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Zig’s Place Chatroom News Sunday Afternoon 7-17-22


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Butterfly   Former MP on leaks attributed to al-Maliki: he might do more for the premiership  2022-07-17 08:55


Shafaq News/ A former lawmaker who is close to al-Hannana, Muqtada al-Sadr’s headquarters, said that the head of the State of Law bloc, Nouri al-Maliki, is usually “more strongly-worded” that what it appeared in the recently leaked audio recordings attributed to him.


“Audio recordings attributed to al-Maliki are true,” MP Fattah al-Sheik told Shafaq News Agency, “he is usually more strongly-worded against rival political parties, particularly the Sadrist movement; the Sunni and Kurdish parties as well.”


“He is ready to do whatever it takes to become a prime minister again. What appears from the leaks is only the tip of the iceberg. He does more to maintain his power in the state.” https://shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/Former-MP-on-leaks-attributed-to-al-Maliki-he-might-do-more-for-the-premiership


butterfly   Lawyer asks public prosecutor to probe “dangerous” voice notes attributed to al-Maliki  2022-07-17 03:49


Shafaq News/ A lawyer filed a motion to the Iraqi public prosecutor to probe leaked statements attributed to a former prime minister of the country and a leader of a large bloc in the Iraqi legislative body.


The motion filed by lawyer Zeinab Jasem Baqer to the public prosecutor’s bureau at the court of al-Karkh contained a reference to leaked voicenotes attributed to the head of the State of Law bloc, Nouri al-Maliki.


The lawyer ascribed the content of the voicenotes as “dangerous to the country’s national security” as it “might start a civil war.”


Baqer asked the public prosecutor to start an investigation to identify the parties that leaked or fabricated those voicenotes to frame al-Maliki. https://shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/Lawyer-asks-public-prosecutor-to-probe-dangerous-voicenotes-attributed-to-al-Maliki


butterfly    CBI sells +260$ million in forex on Sunday …… 2022-07-17 09:11


Shafaq News/ The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) auctioned more than $260 million in foreign currency (forex) today, Sunday.


Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the CBI foreign currency sales in today’s auction amounted to $262,030,207. The transactions were made at a weighted average of 1460 dinars to one dollar.


Our correspondent explained that 12 banks and 126 exchange companies cashed out $22,900,000. The remaining $239,130,207 went to boost funds in the form of credit and non-cash transactions, with 33 banks meeting those requests. https://shafaq.com/en/Economy/CBI-sells-260-million-in-forex-on-Sunday


Sparky   … I love that CBI sign … it’s shaped like a coin … round …


Sparky    … maybe indicating a future of metal coins, and lower denominations …


Sparky   … and hopefully gradually higher value per dinar …


Girlie    butterfly thanks for the news articles


Girlie     @Sparky @Dave @butterfly good morning all


Sparky     Girlie  … good m orning …

butterfly   Iraq is moving to prepare special documents for joining the WTO  Today, 18:39


Baghdad-INA   The International Trade Center clarified on Sunday, the importance of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and while referring to the preparation of special documents on this, it stressed that Iraq is in the middle of the way to joining the World Organization.


“Iraq is in the stage of joining the World Trade Organization, as it submitted an application for accession from 2004 and was approved by the organization, and Iraq is currently an observer member of the organization,” the International Trade Coordinator at the Center, Israa Al-Jabari, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).


She pointed out that “the organization is international and contains 168 countries and has agreements, laws and special conditions for accession,” explaining that “any country that wishes to be a member of the organization must implement its laws, strategies and internal policies in accordance with the agreements of WTO.”


butterfly   Al-Jabari explained “the International Trade Center is working to help Iraq to provide technical support in harmonizing laws and agreements with regard to its accession to world trade, and there are important documents that are being worked on.”


She added “the main part of communicating with the organization in order to join is the Ministry of Commerce, which in turn presents the file, which includes all the relevant ministries in Iraq, in addition to the private sector,” stressing that “striving to work on preparing special documents for accession in accordance with the agreements of the Trade Organization.”


Al-Jabari said , “Iraq has industrial and agricultural qualifications and trade exchange, but it needs to work on studying and developing the applicable policies so that there is harmonization with the laws of the organization,” noting that “Iraq is currently in the middle of the road to join.”


