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Zig  I will close the room around 6 PM Eastern today…Give you peeps more time to tell people off….lol…I will not delete any posts today so have at it   :Boxing:

If anything significant starts to happen or has happened with the Dinar I will open the room….An RV…An RI…A Float starts…A GCR happens….whatever….   Stress played a major role as to why I have decided to close this room…Frankly it stressed me out….Never thought it would…live and learn….

Xyz   Seriously what’s wrong with any adult making decisions with their hard earned cash any way they feel fit without some claiming they are messiah sent by almighty to save dinarians? They should spend that energy lobbying their government representatives to have lottery and gambling outlawed. A bunch of…

xyz   Zig Z no longer get stressed in Dinarland

xyz   Dinarians can’t have a place to walk together in this bumpy journey cause of those that want others to follow rhem blindly. Nobody has been right thus. None. There are no guarantees in life. People take risk to invest as they see fit as its right.

xyz   Al-Kazemi’s Visit Will Witness A Series Of Meetings That Will Focus On The Economic Aspect

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi arrived in Washington, DC, on an official visit.

The Prime Minister’s Office indicated that Al-Kazemi arrived in Washington at the head of a high-ranking delegation, to complete the strategic dialogue and meet with US President Donald Trump.

Officials in the delegation visiting the United States revealed that the visit will witness a series of meetings that will focus on the economic side, including a meeting with a large number of major companies and economic institutions on the reconstruction of Iraq.

The officials explained that the delegation will sign contracts with major companies at the level of gas, oil and electricity, in the presence of the ministers of oil, electricity and finance, indicating that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will hold a session with American economic institutions, in addition to a number of American research centers.

Al-Kazemi received an exceptional reception, as a large number of streets in the American capital were closed, and US officials conveyed to members of the Iraqi delegation that US President Donald Trump requested a reception from the highest level at the security level for the Prime Minister. https://www.dijlah.tv/index.php?page=article&id=262499

xyz   O dear ….  8-19-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 …the [CBI connected “satellite] banks established in the United States of America are already open. Oh, snap. The banks that we were talking about that would be helping anyone from the Middle East that live in the United States of America these banks are there for them.

And for American citizens too…of all the 48 states…which state do you think has a lot of these Middle Easterners that some 17 years ago they fled Saddam? They fled the Middle East. They went all over the place. Canada. Switzerland.

The Untied States. Of our 48 continental states, which state do you think has the most Middle Easterners…? …Michigan. And it’s more than one bank up in Michigan by the way. I can tell you one of them is on XXXXXX St [in Dearborn Michigan]…please don’t be silly. Don’t try to call this bank and ask them “When’s the value going to go up?” Really?

Only a child will do something like that. Please leave this bank alone… When did these banks open? IMO it’s when they became article VIII…

xyz   Frank are these banks classified as Z never seen photos or addresses or GPS locations?

xyz   Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mustafa Al Kadhimi, And Mr Barzani Agreed To Resolve Any Outstanding Issues Between The Two Sides Under The Constitution, KRG spokesman Jotiar Adil said. https://www.thenational.ae/world/mena/iraq-agrees-to-pay-kurdistan-region-share-of-federal-budget-1.1064260

xyz   Trump Claims Chicago Violence Worse Than Afghanistan, Iraq And Syria https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-chicago-violence-afghanistan-iraq-syria-a9675891.html

xyz   Fox News’ Chris Wallace Explains Why Trump’s Latest Election Claim Is ‘Troubling’ https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/fox-news-chris-wallace-donald-trump-election-070834168.html


Zig   The main reason I am closing this chat until or IF something happens with the Dinar is because I am stressed out

xyz   Z 9th year anniversary as a dinarian! O dear be a bumpy journey. Vaguely recall waiting for FEDEX to delivery first order as RV was to be tricked at 3pm and rumor had it that FEDEX guys would run away with Z treasure. Go figure

xyz   Pompeo Calls For The Release Of The Kurdistan Budget: The Strategic Dialogue Should Not Focus On The Withdrawal Of Our

Shafaq News / The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo called, on Wednesday, The Iraqi Government To Release The Budget For The Kurdistan Region.

This came in a press conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein in Washington.

Pompeo said, “We urged Baghdad to solve the problems with the Kurdistan Region and release its budget, and we promised to provide $ 200 million in aid to Iraq.”

