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NORV  Sparky How are you going to reval 82 trillion dinar? lol That would be 2.5 times the total US debt at 30 trillion.


Sparky   … I personally think the PTB in Iraq are happy with the status qou ..


NORV   Sparky of course it is.


NORV   many years ago I met a vet who was in Iraq.. He told the outline tribes all counterfeited the dinar. Had no reason to use banks and paid each other within the tribe with the fake currency. It was fine as long as the dinar was used with the tribe.


butterfly   Interesting conversation. Lets just say that the RV has happened but there are two countries still holding up the RV to happen to those two countries. Would your opinions change then?


NORV   That needs to be all cleaned up before they ever could consider international dealings.


wdave1   My only concern when I first found a chat room was to ask people to keep this to themselves. Lose your own money.


NORV   butterfly There is no RV. Come to me when you can explains how they could RV with 82 trillion dinar.


Zig   wdave1 : Well we don’t advise anyone to buy any currency


Sparky   Zig … no risk, no reward …


butterfly   NORV did I mention Iraq?


wdave1   Zig Someone brought everyone into this.      Many someones.


NORV   butterfly fantasy


Zig   :Nonsense:


butterfly   NORV ???


NORV   butterfly The idea of a significant RV


Zig   wdave1 : True….people brought others in….I did not


butterfly   wdave1 there was article years back that said keep buying the dinar, you are helping Iraq.


NORV   It goes against the principals of the central bank


NORV   butterfly Of course..they needed dollars for reserves. So any chance they could to sell dinar for dollars was good for them


NORV   That does not mean they are going to magically reward you for buying dinar lol


Zig   LOL


butterfly  Amazing that people are only focusing on the dinar.


Zig   Do you believe in magic??…..Poof you’re swimming in :$$$:


Sparky   NORV … steady growth makes sense, after the hurdles of the current regime are overthrown … many in Iraq are young and smart …


NORV   It is my hope eventually Iraq will reward those who hold dinar. Not by a RV, but by the success of their economy. When the economy grows so does the dinar via float


NORV   Zig lol


Zig   Sparky : Steady and inching along like a snail….


NORV   Zig Dubai’s economy took off


NORV   Think they built Dubai in 10-15 years


Sparky   … I think things could move swiftly with the right people in charge …


NORV   Iraq needs to take a page out of their playbook


butterfly   Things are happening, just stay the course.


Zig   The right people are a scarcity Sparky


Zig   Too many of the old guard remain Sparky


butterfly   Exposure is being brought forth. Stay the course.


Zig   Hurry up, will ya!!!…..


NORV   The problem is that even the new younger politicians start out with intentions and over time see how the old corrupt do it and want the same, So no change.


Zig   NORV : Yeah


butterfly   Stay the course, things are happening.


Zig   BS


Sparky  NORV … again, you’re making too much sense …


Zig  Sparky : Aggravating that he makes so much sense


Sparky   Zig … yup …


NORV   I will begin to get excited when I see parliament pass the important laws that have been stalled for years.


butterfly   You will be excited. Stay the course.


NORV   There are like 20 stalled economic laws that will encourage investment



Zig   NORV : I know…nothing will happen until they pass those laws….investors need protections. etc


Sparky   … Iran has some major Shiite going on, maybe reflect on our speculation … Maliki = Iran …


NORV   gotta go. Have some Pizza today :Cooking: :Pizza:


butterfly   Be prepared changes are coming.


Sparky   butterfly … my bank account could use a significant boost …


butterfly   Sparky prepare for changes.


Sparky   … the only constant is change … favorable, of course


Sparky  Zig … lightweight …


butterfly   Sparky new but favorable


Sparky  butterfly … new and favorable are what I look forward to … the wealth is there, when it will be shared with the people of Iraq is my question …


PM butterfly   Sparky if you go up and read what I’ve said, I did not mention the RV of the dinar.


Sparky   butterfly … Be prepared changes are coming. …


butterfly   Sparky start where I came in and you are a smart man, can figure it out.


Sparky   … in my understanding, any change in the value of any currency is a re valuation … in milli seconds on the FX …


Sparky   … currency flows like water, I think that’s where it gets its name … velocity as Breitling said …


Sparky   … usually small increments … adding or decreasing value …


Dave   How are you going to reval 82 trillion dinar? lol That would be 2.5 times the total US debt at 30 trillion.??????????????????????Again…..and yet again 82 T dinar equals 50 billion usd……how could ever equal 2,5 x the US debt at 30 Trillion usd…..???????? NORV…invest in a calculator!