She noted, “the importance of Iraq’s accession to the organization, as it deserves to be part of the international trade, industrial and economic community, especially since its accession will be part of this international community and can organize its economic and commercial policies, including trade exchange in accordance with international laws that serve it with all concerned parties dealing with it in the future.” https://ina.iq/eng/20759-iraq-is-moving-to-prepare-special-documents-for-joining-the-wto.html


Zig   Joining the WTO would be HUGE IMO


Sheila   butterfly Do you think since Iraq is preparing to join WTO, then their govt is closet than ever to being seated, stabilized? And international market rate – not program rate thrown in there somewhere?


butterfly   sheila We can all guess and hope.


Zig   Educated Guesses & Hope Good motto for currency speculators


butterfly   Zig lets go for the middle of August.


Zig    butterfly :   crystal ball


butterfly   Zig and then if it doesn’t happen then, we can go to the middle of September.


butterfly   USD/IQD closes slightly higher in Baghdad  …. 2022-07-17 11:54


Shafaq News/ The U.S. dollar (USD) exchange transactions against the Iraqi dinar (IQD) closed at a slightly higher rate in the markets of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, today, Sunday.


Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the USD closed at a rate of 148500 IQD to 100 in al-Kifah and al-Harithiya Central Exchanges.


The selling and buying rates of the USD in Baghdad’s local markets stood at 149000 and 148000 IQD for 100 USD, respectively. https://shafaq.com/en/Economy/USD-IQD-closes-slightly-higher-in-Baghdad-4-0


Sheila   @Zig know you are not fan of tnt tony… however, on his impromptu call on saturday, some guy came on with hopeful story about Iraq rates… IRAQ STORY STARTS ABOUT 12 MINS INTO SATURDAY TNT CC, JULY 17, 2022 http://tobtr.com/s/12123232


Zig   sheila :  lol


Sheila    Zig just saying, more and more signs are popping up letting us know how close we are to land.


Zig    When I first got into this I loved listening to Dan & Tony on calls….they were sort of partners back then, right butterfly ?


Zig   They were extremely entertaining and played off of each other like a comedy team….lol


Sheila   Zig Yes, they were my first introduction to dinar gurus… many players on the field now. Diverse group… lol lol lol


Zig   Readers: I know you usually don’t see so-called “Guru” stuff in here but you are free to bring it in if you wish….


Zig   For Rumors


:Shhhh: (so-called “Guru” stuff, etc) and other miscellaneous “tidbits” including news check out https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog  and https://dinardetectives.com/ as well as https://www.dinarguru.com/ Dinar Recaps occasionally posts some of this chat


butterfly   Tony was living on the streets until Dan put him up in a motel room…..the partnership began and then fell apart. Tony was arrested, served time in jail, and his brother Ray ran it for him until he got out. The restrictions were Tony was not to get involved with the dinar. As I’ve stated to some, do not listen to the so-called gurus bc they are given information that keeps the dinar out there and the prospect of it rving/etc. The so-called gurus have made a “ton” off of people believing their every “hope”. As Abraham told me years ago, do not believe what you are hearing out there, when and if it rv’s…..IT WILL GO INTERNATIONAL.


Zig   This whole saga will make a great book someday….lol


Zig   Start writing @sheila lol


Sheila    Zig And those sites/links you posted above are full of “Guru” stuff.


Zig     sheila : Yes they are


Zig   Not trying to hide them….lol….most people already visit those sites….the majority listen to and believe a lot of that “stuff” IMO….

Dave     folks!


Zig    Pacific time zone Dave ?


Dave   YEP


Dave   WTO …soon…….??????


Dave   heard that before……


Zig  When you type a G followed by a M you get what Dave posted fyi


Zig   Dave : WTO would be a huge step


Dave   so the story goes


Zig    An endless story….lol


butterfly   A very big curtain


Dave   WTO had indicated difficulities with Iraq’s CHUNKY MONEY though


Zig    people need a bigger incentive to use banks….and need to trust them….not easy to get folks to change….especially older generation


butterfly   In my family I find it the Younger Generation.


Dave   free mortgages………?


Dave   or remove dinar from mattresses to buy homes……hmmm


butterfly   My family does not even know I have dinar.


