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I bring you much news today.

Iraqi army and coalition forces prepare to expand their offensive against the Sunni militants into west Mosul. Almksusi team Hatem, Director of Military Engineering of the Ministry of Defense said in a … Read More


Concerning the appreciation of the IQD, I have no idea exactly how it will appreciate.

However, I believe the CBI will be aggressive in its pursuit.

The CBI stated in numerous articles starting back in November 2016 that the 50, Read More


We are getting blow-by-blow updates about Mosul; we understand that eastern Mosul has celebrations, with northern Mosul tagged to be completed by yesterday.

There was a large offensive in western Mosul, too.

The updates say that Mosul is already celebrating, Read More


Cleitus: This reminds me of the Reagan years when he first took office!  Some of you may remember one day after taking office our US hostages were released.  There’s a new sheriff in town!!!

Frank26:  And …………… i told u Read More

Middle East Online

Denmark grants soldiers permission to fight IS in Syria

Danish troops fighting in Iraq will now be able to cross into Syria as part of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State group, officials said on Friday.

The defence ministry … Read More


Injury “Baghdadi” aerial bombing west of Nineveh

A local official in Nineveh province, reported circulation of news hitting the leader of al Daesh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and a number of the organization’s leaders aerial bombing of the international coalition in … Read More


[Anyone have any idea why the CBI hasn’t updated their exchange rates on the web site since the 4th? Seems kinda odd.]

No one has any idea.

Longest stretch in the last 5 years they have not updated.Read More