In Breitling 

As far as the dinar goes, it looks so phenomenal, it truly does. We are in a very very good spot.  And now we have an entire country pushing it…Let me throw this out there just as a scenario…Let’s say Iran is not attached to the Iraqi dinar at all. Then it’s strictly oil prices. But Iran is attached to Iraq. So what if they force a revaluation or decide to have a revaluation before the price per barrel goes down?  That could happen…that’s why we live in a different world. That could happen with the relationship they have with Iran.  It would stabilize Iraq and Iran in that region if they added value to it.  It would counter the sanctions…the language I’m hearing out of Iraq is that’s what’s coming down the road.  That’s what they’re negotiating.  Now Iraq hasn’t bought into it yet but that’s what’s going on out there.