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Zig: Welcome to Zig’s Place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish


Zig   Posted by @Baxter in the other chat….I rarely post “Guru” stuff in here but you all are welcome to do so if you wish….good for a laugh at least….Is any of it true???…..  :Don’t know:


5-27-2022 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We are now in an unprecedented period of excitement for the IQD reinstatement to happen. I am hearing nothing but good information from all the sources including the Central Bank of Iraq, the IMF and the U.S. Treasury. The initial rate on the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is way up there to $6+. However…I can not clearly see that it would or even could come out that high. It will probably come out at about $4+. But please remember that the project to delete the zeros must happen just before or just after the reinstatement.


Butterfly   SULAIMANI — The US dollar to Iraqi dinar exchange rates was stable in the Kurdistan Region’s markets on Friday (May 27).   $100 was at 148,200 Iraqi dinars.


100 British pounds was at 180,000 Iraqi dinars, 1,000 IQD higher than the previous day, and 100 euros was at 156,750 IQD.


butterfly   SULAIMANI — Crude oil prices were mixed on Thursday (May 26) compared to the previous day.


The price of Brent crude was at $117.70, up from $114.4 the previous day, and the price of WTI crude was at $114.20, up from $110.8.


Zig   butterfly : The Goat says we be rich soon!!!…..  :Wheelbarrow:


butterfly   Zig What was the story about the goat. I remember it was going around several years back but can’t remember all of the details.


Zig   I forget….maybe affiliated with Recaps??


butterfly  Their fake personas were exposed but people would not believe the info, so they eat up every word. We have experienced a lot of frauds throughout all of this, so you won’t change their minds, I have found.


butterfly    They gave the information out there that they were from someone where else, but only down the road, etc etc.


Zig    Germany?


butterfly   I don’t can’t remember bc they have never meant anything to me. I stopped yeeaaarrrs ago with all of the gurus BS.


butterfly    Heard that there was a gofundme account set up yesterday for the four children left behind and set a request of $10K, that fund has gone over $100M as of this AM.


Tebow    Believe Goat also said she had info she could not post.  :HaHaHa:


Zig   I hate when someone writes that they have stuff they have been told not to share…..lol….


Zig   Not mentioning any names butterfly Oops…..lol


Tebow   Baby Formula Shortage Could Persist Until July: FDA Commissioner -Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf said the severe nationwide shortage of baby formula is expected to be eased within two months.


Testifying before a Senate hearing, Califf said that while he cannot give exact dates, his expectation is “that within two months we should be beyond normal and with a plethora” of formula supply.


“It’s going to be gradual improvement up to probably somewhere around two months until the shelves are replete again,” he told lawmakers at the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing on the baby formula shortage on Thursday.


“Due to all the measures being taken, the shortage is going to be getting better and better.”


Supply chain pressures and a shortage of workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been responsible for an ongoing baby formula shortage in the nation, but the supply became even more scarce after Abbott Nutrition in February recalled multiple baby formula products, including some Similac products, after four infants fell sick, two of whom died.


Abbott, which has the largest U.S. market share for infant formula, also temporarily shuttered its formula manufacturing plant in Sturgis, Michigan—where the recalled products were produced—over safety concerns, after an FDA investigation found unsanitary conditions there. The plant is one of three run by Abbott.


An investigation into suspected bacterial contamination at the facility failed to confirm a link to the recalled products, with the FDA saying the bacterial strains the infants fell sick to did not match the strains at the plant.


Abbott said the plant is due to resume production on June 4, but previously noted it would take six to eight weeks for the products to arrive in stores. The company said it would prioritize supplying its specialty formula EleCare on or about June 20. The formula would be provided to children in need for free.


Califf said that FDA inspe


Zig    We are all “actors” in these chats IMO….to some extent


Butterfly   How to protect yourself against monkeypox and what to do if you catch it https://shafaq.com/en/World/How-to-protect-yourself-against-monkeypox-and-what-to-do-if-you-catch-it


Butterfly  2022-05-26 07:03   Shafaq News/ On Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) auctioned more than $210 million in foreign currency (forex).


Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the CBI foreign currency sales in today’s auction amounted to $210,116,617. The transactions were made at a weighted average of 1460 dinars to one dollar.