He added, “We had good talks and our partnership with Iraq is very strong and armed groups limit our ability to act. Militias in Iraq threaten stability. We hope to see Iraq free of corruption, and freedom in Iraq is the priority of the Trump administration.”

Pompeo said, “We are committed to supporting Iraq and preventing foreign interference in its affairs, and that the strategic dialogue should not focus on the issue of the withdrawal of our forces from Iraq.”

For his part, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said at the conference, “Washington is a strong ally of Iraq and we are working to protect this alliance, as Iran is a neighboring country and our policy is based on the Iraqi interest, and the Iraqi decision is in the hands of the Iraqis, and we reject any foreign interference in our affairs.”    LINK

xyz   After The Parliament Vote .. Did Iraq Borrow From Abroad?


The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Wednesday, that the government has not borrowed from other countries, until now, after the parliament voted on the internal and external borrowing law, while indicating that the Finance Ministry has a desire to send the remainder of the 2020 budget .

Committee member Abdul Hadi Al-Saadawi said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “People” (August 19, 2020), that “the government is not obligated to go towards external borrowing if financial liquidity is available internally,” noting that “borrowing continues until the end of this year and will not end in a month.” Next September, we will legislate the Federal Budget Law for the year 2020.

He added, “The size of the external loan does not exceed 5 billion dollars, and the government can use it or not,” noting that “the federal government has not borrowed abroad so far.”

The House of Representatives voted, earlier, on the internal and external borrowing law.

A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives stated, “Parliament voted during its No. 6 session in the fourth parliamentary session for the second legislative year in the first legislative term, held on the internal and external borrowing law to finance the fiscal deficit for 2020.”

The Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal, had previously confirmed that the government would send the draft budget law for the remainder of 2020.

xyz   Liberals!!!!   Australia announced that it will give the expected Corona vaccine to all its citizens, free of charge, after it entered into an agreement with AstraZeneca to obtain the vaccine that it develops, and has reached advanced stages of clinical trials. LINK

xyz   Urgent The Most Important Iraqi-American Agreements Signed 5 Large Investments

A source in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers revealed part of the memoranda of understanding signed by Iraq with the United States during the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the government delegation to the American capital, Washington, which has continued since today, Baghdad time.

The source said in an interview with “The Eighth Day” (August 19, 2020) that “the signatures began with Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, who signed a memorandum of understanding with the American Finance and Development Corporation.”

He added that “the oil minister signed 3 notes with each of: Chevron Corporation, Honeywell Company, and Baker Hughes Company.”

“The Minister of Electricity also signed two memoranda of understanding with GE and Stellar,” he added.

He concluded, “The previous notes were signed on the sidelines of a meeting between the Iraqi delegation and major companies, but they are part of what will be signed during the visit, and Iraq is likely to conclude more understandings during the ongoing visit.”

And Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced the start of the second round of the strategic dialogue between the two countries.

Hussein said, during a joint press conference with his American counterpart, that “a second round of strategic dialogue between the Iraqi delegation and the United States delegation started today.”

He added that “the meeting was good and important with the Secretary of State of the United States of America, where a group of issues related to the Iraqi situation in general and other issues related to economic relations and how to combat K. and Rona were addressed.”

In turn, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said that armed groups are still causing many problems in Iraq, expressing his hope that “Iraq will be free of corruption.”

Pompeo added, “We are committed to helping Iraq prevent foreign interference and improve relations

xyz   Pompeo added, “We are committed to helping Iraq prevent foreign interference and improve relations with neighbors, and this is what the Iraqi people want – a prosperous country.”

He continued, “There are special investments in Iraq .. We wish an Iraq free of corruption,” noting that “the energy file was discussed with the Iraqi delegation.”

xyz   Foreign Minister: We Will Sign Memoranda Of Understanding And Cooperation With Washington In Various Fields

Today, Wednesday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that the meeting he had with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed economic relations between the two countries and ways to confront the Corona virus, indicating that Iraq will sign memoranda of understanding and cooperation with Washington in various fields.

Hussein said during a joint press conference with Pompeo in Washington, and “Progress” followed him, “The second phase of the dialogue between Iraq and the United States was launched and it was a good meeting. We dealt with a variety of topics, including issues related to the Iraqi situation, bilateral relations, the regional situation, in addition to issues of economic relations and how Fighting Corona, and in the strategic dialogue there are axes on these issues and an emphasis on joint action in various fields, stressing that “we were in one trench to fight ISIS and we are still in this trench and we will remain together to fight the terrorist factions.”