Zig   They would have you committed….lol


Dave    nor does my wife    supposed to be a surprise….we be RICH!


Zig   wheel barrows


Dave   not with wheel barrows but rather wallets  bring on those fils….!!


butterfly   Zig sorry I misspoke, my dnl does know but does not believe any of it. She knows everything about me.


Dave    i am quick with that minimize button when wife walks by


Dave   did read Kap’s post regarding CBI’s note count…..Finally, thanx KAP!


Dave    Some what vague…….So was CBI stating unsure……


Dave  Good news being most nations having huge deficits Iraq has a good surplus and moving rapidly forward


Dave   just delete 3 zeros…..and bring m e my Nickle already


Dave    would be nice to see Parliament passing foreign banking laws to attract foreign investment


Dave   …..but M fer PM……….HMM….oops HUMBUG!


Dave   Hoped Sadr would have marched to the Green Zone……….SOON???


Dave   Big Oil seems to enjoy intercourse…….Pull in then out…….?


Sah    represented the call of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, to quickly resolve political understandings regarding the electoral benefits, and the subsequent call for the coordination framework to hold a voting session on the candidate of the President of the Republic during this week, additional pressure papers on the main Kurdish forces concerned with this file, with Possibilities to repeat the scenario of 2018 by entering the parties concerned with candidates and leaving the choice to members of Parliament to resolve the matter.


At a time when the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan confirmed its adherence to the candidate Barham Salih to renew for a second term, the Kurdistan Democratic Party indicated that a meeting between the two parties is imminent during the next two days to resolve this file.


The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Khoshnaw, affirmed the union’s adherence to the candidate Barham Salih, calling on the Kurdistan Democratic Party to be aware that flexibility in dialogues stems from this basis and they should support the candidate of the Union to achieve political balances


Sah   Khoshnaw added, “The consensual union candidate, the settlement candidate, and the competition candidate is Barham Salih, and the democrat must be aware that flexibility in dialogues stems from this foundation, and they must support our candidate to achieve political balances,” noting that “the Speaker’s call to speed up the resolution of dialogues and the other call from the framework.”


It is a good thing, and it is not a pressure card as it is a completion of the constitutional and electoral benefits, and we value this role and we are ready to enter the parliament with our candidate Barham Salih.”


He added that “there is rapprochement and understandings with the Democrat on many issues, and the relationship is positive in its entirety, but this matter has nothing to do with completing the constitutional balances, which is a natural thing,” stressing that “the scenario of 2018 may be present again, but we do not wish for this option because we want to enter with The Democrat has one candidate, Barham Salih, so that there will be flexibility in resolving the rest of the files, which is what we count on until the moment we enter the parliament.”


For his part, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahdi Abdul Karim, indicated to an upcoming meeting between the two main parties during the next two days to resolve the file of the candidate for the position of President of the Republic.


Dave   Sah Can yet agree on a position that is largely ceremonial…..


Sah   For his part, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahdi Abdul Karim, indicated to an upcoming meeting between the two main parties during the next two days to resolve the file of the candidate for the position of President of the Republic.


Abdul Karim said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The next two days will witness a serious dialogue session between the Democrats and the Union regarding the candidate for the position of President of the Republic,” noting that “in the event that an agreement is reached on one candidate, it is what we wish for. Without that, the option to go with two candidates and repeat a scenario The year 2018 will be present, leaving the choice to the members of Parliament to choose the most appropriate.”


He added, “Everyone is waiting for the talks, and we believe that the leadership has a vision that will be put forward and discussed, and work will be in the interest of the country and the Kurdish component, and agreement on one personality,” explaining that “entry with two candidates is a natural and democratic matter, and whoever gets the highest votes will be blessed at that time. www-alsumaria-tv.translate.goog/news/خاص-السومرية/426631/الكشف-عن-السيناريو-الأقرب-لطوي-صفحة-مرشح-منصب-رئيس?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en


Sah   @ Dave Without an agreement on president and voted in they can not seat the new Prime Minister.


Dave   President…..overseer of the Constitution……Still no HCL 140……….


Dave   Kurds still get NODDA….So much fer being Semi Autonomous


Dave   So much fer that Constitution…..


