Iraqi News Agency

The Financial Operations Of (Conscious): Lifting All The Barriers Imposed On The Central Bank Of Iraq After Its Actions Against Money Laundering

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by the international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.

The director of financial operations and debt management at the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Thursday that the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months, denying what some media reported an increase in demand for Buying the dollar during the current year, to smuggle to some neighboring countries, noting that during the month of June, the sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of the monthly sales for the months preceding the April, March and February, and also reduced the dollar sales in the first half of the year M in 2018 to a third of sales last year 2017. Source