He added, “We see that the United States is a strong ally of Iraq, and we will continue to protect this alliance and deepen and expand this alliance,” adding, “As for Iran, it is a neighboring country to Iraq, and there are relations of geography, history, economy and Iraqi foreign policy that stem from the Iraqi interest and we want good relations with the neighbors, but not to be used.” Others in the internal affairs of Iraq ”.

He continued, “During the meeting today with the US Secretary of State, we discussed economic relations, bilateral cooperation, and how to combat Corona,” noting that “Baghdad and Washington are in one trench to fight ISIS, and that the United States is an ally of Iraq.”

And on economic cooperation between Iraq and the United States, Hussein indicated, “Iraq, Baghdad will sign memoranda of understanding and cooperation with Washington in various fields,” s

xyz   And on relations with neighboring countries, Hussein stressed, “We want good relations with our neighbors, provided they do not interfere in the affairs of Iraq.”

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his hope for an Iraq free of corruption, while noting that his country is making efforts to achieve stability in Iraq.

Pompeo stressed during the press conference, “Washington supports the Iraqi government with its steps to hold early elections,” and we have promised to provide $ 200 million in aid to Iraq and we are committed to providing this support.

He stressed that “we support the Iraqi government and discussed ways to implement the United Nations support for early elections, and how we work to make Iraq stable and stable through alliance with NATO to defeat ISIS.”

He pointed out, “The dialogue with Iraq is not based only on the number of US forces in Iraq, but includes economic and advisory axes,” stressing that “Washington is making exceptional efforts to achieve security and stability in Iraq at all levels.” LINK

sheila   xyz appreciate the articles and press releases. — follow the money —

xyz   sheila VERY INTERESTING DAY … just saying

xyz   Urgent Announcement Of An Official Holiday In The Country

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announces that the official working hours will be suspended tomorrow, Thursday, 20/8/2020, for the occasion of the beginning of the Hijri year corresponding to the first of the month of Muharram for the year 1442 AH.

The Central Bank obligated banks not to disburse employees’ salaries without the approval of the Ministry of Finance. The bank said in a circular directed to all licensed banks, “based on the directives of the Ministry of Finance / Minister’s office under their book numbered 159 and dated August 18, 2020,

In view of the financial conditions that the country is going through and the decrease in exports of crude oil exported globally, your banks should not release the salaries of employees of state departments

Centrally funded or self-financed, whether the losers or the winners, the citizens have their salaries with you, starting from August and the following months, except after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Finance in order to achieve the principle of justice and equality. LINK

sheila   xyz Read somewhere that August 20th is also the first day of Islamic new year?

sheila   xyz lolol – just read your article – lolol

sheila   15 Tools Rich People Use https://www.alux.com/tools-rich-people/

xyz   Corona Destroys The Rat And Cat Trade In China

Shafaq News / “Liu Yankun” was forced to give up raising edible rats after the Chinese government banned the trafficking of some live animals, which are considered the main suspects in the Covid-19 pandemic .

Tens of thousands of breeders of rats, snakes, Asian civets, and other rare animals in China have become without a source of income since Beijing in the spring banned trade and consumption of these wild species.

“I had orders for tens of thousands of yuan,” said Liu Yankun sadly, as he stood in front of empty cages on his farm in central Hunan, where about 800 bamboo rats were waiting for their turn to cook .

This gnarled, badger-like animal has gourmets in the center and south of the country, and its meat has been promoted by Internet celebrities who broadcast their favorite recipes.

In order to establish the farm, Liu (38 years old) allocated 6 rooms from his house to raise these animals, and when the government ban was issued, the district authorities offered him compensation of 75 yuan (10 euros) per kilogram of a rat, which is half the value of his animals in the market, as for snakes. Cobra, the compensation has reached 120 yuan.

But that sum is too little for Liu, who nearly half of his reptiles died of starvation when the inspectors came to count his animals.

Liu, a young producer who refused to give his full name, intends to convert these animals into traditional medicine, but is waiting for the green light from the authorities. LINK

Sparky   …hmmm, security and stability, with a fully seated government…sounds familiar…didn’t Shabs say something like that back in the day… “Washington is making exceptional efforts to achieve security and stability in Iraq at all levels.”

xyz   So TRUE … Z’s opinion

Deputy: The constitution was written with a Kurdish mentality and does not take into account the majority https://www.almaalomah.com/2020/08/19/490798/

xyz   American newspaper: The Trump administration considers Al-Kazimi its best opportunity regarding strategic dialogue    https://www.almaalomah.com/2020/08/19/490797/

The American newspaper The Hill considered that the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the White House today, Thursday, is more than just an important event, indicating that it is a very important strategic event.