Dave   Akin to that White Paper……..not worth the ink its printed on


Sah   And he added, “No matter how you conspired and conspired as you did yesterday, there is no renewal or allegiance to you, and we warn you against re-igniting the fuse of sedition, bid farewell in peace and save what is left of your face.


4,492 views   Today, Sunday, the Secretary-General of the Al-Bashaer Youth Movement, Yasser Al-Maliki, commented on the recent audio leaks attributed to the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri Al-Maliki.


Al-Maliki said in a tweet via Twitter, which was followed by Alsumaria News, “We congratulate you on the most gracious Eid Al-Ghadir.”


And he added, “No matter how you conspired and conspired as you did yesterday, there is no renewal or allegiance to you, and we warn you against re-igniting the fuse of sedition, bid farewell in peace and save what is left of your face.”


He concluded, “The crowd is the mother of victory, and there is no renewal for the owner of sedition.” Al-Maliki accused, according to the audio recordings attributed to him, the Sadrist movement and its leader of betraying the country and killing many Iraqis during the sectarian period. He also accused the leaders of the crowd of thieves. www-alsumaria-tv.translate.goog/news/سياسة/426664/بعد-ضجة-التسريبات-المالكي-مهما-فبّركت-وتآمرت-فلا-ت?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en


Dave   Insurrections a bad THING?


Sah   @Dave You still don’t get it. There is no 140 in Iraq constitution for Kurds. It was voted in by Kurdistan as law not all of Iraq. Federal Court already said it is illegal. Yhey can not claim land and people in Iraq out side of Kurdistan.


Dave   Tell that to Barzani……


Sah   The land is owned by Iraq under Kurdistan. Kurdistan has no right other than to live on it. Iraq owns all mineral rights to land. They can not take over what is not theirs.


Dave   Maliki and the Arabitization of those Disputed territories almost led to all out war


Dave   What was hcl and 140 al about…..?


Dave   was granted to them but never ratified……   haggling over 5% of profits….12% vs 17%…..


Sah   Abadi had to push them out of Kirkuk and back into their boundaries. Kurds felt since they pushed ISIS out they get to keep the land and oil. They voted it in their government in Kurdistan which Federal Court is illegal. Federal Court also said that Kurdistan can not sell oil that belongs to Iraq. They do not own it.

Dave   Again Kurds argue otherwise


Dave   Kurds continue to skim….Baghdad withholds…no changes


Sah   That 12 percent goes by their census of population. That is why they tried to take over Kirkuk besides oil, the need the consensus of population to bring their percentage higher. Until they turn all oil over to Iraq and pump at least 250,000 barrels a day they will get nothing more from government.


Dave   So what are the Kurds moaning about?


Dave   Are they Semi Automomous or not?


Sah   All oil contracts signed in Kurdistan are void unless signed with Iraq. They are voiding them now and a lot of oil companies have walked away as their contracts have been voided. It is illegal for Kurdistan to sell oil and illegal for any country to buy it from them.


Dave   Do it anyways….. the cheats!


Sah   No they are not, just the same as Kurds in Turkey and Iran and other countries. They would all like to break from their countries and make one Kurd country. It will never happen. Other countries will not give up mineral rights or land.


Dave   Was Kurdistan not meant to be Semi Autionomous?


Dave   According to that Constitutin


Sah   Kurds have always been this way. They always barter for more, never keep their promises. Just take until they get shut of.


Dave   Sah I sympathize with the Kurds…..been screwed from the getgo


Sah   It is like our states each having their own laws within the United States Federal laws. Kurds rule their land like a state and Iraq is Federal Government.


Sah   It would be like one of our states breaking away on it’s own.


Dave    WE have Quebec here…Semi Automous


Dave   definitely get their Perks from the rest of Canada


Sah   Kurds don’t like to live by the rules of their country. They want to just make up their own laws, some that are OK but others that are against the Iraqi constitution that are illegal. They make it up as they go along and hope they don’t get caught.


Dave    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurdistan_Region


Sah   The are corrupt and have taken millions of dollars away from the Iraqi people selling their oil and then want their 12 percent on top of it. I don’t think so and neither does Iraq and the Federal Court.


Dave    and kurds believe what is theirs is theirs….


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