shafaq News, that “the parliament will hold its session next week, for the purpose of discussing four important and urgent files, the first of which is the recent serious Turkish attacks on Iraq, and discussing the file of the economic reform paper, which Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi is supposed to present, after Parliament’s approval of internal and external borrowing. ”

She indicated that “the third file is the completion of voting on the election law,” indicating that “approximately 90 percent of the election law has been resolved , and the remainder is only related to electoral districts, especially since disputes are still going on.”

Jawdat added that “the fourth file is to amend the Federal Court Law, for the purpose of re-activating the court’s work. It is now suspended due to the lack of a quorum in it.”

On Monday, 83 members of the Iraqi parliament submitted signatures to resume the parliament sessions suspended due to the Corona pandemic.

The Iraqi Parliament suspended its sessions due to the registration of many cases of Coronavirus among parliamentarians and parliament employees. Meanwhile, House Speaker Hoshyar Qardagh revealed earlier, a parliamentary intention to hold the next parliamentary sessions through the online platform known as video conference.  LINK

xyz  Awad: Former Finance Minister about sums to the region without the government’s knowledge (video)


The MP for the Sadikoun Bloc Uday Awad called, today, Thursday, to the need to audit the revenues of the Kurdistan region by the Office of Financial Supervision, indicating that the Kurdistan Regional Government does not recognize federal laws.

Awad said during his speech to “Tigris”, that Iraq is a mini-state and the Kurdistan region is not committed to the agreements, adding that the former Finance Minister transferred funds to the region without the knowledge of the federal government.

The deputy from the Sadikoun bloc also indicated that the regional government does not recognize the federal laws, denying the previous government’s knowledge of the money transferred by the former finance minister to the region, and Awad considered that the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil turned into a “cat and mouse” game, according to his opinion.

xyz  An American general talks about the long-term stay of his country’s forces in Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The head of the Central Command of the Pentagon, General Kenneth McKenzie, confirmed that “the US army and NATO units will remain for a long time in Iraq and Syria to confront Iran’s malign influence,” as he described it.

He added that US troop levels in Iraq and Syria will likely decrease in the coming months, but he has not yet received orders to begin withdrawing forces.

“5200 soldiers are in Iraq to help fight ISIS remnants and train Iraqi forces,” the New York Times quoted McKinsey as saying.

He refused to disclose the size of the reduction, which would affect the US force in Iraq, but other US officials said that discussions with Iraqi officials that will resume this month may lead to a reduction in the number of US forces to about 3,500 soldiers.

And despite President Donald Trump’s demand last fall for the complete withdrawal of all 1,000 U.S. troops from Syria, there are still around 500 soldiers, most of them in the country’s northeast.

“I don’t think we’ll stay in Syria forever … at some point, we want to get smaller there, I just don’t know when that will be,” MacKenzie said at a security conference organized by the United States Institute of Peace.   LINK

Kaperoni  This is a great movie if you can find it somewhere to watch. lol https://youtu.be/ghQ_Cwlx4Og

Kaperoni  I give you a homework assignment…How can a country with about 12-14 trillion in total net worth including oil in the ground, RV there currency when the CBI published reports (and verified by independent accounting firms saying they have over 42 trillion dinar in circulation outside the central bank? Answer that and we will discuss the RV. lol

xyz  Kaperoni answer: cbi governor push the rv button. Easy buddy

xyz  Kaperoni Iraq is 2nd opec oil producer. Did you factor that in you algorithm?

xyz  Kaperoni How much iqd is outside banks in iraq?

Kaperoni  z, if you went to Iraq and stuck a straw in the ground and sucked every drop of oil, gold, gas and other minerals into your brain, you would only get 12-14 trillion dollars for it. Now how in the heck do you think they could RV with 42 + trillion dinar outside the CBI? Not possible.

Kaperoni  Dinner time. enjoy ur night

Tebow  Kaperoni, from the brookIngs – Over the past several months, news organizations and experts have regularly cited Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Information Administration (EIA) figures claiming that the territory of Iraq contains over 112 billion barrels (bbl) of proven reserves—oil that has been definitively discovered and is expected to be economically producible.

In addition, since Iraq is the least explored of the oil-rich countries, there have been numerous claims of huge undiscovered reserves there as well—oil thought to exist, and expected to become economically recoverable—to the tune of hundreds of billions of barrels.

The respected Petroleum Economist Magazine estimates that there may be as many as 200 bbl of oil in Iraq; the Federation of American Scientists estimates 215 bbl; a study by the Council on Foreign Relations and the James A. Baker III Institute at Rice University claimed that Iraq has 220 bbl of undiscovered oil; and another study by the Center for Global Energy Studies and Petrolog & Associates offered an even more optimistic estimate of 300 bbl—a number that would give Iraq reserves greater even than those of Saudi Arabia.

In a Guardian interview before the war, Taha Hmud Moussa, Saddam’s deputy oil minister, said that all of Iraq’s oil reserves “will exceed 300bbl when all Iraq’s regions are explored

If true, this would mean that Iraq has roughly a quarter of all of the world’s oil. These assessments have been repeatedly cited in news articles, conferences, think tank briefings, congressional testimonies, and academic works because they raise the prospect that America’s energy security could significantly improve if Iraq were able to challenge Saudi Arabia’s position as the world’s preeminent oil producer.

Point is you come out with a FAKE statement like you know something. Well moron you don’t. Just as with your BS “the dinar will never RV” you do not know the future. We have heard you BS too many times.

Tebow  RAREGOLDNUGGESTS.cOM – Apart from possessing one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Iraq is also considered to gain enormous recognition for the production of gold in the near future. With a faint history of gold mining in Iraq, the government of Iraq foresees a developing economy in the country with the recent discoveries of gold reserves found in the Western Desert, Kurdistan and in the Aldajh area of Iraq.

With such large quantities of gold found and with future prospects in gold mining, gold production value could someday rival the value of oil produced.

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