Iraqi News Agency

Ministry of Oil: Signing A Contract to Develop the Fields of Kirkuk With BP International

The Ministry of Oil announced on Friday the signing with BP International Company on the contract to develop fields in the province of Kirkuk.

“The Minister of Oil Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi will attend tomorrow’s signing ceremony for the contract to develop the fields of Kirkuk between the North Oil Company and Bp International.”

Jihad said that “the objective of this contract is to develop the fields of Kirkuk province and to develop plans to increase production, and Bp will conduct technical and geological surveys and a comprehensive technical and scientific assessment of fields, wells, Increasing production and optimal investment of associated gas. ”

Jihad said that “the Ministry of Oil is keen to develop the oil industry in Kirkuk and resume its activity strongly, and it is working to promote and develop its facilities that were damaged by the circumstances and security challenges and instability of the situation in the province during the past years.” Source