Dave   If this dont make SENSE…..I be a MORON…….. or i be missing the boat….


Zig   Dave : Kap probably meant at 1:1


Dave   Zig HOW…. No RV ….EVER!


Sparky   … just went up 30 dinars recently …


Dave   wippy…….ooo3 cents  less thyan that…


Sparky   Dave … a positive movement …


Dave   hehe…a pip  not even


Sparky    … I recall Shabs doing 4 pips … 1170 to 1166 … just before he got kicked out of the country by Maliki …


Dave   4 dinar at .00086


Sparky   … Shab’s was testing … imo …


Dave   testing .00o86 on the usd…lol  1459 iqd to 1 usd……4 dinar squat


Sparky   … to watch the escapades of Maliki … USA set him up like Sadam …


Dave   Iraq did better economically with Saddam


Sparky   … GHB set them all up when he was head of the CIA back in the day … ask Tebow …   Dave … He controlled Iran …… at least they were afraid of him as the Iraqi Iran war went on


Dave   7 yrs or more war with Iran


Sparky   … that vacuum allowed the USA and Maliki …


Dave  soon followed 1 gulf war….then 2nd,,,,,Iraq gets bombed into the Stone Age……been stuck there since — at least 800 Trillion USD…..went missing since Maliki


Sah   Dave I don’t think it was in the trillions but the billions for sure.


Dave   Dave oops yes Billions…….sounding like Kap with that post…lol


Sah   US was trading them US dollars in exchange for dinar at an unequal rate that later they would settle up with those dinar to buy oil at a lower rate. US has a pile in their despository.


Sah so that story goes…


Dave  heard US holding 30 TRILLION !QD


Sah   Maliki had the US dollar in a big vault and took some for himself and paid bribes to important people and others walked in and took. Billions unaccounted for.


Dave   HUGE vault…..


Butterfly   “The Prime Minister agreed to our request relieving us of our duties as the acting Ministry of Finance.” Abdul-Jabbar, the current Oil Minister, said on Twitter.


He pointed out that the Finance Ministry’s Investigation provides formal proof that a “specific group” stole 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars (2.5 billion dollars) from taxes revenues of Rafidain Bank.


Dave   butterfly Yeah and the Sudanese was head of the Integrity commission….


Dave   betcha he has a few IQD to spare


Sah   butterfly At least the theft is showing up because banks are now digitized there and the theft can be tracked and found. Old school I think still thinks it is the manual way and they will not get caught. A lot of fudging that is too big to hide.


butterfly   Sah agree


Dave  Sah hear that fewer than 30% of Iraqi’s have bank accounts  Still…..


Sah   Dave Now that the accounts are insured a few months back it has been steadily growing.  It was not safe or insured before to bank money. Especially when ISIS was taking over banks.


Dave  more banks in my small city than all of IRAQ


Sah  Iraq right now is the fastest growing economy in the middle east. At the rate they are going now they are said to be named the top one in 2023. Very important for our dinar.


Dave   Sah ….and doing it with little foreign investments


Sah   Dave They have been investing in foreign investments. They have been working with bankers from the UK.


Dave   Big Oil……absent in Iraq


Sparky   … Big oil dosn’t like kickbacks… pay to play …


Dave  No foreign investment protection laws passed yet


butterfly The Secretary-General of the Islamic Dawa Party, Nuri al-Maliki, affirmed: The next government will not be a gift, but rather a constraint and responsibility on the necks of those who oppose it.


In a speech commemorating the founding of the Dawa Party and the birth of the pure imams, he said: It is not a shame to disagree, but the shame is that we do not agree and we are all under the roof of the constitution.


Al-Maliki added: Completing the constitutional benefits represents the decision of all authentic Iraqis, and we are on the cusp of forming a new government, which is the result of the tireless work of the people’s representatives.


He explained: We want the next government to be serviceable and restore the prestige of the state, and it will be an opportunity for those who can achieve and be up to the responsibility.


Al-Maliki said: The next government has difficult files in front of it in light of the general decline in services, and we want it to provide electricity, housing, work and services.


He pointed out that the treatment of slums is to provide an alternative, not to impose rents, or a complex, or difficulty in solving most problems, especially the agriculture and water crisis, and we will support the government and will not abandon it and will hold it accountable at the same time.


butterfly   The management of the Iraqi Airways Company announced that its financial revenues increased during the month of September by more than 51 billion dinars.


The company stated, “It achieved a net profit rate of more than 23 billion dinars, which is the highest percentage achieved by the national carrier in years.




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