One of the main things out there is the misconception is that the Iraqi Dinar is not internationally recognized.  That’s absolute garbage.  Of course it is.  I bought my dinar from Chase bank…A lot of us got into the Iraqi Dinar.  And then some of them got out of it…so what did they do?  They took their currency to Chase Bank and got their money back, minus the 2% or whatever it was that the bank charged.

There is no law given by the United States government or the Treasury department or anybody like that that you can’t buy and sell Iraqi dinar.  There is no law against it.  To sell it you just go get a license to sell it.  Well banks were doing that all day long back in the those days.  The only reason they stopped was because it was disrupting business.  You had little old ladies calling the banks every single day, “Hey, didn’t the Iraqi Dinar revalue?” based on the hype…They simply stopped.  Aggressively. That’s how bad it disrupted business.