Our correspondent explained that nine banks and 89 exchange companies cashed out $19,400 million. The remaining $190,716,617 went to boost funds in the form of credit and non-cash transactions, with 32 banks meeting those requests.


butterfly    Brent crude prices touch $120 a barrel …………… Oil prices rose to their highest level in two months, as Brent crude is heading towards achieving the largest weekly jump in a month and a half, supported by the possibility of the European Union imposing a ban on Russian oil and the upcoming summer driving season in the United States, and Brent crude futures settled at more than $119 a barrel.


Both benchmark contracts are heading to end the week on a high as the European Commission continues to seek the support of all 27 member states of the bloc for the proposed new sanctions against Russia, as Hungary constitutes a stumbling block.


Six sources in “OPEC Plus” told Reuters that the group is expected to abide by the oil production agreement that it approved last year during its meeting scheduled for June 2, with an increase in production targets in July by 432,000 barrels per day, which represents a rejection of Western calls. for faster increases in production in order to curb higher prices.


butterfly   CBI: Our atives pushed the country’s economic wheel towards progress ……….


The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, today, Friday, that its initiatives pushed the country’s economic wheel towards progress.


A statement by the bank, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that “the Central Bank of Iraq participated today in the intellectual symposium on the development initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq and their impact on bridging the government financing gap, which was organized by the Department of Economic Studies at Dar Al-Hikma on the sidelines of the Baghdad Exhibition.”


The statement added that “the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attended the symposium, which witnessed a remarkable presence, stressing that” the Central Bank of Iraq has had a great and effective impact in advancing the country’s reality since its establishment, especially in the transformations that the country has undergone during the past years, noting He pointed out that “the initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq in various sectors pushed the country’s economic wheel towards progress and created more job opportunities.”


Butterfly   39 Million Plan to Travel Over Memorial Day https://www.ntd.com/39-million-plan-to-travel-over-memorial-day_785776.html


Butterfly  Wisconsin School Goes Virtual After Multiple Bomb Threats, Memorial Day Parade Canceled …….. https://www.ntd.com/wisconsin-school-goes-virtual-after-multiple-bomb-threats-memorial-day-parade-canceled_785593.html


butterfly    The Central Bank reveals the size of Iraq’s reserves of hard currency


Thursday 26 May 2022 19:37 The Central Bank of Iraq revealed, today, Thursday, the size of Iraq’s reserves of foreign currency, noting to me that the Iraqi economic situation is very excellent compared to the countries of the region and neighboring countries.


The Director General of Investments in the Bank, Mazen Sabah Ahmed, said in a press statement that “Iraq’s foreign currency reserves amounted to 74 billion dollars, distributed geographically between 8 to 9 major countries, with various forms and assets.”


He added, “This relatively high level makes Iraq in a comfortable position in terms of the adequacy of the level of foreign reserves,” reassuring “about the level of Iraq’s foreign reserves.”


He stressed that “the economic situation is very comfortable,” calling on government agencies to take advantage of this financial abundance.


Ahmed explained that “the Iraqi economic situation is very excellent compared to the countries of the region and the neighborhood.”


butterfly   “the economic situation is very comfortable,”


butterfly  15th November 2021    An Iraqi economist has said that re-valuing the Iraqi Dinar could be considered if certain conditions were met.    Dhurgham Mohamed Ali is quoted by Shafaq News as saying:


“The exchange rate of the dollar should be gradually reduced to 1,300 dinars [from the current 1,460 dinars] while keeping an eye on the cash transactions to preclude creating a black market, dollar smuggling, and tighten the control over imports.


“The outcomes of the devaluation were detrimental. The inflation rates grew, poverty rates soared, while development rates remained static and foreign currency smuggling exacerbated.”


The change proposed would increase the value of the dinar by just over 12 percent.


More here. https://shafaq.com/en/Report/Demands-to-revaluate-the-dinar-the-government-responds


(Source: Shafaq News)


butterfly    Iraqi economy one of Middle East’s fastest growing ….. https://www.iraqinews.com/iraq/iraqi-economy-one-of-middle-easts-fastest-growing/


butterfly   Twitter shareholder lawsuit accuses Musk of ‘market manipulation’…………. https://www.iraqinews.com/business/twitter-shareholder-lawsuit-accuses-musk-of-market-manipulation/


butterfly   Dispute over Iraqi Kurdistan’s energy resources ramps up


The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has announced plans to establish a new oil company for the Kurdistan Region.


Read more: https://www.al-monitor.com/originals/2022/05/dispute-over-iraqi-kurdistans-energy-resources-ramps#ixzz7UX1L8njT




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