“The United States has a wonderful opportunity with Al-Kazemi, and it is much better than it deserves, given the endless display of the mistakes that the United States has committed in Iraq since 2003, after the US disengagement during the past decade,” the report, translated by Al-Maaloumah, stated .

He added, “As head of intelligence, he is ready to fight the resistance factions, and he has already taken a series of steps indicating his readiness to continue those battles and he has the support of the protests, while both Sunnis and Kurds see that he is a technocrat capable of working with them and will treat them fairly.” In the words of the newspaper.

He continued, “This opportunity may be fleeting, as Al-Kazemi was not able to obtain the premiership steadily as a temporary alternative, as the Iraqi president seized the opportunity of unrest following the assassination of General Soleimani to install him as prime minister.”

The report called for “providing support to Kazemi, through direct resources in the form of budget support, in addition to a little long-term assistance in the form of loans, commercial credits, short-term contracts and the like, all at his discretion.”

He explained that “what Al-Kazemi said and demonstrated through his initial actions is that he will do everything in his power with whatever resources are available to him, but without US assistance he will not be able to do much at all. Because the problems of Iraq are very big. ”

The report warned against missing the opportunity to provide support to Kazemi, for this is the third opportunity, and if

sheila   xyz this is like the musicians playing on the titanic

xyz   The United States has a remarkable opportunity with Kadhimi. He is the best Iraqi prime minister any American could imagine, and far better than we deserve given the endless parade of mistakes the U.S. has made in Iraq since 2003.

As a political commentator, Kadhimi routinely demonstrated unsurpassed insight and understanding of Iraqi politics. As the director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, Kadhimi proved himself a superb executive, willing and able to use those talents to fight corruption and Iranian-backed Shi’a militias. Now, as prime minister, he has already taken a series of steps signaling his willingness to continue those battles and start to build an Iraqi government capable of meeting the needs of its people. https://thehill.com/opinion/international/512636-we-need-to-be-creative-in-support-of-iraqi-prime-minister-kadhimi

xyz   Harris a dinarian per reliable source

sheila   xyz not understanding the reference

xyz   sheila which reference?

sheila   xyz Harris a dinarian per reliable source???

xyz   sheila guru claiming

sheila   xyz never heard of “Harris”

xyz   Gurus claimed T is a dinarian too … who knows

sheila   xyz “T” — who is that?

xyz   sheila Tony, Dan, @Kaperoni, Bruce, …, etc from California

sheila   okay, thanks

Sparky   …any and all actors are disposable in the long range plan…imo…

xyz   8-19-2020 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …there’s some understandable excitement about our man Kazzammie coming to America. Meeting with President Trump. Tomorrow. In my opinion, this does not mean “RV by Friday”.

Iraq does not need “Trump’s approval”. That’s not what is going on here. Whether you like Trump or not, you probably (at least) acknowledge that he has his fingers in a LOT of pies…and you can bet your sweet apples that he has the means, ability, and likely desire to help Iraq move forward. A Kazzammie-Trump meeting is not a small thing.

It’s quite likely the opposite, and this might be the last time they meet before we see a surge in the price of Dinar…tomorrow could be exciting, especially if anyone even mentions “HCL”. We will see! Go Kazzammie. Go Trump. Go HCL. Go Iraq. And GOOOO RRRRVVVVVVVV!!!

sheila   ditto, agree, amen


Xyz   Sparky Z’s 9th anniversary and on edge … recall watching FEDEX 9 years ago cause gurus like *** told us that it was RV’ing then at 3pm … 9 yrs later and met some weird gurus and ****

Sparky   …I signed for the first Fedex order from Sterling Currency Group approximately the same time…lol…I felt anxious at the time as well……also fell for some lay-a-ways…lol….the lay-a-way orders were their scam, as I guess they didn’t hold the physical notes.. IQD is no scam …

Sparky …this is by far the most optimistic that I have been since Shab’s got run out of town

Xyz  Sparky absolutely … I recall BGG calling them NAKED reserves and some guru now demanding to be the messiah was calling it then

sheila  free will, right to contract – none of those gurus forced anyone to buy currencies.

Sparky  sheila …no risk, no reward..

Xyz   sheila Z will be fine if it LOP …

Sheila  xyz who declared that he “shall” follow anyone misguided theory?

Abp   @Zig…..Good morning from Hawaii. Glad to see the room opened. I think you should give the room another week. Don’t stress over what you can’t control, well chose not to control…let it roll off your back. We are all grownups here despite the actions of some.

Sparky  .interesting timing of Iraq PM visit, during DNC convention…maybe steal the thunder with an RV ?

Justthefact! (Kaperoni)  It is estimated that the volume of liquidity in Iraq by 47 trillion Iraqi dinars hoarding in homes about 70 percent of this amount, according to the indicators of specialized centers and financial experts, which indicates the size of the gap between the citizen and government and private banks.

Spectra   so he opens up multiple devices too …What a freakkk

Sparky  … https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-usa-trump-idUSKCN254013 ..

Justthefact! (Kaperoni)  https://www.almuraqeb-aliraqi.org/2019/11/27/150231/

Spectra  one on the desk topper and the the mac book pro…

xyz   Secretary Pompeo Holds a Joint Press Availability with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hussein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EJPWiJVb08

Justthefact! (Kaperoni)  It is estimated that the volume of liquidity in Iraq by 47 trillion Iraqi dinars hoarding in homes about 70 percent of this amount

xyz   US announces new aid to Iraq, but warns that ‘armed groups’ must be controlled https://english.alarabiya.net/en/2020/08/19/US-announces-new-aid-to-Iraq-but-warns-that-armed-groups-must-be-controlled.html

xyz   Prime Minister Of Iraq With Partial Authority At A Summit With U.S https://www.plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=58999&SEO=prime-minister-of-iraq-with-partial-authority-at-a-summit-with-u.s

Prime Minister of Iraq with partial authority at a summit with U.SBagdad, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi will have partial authority to adopt agreements during the summit with US President Donald Trump, a legal expert confirmed this Wednesday.

In statements to the Iraqi news agency, the jurist Ali Al-Tamimi said that any of the conclusions of al-Kazemi-Trump meeting will pass through the filter of Parliament.

According to the Iraqi Constitution, only the House can ratify treaties or conventions proposed or signed by the Council of Ministers.

For its approval, it requires the consent of two thirds of the deputies in the case of strategic pacts, on borders, peace or military alliances, said the law expert.

Once accepted by Parliament, which then issues a law, the President of the Republic gives his consent for the value of what has been agreed.

Al-Kazemi arrived in Washington on Tuesday and is scheduled to meet with Trump tomorrow.

xyz   Politics and religion are VERY divisive/toxic.

Xyz   RV? wink   MP: The Turnout Of The American Voter And His Election To Trump Depends Mainly On Al-Kazemi’s Visit To Washington   https://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=224228

Independent MP Ali Al-Badiri said, on Monday, that the American voter’s turnout and his election to Trump depends mainly on Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington, revealing that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met with the heads of political blocs before going to America and will not return with an empty quiver from there.

Al-Badiri said in a statement followed by Al-Akhbariya, that Al-Kazemi consulted with the leaders of the blocs on the axes of his visit to America and everyone assured that sovereignty is the main focus of the visit, and Al-Kazemi is more aware of what Iraq needs from America.

He continued, “Trump is trying to persuade the American voter through Iraq and the American voters’ turnout for the elections is linked to Al-Kazemi’s visit to America, “noting that” the prime minister will not return with an empty quiver from Washington. ”

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is supposed to leave for Washington in the coming hours, accompanied by a number of ministers and advisors, to meet with US President Donald Trump on the twentieth of this month.

Sheila   @ 12 mins – Currency revaluation discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhE3ce1aDBI

Sparky   …wow…interesting statement…RV…Trump Wins!!! … Independent MP Ali Al-Badiri said, on Monday, that the American voter’s turnout and his election to Trump depends mainly on Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington, revealing that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met with the heads of political blocs before going to America and will not return with an empty quiver from there

Sparky  … Al-Badiri said in a statement followed by Al-Akhbariya, that Al-Kazemi consulted with the leaders of the blocs on the axes of his visit to America and everyone assured that sovereignty is the main focus of the visit, and Al-Kazemi is more aware of what Iraq needs from America.


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